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How to work with LOVE (instructions)
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...and Jesus said: 
" Love GOD with all your heart and soul and with all your strength.
This is the first and the greatest commandment, and the second is just like it:
Love those next to you just as you love yourself.
There are no commandments greater than those..."

(From the "Gospel of Peace of the Essene Community", part of the scrolls of Qumran by the Dead Sea,
in the translation of  Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székely, Verlag Bruno Martin)

Before you can work with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, learn how to feel and produce it.

You have now learned to watch your HEART-chakra. You know that it expands and contracts according to the vibrations of the feelings within. You are able to feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your HEART. Now you can learn to work with LOVE!

Before you begin, I suggest you take precautions to allow the dark, heavy and sickening energies that will soon leave your system, to go directly into LIGHT. This way they will not stay in your room, where they might return into your aura, the aura of other people, animals or plants or pollute nature. LOVE is 'HOLY, which means that is has HEALING Power because of its extremely high vibrations. And with that power it causes many energies to leave your body and aura at once.

Now you should ask the ANGELS for a LIGHTCONE (a cone is round with a pointed top) for as long as they think it necessary, and ask them to take all the energies that will be leaving you, upwards into LIGHT for REDEMPTION = transformation in LIGHT. While praying, you should motion the shape of that large cone with your hands (that makes your thoughts materialize) - it surrounds you completely, from high above your head down to the ground. The LIGHTCONE is reality and works perfectly all the time. It is a wonderful help the ANGELS give us! After your work is done, thank the ANGELS. 
Ask them like this, 'Please dear ANGELS, give me a LIGHTCONE for as long as you think it necessary', in your own words.
Make this a habit - it is a vital part of 'spiritual hygiene' and a 'stabilizes'  the success of your work! After a while you will feel that the athmosphere of your rooms has changed: Everything is fresh and clear. When working like this, open the windows of your rooms more often, to let fresh air in. Maybe you would like to burn incense every once in a while?

When you do the following practices, I advise you to sit very relaxed, holding your hands together in front of you, so that your fingers and palms are together (the catholic position of prayer, but actually it is a "working-position" . This way your 'energy circuit' is closed and your energy flow is much stonger. (by the way, - for PRAYING, GOD wants us to hold our hands with the palms upwards!)
Because LOVE is flowing from your palm-chakras (just as the LIGHT does, when we are doing LIGHTWORK), the dark energies leaving you will go into your hands (everything  searches for LOVE!) and from there they will stream down your leg-meridians, finally leaving you through the chakras at the upper soles of your feet, then going into the LIGHTCONE. All this is happening when you are CLEARING yourselves, and you can watch it happen; this will stabilize your sensation of energies. When the energies are leaving you, your feet will be feeling cool or even cold (depending of how dark = light-less the energies are).

If your position should become uncomfortable after a while, just put your fingertips together lightly - the effect is similar, but now it is easier to relax. This way you can practive in public, whithout anyone wondering what you are doing. And now  you have a lot more time to LOVE, time you used to spend sitting around, waiting in public transportation, waiting for people e.a., while now you can profit from any spare time.  Actually, our time ist verx precious - and now you are using this precious time in a completely different way. And exactly for this reason - to HEAL yourself, to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, TO GROW WITHIN, GROW IN MIND, TO FIND GOD WITHIN YOUR OWN HEART - time has been given to you!

Here are the instructions
(the instructions are Blue, the explanations are in Red):
Now let your mind go to your HEART-chakra and go into resonance to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

When your HEART-chakra has widened and you are feeling LOVE, try to intensify this LOVE and let it flow, until you have the impression that you are producing this LOVE yourself. Maybe you do not feel it right away. But be sure that you now are feeling your own UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Your wish makes it happen at once. LOVE is actually flowing like water. At first you will feel drops flowing, and by intensifying your LOVE, you can make it flow a little more. And when there is a little flow of LOVE, there is no problem at all to make this little flow turn into a stronger flow, an the stronger flow turn into a brook, then into a river, into a stream and some day into a never-ending SEA OF LOVE...


Now you can direct the flow of LOVE from your HEART to whatever, whomever and whereever you wish. Your mind can do that. Now you can practice:

Go into LOVE and direct the  flow of LOVE with your conscious mind to YOURSELF - exactly like that, in those words: 'TO MYSELF'... See how it feels. Stay on yourself with your LOVE, because you cannot get enough of it.

WHAT YOU ARE JUST DOING THERE, IS THE GREATEST AND MOST IMPORTANT PRACTICE YOU EVER MADE: To LOVE yourself (and this can only be done with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) has once been taught by Jesus CHRIST (see above), at least He tried to teach MEN, because hardly any of them had understood what He meant, and had even less actually done it.

To LOVE yourself is the precondition for it! Now you can change yourself and give your life another direction!
According to the Cosmic LAW of Correlations ('As within - so without') you experience the outside world just as you are feeling inside - everything depends on how you are feeling towards yourself. So when you are LOVING yourself, LOVE will come to you from the outside, it has to come!

Try to LOVE all the time. When you feel that you are out of LOVE, go back, over and over again. With LOVING determination and dedication to yourself and to GOD, you will soon be able to LOVE all the time. This can be faster than you think. 

When you are in LOVE, you have all the support of Heaven. You are completely protected. Nothing bad will happen to you, no accident, not even a bad word... There is some kind of "MAGIC" around you, a vibrational field of perfect Healing Power. If you are not yet able to be in LOVE all the time, you can use this MAGIC POWER consciously, if necessary, to help you over difficult situations: Go into LOVE and replace fear or fury with LOVE, harmonizing any situation at once...

To LOVE at all times, continuously and steadily, is the aim and the destiny of Mankind. When you make LOVE to become a firmly integrated part of your life, living LOVE all the time, LOVING everyone and everything, yourself and GOD for the rest of your life, clearing yourself from all your problems, clearing your karma, etc., you would not have to incarnate again, because you would pass all the exams of Life with 'excellent' and reach spiritual maturity, so there would be no need for you to continue the school on Earth anymore - unless you decide to come back only to help others...

Now direct the flow of your LOVE to someone you like, and see how this feels. Feel how it is to REALLY LOVE someone.

Then direct LOVE to a person you cannot stand at all, maybe a colleage, a neighbour or a relative, or someone you recently had a dispute with! Let your LOVE go to this person, und maybe you find out that now you are unable to hate him/ her.
Now let your LOVE go to 'everything that stands between us', or to 'the cause of my dislike', or to 'what makes me hate this person', or to 'the karma between us', or to 'whatever I have done to this person'... Let your HEART guide you.

When a blockage is very tight and its pressure is bothering you, when you feel pain, when you feel uncomfortable in any way, hold your hands itogether, palms and fingertips touching, and direct your mind and the flow of LOVE to the area in question. You will feel at once that LOVE is dissolving the disturbance and the pain ceases.

You should also know: Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT. They cannot be separated! So when working with LOVE you will have the HELP of all the POWERS of LIGHT!

LOVE makes dark energies go away (the energies of our thoughts and emotions that are dark, heavy and cause desease), so it has a very strong clearing = HEALING Power. LOVE is the strongest power of the universe. So when working with LOVE you will notice the effects. By and by you will learn to feel that. Until then, be sure that the dark energies will leave from whereever the flow of LOVE is directed to. But even just by LOVING yourself, clearing work is done. So do it as often as possible, whenever you have time. You will be changing fast and all your problems will disappear by and by.

Now you can practice in a creative way, to help yourself and others. When you are just 'letting LOVE flow 'on... (a sick person who can be anywhere, but who is not here with you)', nothing can go wrong. LOVE does not manipulate. The other soul can accept LOVE or refuse LOVE - and so far, I have never felt that another soul had refused! You can also direct LOVE into situations, no matter whether they take place now or in the future, or have taken place in the past - there will always be a harmonization. 

But please do not WANT to help or to heal, aiming to achieve a certain result. Especially you should not aim for a certain purpose while directing LOVE at someone (=LOVING someone) or into a certain situation (like: that your driving teacher lets you pass the driving test / that your lover who left you comes back to you, e.a.). I am warning you to do that, because that would be manipulation and  you would be blocking the flow of LOVE, being out of LOVE at once. Manipulation could cause a bad karma. Just let LOVE flow, that is all. Of course you can pray,'Dear GOD, please help this person'. 
This way you can harmonize your relations to persons who are either still living in their material body or have 'passed away'. 

You can let LOVE flow to someone else (which means: LOVE that person), without wanting and wishing - to all people whom you meet, to all people in the subway, on the street, to all people on earth... You can imagine a golden LIGHT shining out of your heart-chakra to everyone and everything you meet. You can let the whole community or town you live in be embraced by this golden LIGHT, or 'all the people who need LOVE the most', 'all the children who are unhappy' - your imagination is unlimited! You can give this wonderful help from your easychair at home. Give your LOVE freely in boundless plenty - and you will RECEIVE as much or more!

You can dissolve your karma with somebody else, but you are not allowed take somebody else's karma away. When asked to do so, you can teach this person how it is done, so that this person can do it himself. 

To heal yourself from problems and desease, lay your hands on your own main chakras (front and back), because the chakras provide the whole system with energy. YOUR HANDS ARE CONNECTED WITH YOUR HEART-CHAKRA. WHATEVER IS FELT IN THE HEART WILL BE COMING OUT OF YOUR PALM CHAKRAS. Your hands will give LOVE whereever you put them and let the healing power= the HOLY Power of LOVE work. When treating yourself, you can work with a purpose in mind, but let this aim spring from your WISHING = from deep in your heart, not from your WANTING = from your brain! You can also ask GOD, CHRIST or the Angels for help, also your Higher Self.

When asked by another person (who is present), you can help this person feel better by going into LOVE and laying your hands upon their main chakras as well. But here again, avoid any WANTING at all, not to block the flow of LOVE. It would be best to show the other person how to heal himself. 
(Do not violate any law: If you are no physician, you should make this clear to the other person, and you cannot do this work to make money. Do not promise any healing results and do not keep anyone from visiting a doctor or taking medicine.)

You are able to clear all your relations with people, animals and plants. 
You can dissolve any kind of animosity (directing LOVE to 'everything that is between us', which means: LOVING it; to 'the cause of the animosity between us', which means: LOVING it; FORGIVE yourself and the other person and ask him/her for FORGIVENESS).

Of course you can also direct LOVE to a certain disorder or desease (which means: LOVE this desease!), and when you do so, go to the CAUSE of the problem (you do not have to know WHAT is the cause!). LOVE it until the blockages are gone and the problem, too. This way you can dissolve all your physical, psychical and mental problems by and by.

YOU WILL GET THE BEST CLEARING RESULTS GOING WITH LOVE ONTO YOU HEART-CHAKRA for a longer time, over and over again. Take some time for this every day, it is the best way to spend your time. Your whole body and aura are linked with your heart-chakra, which is connected to all the other chakras as well, so by clearing your heart-chakra you are clearing your holistic system, and any other kind of 'mental work' becomes unnecessary.
I myself chose to work with one or the other, following my intuition. 

As soon as you LOVE unconditionally, blockages will start to come up and dissolve, because LOVE is the energy with th highest vibrations of the universe, even when you are working with the 'basic form' of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, your first step!
When you have a little more practive, I suggest that you work with the next vibrational quality of LOVE, "HIGH LOVE". Just follow these same instructions, but now you say to yourself, 'I go into resonance with HIGH LOVE'. And you will feel that an even higher POWER is working within you.

I have noticed that several people who were working with LOVE this way, were 'going into LOVE' and were 'directing LOVE' somewhere, just as they were taught, over a longer period of time. Of course it is good to work that way - but... they were saying 'I am going into LOVE' - WITHOUT actually LOVING! And then it becomes nothing but a mechanic action, which may be practiced in the beginning, but with the AIM to LOVE, that is to fulfill what you are doing with your heart... And that also means to actually LOVE the uncomfortable and ugly beings of darkness you will eventually meet, to actually LOVE darkness itself, to actually LOVE the awful energies you once had produced yourself... THAT should be the next step of your advancement. So do not stick to the mechanical repetition of the beginners' lessons, but grow and advance dynamically!

The healing process will take a while. Matter of fact, it has taken a long time to gather all of your problems. You cannot estimate how long you have had a certain disorder. The cause had always been a blockage, and it may have formed a thousand years ago or even earlier. Until we have solved this problem, it will painfully remind us over and over again of its existence, at the same time reminding us that we have not yet learned to LOVE and FORGIVE. And with each time we tried in vain, more blockages and accumulated energies blocked by them, are added to the heap. After several incarnations, there usually are several layers of blockages, one over the other, the old layers at the bottom and the 'fresh' layers on top. 

You can actually compare these layers to the sediments on the bottom of the sea:
Just like dead seashells and animals as well as sand etc. within millions of years are forming huge layers of sediments on the bottom of the sea, which may, if the ocean dries out and the earth is shifting, fold up to become huge mountains, there are layers of layers of energy sediments in our aura, which could be compared to mountains, if there were the dimension of space. 
Those 'sediments' are the energies of our thoughts and feelings we once produced ourselves, held back tightly by blockages, which have an enormous constricting power. In between there are energies and beings who once were drawn there because they had a resonance to our energies, which means that they are just as dark. This way the problem increases in intensity. These living sediments are forming thick walls around our chakras, turning them into fortresses, especially our heart. Their dynamic nature is drawing like energies to them, reinforcing them - and our problem becomes even more painful.

The Clearing can be practiced in different ways:
  • Our soul (not our own personality, but the Cosmic Being who is guiding us through the incarnations) is leading us over and over again into situations that have to do with this problem, giving us a chance to finally solve it, once and for all (the acting persons are always the same). If we do not avoid the problem and run away from it, but RECOGNIZE it, or at least confront it and solve it, thus TRANSCENDING it with LOVE and FORGIVENESS, all the blockages, the old and the new ones will go, because they have no cause of existence anymore, and that can happen all of a sudden (like it happened to me a few times after a spontaneous COGNITION, and then the blockages were leaving me all at once, for at least a week. It made me feel like a glass of champaign or a soda bottle, and then I was tired but happy and the problem was gone!)
  • If there is no spontaneous COGNITION, you may solve certain problems or problem complexes, by LOVING them, respectively LOVING their CAUSE (you do not have to know the cause!)
  • Some problems can be solved just by your conscious decision to break your usual routine of thinking and acting, for example if you are impatient, to consciously slow down and actually DOING it; that alone will dissolve many blockages.
  • when you do not dissolve certain problems, the clearing will advance step by step, which means: You will first dissolve the dark energies of TODAY and then, one after the other - going backwards in time - the energies of the past, including the energies of your past incarnations, starting backwards from the previous on.
  • While clearing yourself, you will be able to dissolve only those energies you are able to with the POWER you have at the present time. Your POWER depends on your vibrational frequency. With each blockage dissolved, your vibrational frequency will increase. This way your POWER will increase dynamically in the course of time. And with this POWER you eventually will overcome even the darkest and heaviest energies of those problem complexes, that you could solve before only to a certain extent. And you will also find the actual CAUSES and sufferings, serious desease, injuries, pains, causes of death and other traumatic experiences, at a much later time, AND THAT IS A GOOD THING! Because only then you have reached the state of maturity that allow you to ACCEPT and LOVE them! But be sure that there will be none of the horror you may have experienced a long time ago, and even the worst pain will be but a whisp of what it once had been (also see below).

Our soul (not our own personality, but the Cosmic Being who is guiding us through the incarnations) is leading us over and over again into situations that have to do with this problem, giving us a chance to finally solve it, once and for all (the acting persons are always the same). If we do not avoid the problem and run away from it, but RECOGNIZE it, or at least confront it and solve it, thus TRANSCENDING it with LOVE and FORGIVENESS, all the blockages, the old and the new ones will go, because they have no cause of existence anymore, and that can happen all of a sudden (like it happened to me a few times after a spontaneous COGNITION, and then the blockages were leaving me all at once, for at least a week. It made me feel like a glass of champaign or a soda bottle, and then I was tired but happy and the problem was gone!)

So be patient (to learn this is part of the WAY) and enjoy your new abilities. Watch carefully what is happening in and beneath your hands while working with LOVE. 

Nothing is more interesting and satisfying than learning to know yourself, your former life. All your former burdens are still within you: All your traumatic experiences, all your ailments, all the causes of your deaths, all the pain and anxiety you once went through, your fury and despair. When energies are leaving you, you may have visions or ideas or KNOW what situations they had to do with. Accept it and FORGIVE yourself. Allow yourself now to let go of it. Do not cling to anything. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE accepts and lets go at the same time. 

Do not be afraid of the pain and traumatic happenings of long ago, do not fear that you have to feel them again. You will just learn enough about those experiences to KNOW and to accept and overcome them. And even that is rarely enough - most of the time you just feel the energies (when you have become 'clair-feeling' by your work), but they are just a wisp of what they once had been. You may feel some pressure or a little burning, that are slowly going away. What you are feeling today is by far not as dramatic as it was once. And that is truly a BLESSING!
Our REDEMPTION WORK is protected and guided in the most LOVING way. Behind your guidance there is the HIGHEST WISDOM and the HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE of the universe. Nothing bad can happen to you. So why should you be afraid?

You have all the HELP of LIGHT - only those Beings have to be asked, they never help without being askes, because they respect your own free will! Only dark beings come unasked. 

When we work on ourselves, working with your mind and visualization can be very helpful. For example, when blockages are hard to solve, you can imagine them to become liquid and visualize that they flow away, and it will happen. 
It has helped me often enough to visualize that a heavy blockage is dissolving now, or that the black blockages are flying into LIGHT, one after the other, like a string of dark pearls...

And when so many energies are leaving me that my foot-chakras clog up and my feet start to swell, I imagine and visualize that my foor-chakras have large doors that open wide, then I take large brushes (those to clean bottles with) and with them I scrub my legs from the inside, and then a large flow of water, like a river, comes gushing down through my crown-chakra, taking all the energies with it, streaming out of my foot-chakras into the infinite ocean of LOVE... with some practice it only takes seconds until your feet are cleared - a very useful practice!

Work with your heart-chakra often, as often as possible, maybe regularly, so that you may get used to these feelings and sensations, used to work with LOVE, gaining more certainty every day... and then you can visit my pages about 'TRUTH' and 'Religion', where there are more interesting practices for you!

After having worked like this for a while, you may start to expand your knowledge, if you so chose, so that there is not too much knowledge to digest in the beginning. Take all the time you need and learn step by step. 
Later-on, the Chakra-Pulsation will be a great help for you. When you reach deeper layers, it will help to free yourself fast and painlessly from the most uncomfortable energies. Besides, it is a very HOLY practice, as it enhances your spiritual advancement and raises your vibrational frequency. This, too, was given by LIGHT as a help for MANKIND.

Make it a habit to carefully observe your body and your hands while working, to sense what is going on there, in your hands and underneath your hands. Watchful observance inward and outward is part of the Spiritual WAY and of the Seven Golden Rules, spiritual minded people should live by!

When you notice that practicing LOVE is boring you in any way or becomes a nuisance, stop it at once and resume it only when you have fun doing so. And that concerns ALL practices. If you force yourself to do them, because your partner or friends are doing them and you do not want to disappoint them, but if you actually do not feel like it, you are producing dark and heavy energies of nuisance and anger, which are worse than doing nothing at all. All of my instructions are meant to be followed in pure JOY and with FUN. Then they will really work for you and make you advance.
If you are ready for this kind of work in your heart, all practices will be FUN. Since I had been taught all of this, there has never been one single time that I was uninterested or bored with it, but always LOVED it. Deep within my heart, there has been a strong urge to strive forth, and many times I regretted not to have more time for myself. Because it is extremely interesting to clear yourself. But if you are different, or when you need the time for your job, lover, family, friends, hobbies, TV, newspaper, or whatever, let it be.

But if you want to do these precious and wonderful practices, ENJOY them! Most of all, be grateful for this HELP and thank GODFATHER-GODMOTHER for it. Maybe you want to make it a habit to talk to HIM-HER every day, with your own words. You do not need any special prayers you were once taught, and which you had to learn by heart. HE-SHE does not want to hear them. You do not even need 'God's Prayer', just your very own words, telling HIM-HER all your little and big problems and your wishes. You can pour out your heart, can tell everything, and FATHER-MOTHER will always listen to you patiently, giving you COMFORT, HELP an LOVE in plenty, and some day you will hear and feel the answers and this HELP clearly and consciously. HE-SHE has lived in your heart since the beginning, waiting there for you, for that happy day, and will live in your heart eternally - whatever you may have done, whatever you are doing, and whichever way you may decide. All your prayers are listened to and accepted, all your wishes are fulfilled (unless you want to harm others), that is LAW - but you do not know, when. Some wishes are fulfilled at once. Consider very carefully, WHAT you wish for - let your words be clear and exact. And some day, while growing and advancing, you will realize that there are no more material wishes in your heart, because they have become unimportant - and you find out:



Only your inner values and the inner treasures of knowledge and wisdom you have attained, are really YOURS. All the material stuff is just borrowed, for you to use and profit from for a certain time. And when you are leaving your material body, you leave it, too - it is just dust, like the dust of your material body. But the treasures of your mind and heart are YOURS to take with you and keep forever. You will never lose them, but always profit from them. Everything you once have known, learned and experienced, all your former talents and abilities are there for you to use. You will not always need all of them, maybe a few in this, others in that incarnation. But they are there for you to chose and live, when needed. 
This I KNEW all of a sudden, a while ago: This incarnation is the most important one of all my incarnations up to now, it is their fulfillment.  And everything I have learned and practiced up to now, all my former talents and abilities, will be available to me if and whenever I need them. I even was able to shoot more accurate on my first try at the age of 19, than my trained husband, and last summer we went to a Middle-Age-fair and I tried shooting with bow and arrow, and spontaneously I hit the center and the close vicinity every time, without ever having done it before, during this round. And this homepage demands from me literary, drawing and language abilities, as well as some technical understanding, and my teaching demands the skill of expression and talking in front of other people... and when the time comes, this enormous knowledge and those wonderful abilities, that huge and precious wealth I have heaped upon myself in my past, will be available to me in all its plenty.

When working with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, please consider this: 
Working with LOVE means - because of the extremely high vibrations of LOVE - a complete revolution of your whole BEING, your holistic BEING: a revolution of the vibrations of body, mind and soul. And so there may be many blockages and energies in your aura leaving you at the same time. For that reason it may be possible, that for a short time after you have started working with LOVE, you could be feeling worse than before - it is a phenomenon also known from homoepathic practitioners and similar treatments! In that case just go on with the clearing, if possible even more so, to make those energies go away. LOVE clears everything, and your Holistic Being will adjust to the New Energy within a short time. Do not be afraid, because no harm whatever can come from LOVE. TRUST - and You will soon feel better.

Many people have fear when feeling a change inside, fear to let go of the well-known OLD, however painful, while the NEW is yet unknown. Look at this fear, recognize it and accept it. It is a transient phenomenon and will disappear. It is part of the WAY, something very human, very common: ALL MEN are afraid of changes, of the NEW. But you can always determine the speed of your advancement yourself. The NEW that will be opening for you - LOVE - is not urging. It will be there for you when you are ready for it. 

It could happen as well, that someone whom you want to help with a treatment of LOVE is feeling worse at first, shortly after you have helped him. That is normal. Inform others before the treatment. Respect those who are still afraid of LOVE and do not push them - they will be ready for LOVE in their own time. 

And it may even happen, that in the course of this work you reach energies that spontaneously cause symptoms of desease and make you sick, suffering pain and fear. It may never happen to you, but is it possible, and even THIS is perfectly normal! You should know, that you have then reached a heavy trauma of your past, which has influenced and bent you in the past up to today. And now it is showing you the efficiency of your HEALING WORK!
In us, in our aura, there are all the horrors, all the pains of the history of MAN, of all the errors, the wars and persecutions - YOU YOURSELF HAVE BEEN A PART OF ALL THAT! These energies have been cause of your desease, cause of your 'deaths' and your psychic problems, your limitations (and might have been so in the present and future as well, if still in place)! WHY ELSE ARE THERE WIDESPREAD DESEASE AND PSYCHIC DISORDER AMONG MANKIND OF MODERN CIVILIZATION? THEIR GENERAL, EVERYDAY BEHAVIOUR IS SYMPTOM!

What you are feeling now is just a tiny 'breeze' of the horror past, the trauma you once had actually felt. You may get an idea of the whole thing at night in your dreams, where you continue the Work with LOVE on a mental and emotional level...
Do not let it impress you more than necessary. Look at it and then TRANSZEND it: JUST KEEP ON WORKING UNTIL IT IS GONE. Stand above it! Do not let it make you sway, but realize THAT YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL, OF YOUR LIFE, AND OF YOUR FEELINGS AS WELL. Whenever YOU DECIDE SO, you can go back into LOVE and JOY, thus  returning to YOUR POWER! Ask the Heavenly Powers for help, take advantage of the Help of PRAYER, GRACE and BLESSING, learn the CHAKRA-PULSATION, that speedens up the clearing process enormously, so that you will not feel pain or fear anymore and they are goone before you realize them - AND KEEP ON WORKING STEADILY... and if you want to, take a herbal tea or an aspirin for temporary help...

And why not ust the symbolic POWER OF SMILE?

On Eastermonday  2002, I was told and shown that there are Formative Power Fields within our aura, produced by darkness, that bind us in habit and false conviction. These power fields cause binding patterns of steady repetition, repetition of certain ways of thinking, feeling and acting, of being bound by narrow mental structures. They are changing and distorting our perception of reality. We already take over those power fields in our mother's womb, in the sand box, in kindergarten, in school, in our jobs, even from books, newspapers, radio, TV, movies e.a., and that is one of the reasons, why the media are spreading force and damage and corrupt even the souls of children...

At the same time I knew, that these power fields are the cause of false, misunderstood human love, the 7 evils of Mankind, vice and adiction. I sent them into LIGHT symbolically, thus transcending them and freeing Mankind.

It is possible to clear yourself from the power fields by letting the stream of LOVE flow onto them (you can reach every plane). 
You can direct it to special or all power fields and clear yourself, if your LOVE is already strong enough. If not, try to feel and work with HIGH LOVE. I sent all the power fields into LIGHT that way.
With HIGH LOVE you can also clear your cell memory from traumatic experiences, addiction, desease and pain of long ago.

The same way you can clear your cells from poison and contamination from time to time, of course also from unnecessary fat!

Here I am showing you how to 
free yourself from a Problem in the optimal way:
1. Pray to GOD for HEALING and HELP, ask the Angels for a LIGHTCONE for as long as they think is necessary, and put your hands together or upon the heart-chakra, left hand first, right hand on top of it.
2. Think of the problem consciously and lively in all its aspects.
3. Go into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, direct its flow to the cause of the problem and let it dissolve the blockages and energies. Always work on your OWN energies, do not care about other beings (even when you can feel them), and all the beings dwelling on your energies will leave you 'automatically' as well.
4. Go with LOVE to the power fields that stabilize and preserve the problem and let it dissolve the power fields.
5. Go with LOVE to the cell memory connected with the problem and let it erase it.
6. Thank GOD for HIS HELP.

You should work like this every day, with JOY, PATIENCE AND WILL POWER (from your heart), and without wanting (from your brain). Healing may take some time, because the problem may derive from ages ago, and be manifest in many layers of conscience - so do not care at all about the success of your work. It may be a sign of healing, when the problem becomes more noticeable. So be patient and do not let anything discourage you. 

Discover the JOY to discover yourself! Regard this work as a daily meditation, as an intimate, silent conversation with GOD-FATHER-GOD-MOTHER and start to LOVE HIM-HER.

Maybe you want to do it like me, when I began this work: I just asked HIM to free me from whatever was holding me down - and today I am free from whatever was holding me down, and I am enriched a hundredfold. Never would I want to miss these past years of my life, which I found out to be the most important years of my life up to now.

You will find more ideas and practices for working with LOVE, but also for working with other qualities of LOVE, like JOY, PEACE, COMPASSION e.a., on the page 'About Space'.

Please avoid to think of darkness. Do not let your thoughts wander there, and do not direct the flow of your LOVE to darkness, or else it could influence you, because you are not yet strong enough and still have a resonance to it. My pages about darkness are meant to serve as basic information. When you have read them, do not ponder about them anymore. If this is a problem for you, pray to GOD for help and you will get it.  Work with the energies within you and you will be guided and protected. All the beings that need your help will be led to you. Never try to work with darkness, not even with the best intention: You certainly will not yet be up the it, you would underestimate darkness and be influenced before you know it - actually you would NOT know it! Even if you have seen a hundred movies about the heroes of Light fighting the enemies of darkness - reality is different! This is no show and no comic, and there might just not be a happy end to it! Let other people or powers do this work, who have been trained to do it. It is a sign of wisdom to know when to keep away.

These pages will help you solve your problems best:
  • LIGHTWORK - most beautiful and effective Energywork
  • What does Working with Energy mean?
  • What is LOVE?  (all pages)
  • How to feel and produce LOVE
  • How to work with LOVE
  • The Way to Clearing and Healing
  • The Clearing of Body-Mind-Soul - Way to Redemption (all pages)
  • The Formative Power Fields of Darkness
  • Freeing yourself from the Power Fields of Darkness 
  • What are Energy Blockages?
  • Dissolving Energy Blockages
  • Main Subjects of the Chakras and their Problems related to Blockages
  • How to feel JOY
  • How to live in JOY
  • The "Chakra-Pulsation"clears and heals Body-Mind-Soul
  • About Optimal Nutrition (MAITREYA)
  • How to free ourselves from Darkness
  • The Manipulation by other Persons/Protection and Help
These Suggestions will be helpful, too:
  • Forgiving (especially yourself!)
  • Perceiving the cause of problems
  • Transgression in time to the cause of the problems/Being led to your inner TRUTH
  • Drumming for a longer period of time (it suffices to softly tap the rhythm - even if you just tap on the table with your fingers - while thinking of the problem/pain/blockage)
  • the sound of metal bowls heals (putting them on the problem area and softly banging the outside)
  • imagining (visualizing), that the blockages connected with your problem open and the energies are transformed in LIGHT.
  • knitting and crocheting take away the heaviest energy beings (because there is a rhythm in this work)
and remember this:
  • Before doing any kind of energywork, 
  • ask GOD for HIS help and 
  • ask the angels to erect a Cone of LIGHT around you, for as long as they think is necessary. 
  • Afterwards thank GOD and the angels

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