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The Power of GRACE (instructions)

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GOD the Father, blissfully pouring out,
GOD SON, the Chalice, 
the Holy Spirit, the clear wine...
and the whole Trinity being the filled Chalice.

Mechthild of Magdeburg (from 'The flowing LIGHT, p.46 u.63)

And today, in this wonderful time we are living, Mechthild would have sung:

GOD FATHER and MOTHER, blissfully pouring out,
GOD SON and DAUGHTER, blissfully receiving,
GOD HOLY SPIRIT, the clear wine...
and the whole TRINITY being the filled Chalice

On March 12th, 2002 HE said to me, YOU ARE MY LOVE, YOU ARE MY GRACE, and: My symbol, that you see on each one of my pages in the upper right corner, which stands for my ASSIGNMENT and shows the CHALICE, receiving HIS WORD, LOVE and LIGHT = GRACE, and at the same time pouring it out to EVERYONE, is the symbol of the GRAIL. 
Here is the basic IDEA of the GRAIL, the origin of the IDEA of the Chalice, which is called 'The HOLY GRAIL'. The GRAIL is not meant physically, but purely spiritually and stands for the GRACE and the Help of GOD. 
HE said: 
  This is the Symbol of the Chalice, the Holy GRAIL,
the Symbol of GRACE.
GRACE is the purest LOVE.

From today on this Symbol is activated for all Men.

The Chalice, the GRAIL and the Crescend Moon are symbols - symbol of the Feminine, receiving and conceiving Power, symbol of the FEMININE PRINCIPLE, symbol of the Element WATER. It is not by coincidence, that the CHALICE has an important symbolic meaning at the Last Supper.
This is HIS explicit confirmation,
that the male and the female powers are equal.
HE thus explicitely confirms the equality of masculine and feminine Powers - which of course has been eternal TRUTH, it is not possible any other way - only MEN had forgotten about it when they went about making their experiments with matriarchate and patriarchate, in order to learn and grow with their experiences!
And HE said:
SHE worships HIM - and HE worships HER.
This shows: 
Now is the time for us
to overcome our ancient illusions
of an inequality of both sexes.
The Symbol is activated for all people since March 2002.
This is HIS gift to Humanity at this time. 
I am allowed to show you how it can be used. It allows HIS GRACE, HIS Help to be given on to MEN, and we can use it for ourselves, but also for the deceased, for animals, plants, the 'lost' souls, for beings, for whomever we are asking for HIS GRACE, and it is always working as a blessing, giving HIS Power of LIGHT and HEALING and Relief. Leave it to the HEAVENLY POWERS, how this Power will work and what should happen in the course, and do not connect it with your own wishes. 

You can also use it to further certain projects you may have, except those with purely egotistical motives, to harm others, or to manipulate. You can use it to help yourself with any problems you have, with your job, with your income, to further your Spiritual Development and your Clearing and Healing process, to help you learn Unconditional LOVE and JOY, to help you FORGIVE others and UNDERSTAND others. 

The symbol should not be used only for cleaning purposes on areas, rooms and walls e.a., because there are other means to do this. You should also use the help of the CONE OF LIGHT and the COLUMN OF LIGHT.

The more you use it the stronger it works. But it is very strong even now. 

Here I give you the instructions of how to make it work for you:
At first you pray to GOD and ask for HIS GRACE for yourself, for a certain person or a certain purpose. Then you draw the symbol with your hands in the air, with your palms and fingers put together. It is drawn in 9 steps and it is important to make each step (= each line) in the right order and the right direction and as exact as possible, as you can see from the graphic below. The 9th step, the circle around it means "guarded by the angels", and you begin at the top, right over the top point of the triangle, going left, counterclockwise. When you are finished you visualize this symbol standing in front of you in the air:

Now we direct it to the person or the designated purpose with a long tender breath on the symbol (not a blow, but a breath) while thinking: "Let YOUR GRACE go to ...". Afterwards we thank HIM. The symbol is a "vehicle/ carrier/ transport/stand-in" of HIS GRACE. It will go exactly where we asked for. You cannot manipulate, if you use it in good will. You may not even know the name of the recipient - when you keep a certain person in mind, the power will go there. The recipient may know about it or not, it doesn't matter. He can refuse the GRACE on a higher level, if he wants to, that's his choice. If he does, we will receive that GRACE back to strengthen us. As we always receive back what we give, we will receive at least the same amount of GRACE as we send out.
  • the symbol always works as a blessing
  • If you do not keep the right order by mistake, the power is reduced 
  • If you draw it differently on purpose, it does not work at all 
  • If you want to use it to harm someone, it will turn against yourself (karma). It cannot be manipulated or used for egotistical purposes
 GRACE is the actual meaning of the GRAIL = the Chalice.
Now is the time that it is poured out onto all of Mankind.

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