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What is LOVE?
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 Have you seen a young bird just starting to fly? At first it opens its wings...
the wing is the mediator between the material stuff and the air.
You  are  human. Your  arm  is your  wing.
First you must be able to embrace,
then you are able to fly.

(the Angels - from "The Angels' Answer")


LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – 'love' is what people mean when they say 'LOVE', but what actually is not LOVE at all. That is why I call it 'false, misunderstood love', or 'human love'. But also humans can learn how to LOVE - actually it is very easy to LOVE. Only, humans do not know LOVE anymore. They have completely forgotten it, and that is part of their entanglement with the deep abyss and the cause of all their fears, of desease, suffering, pain, of all the misfortune of our world...

The fact that MEN have forgotten LOVE, can easily be seen by the definitions if a lexicon (Brockhaus Lexicon 1987). There you find under 'love' the following types: 'love for other people' (sexual love, love for relatives, love for parents, siblings and children); love without a conscious sexual accent, based on understanding and affection = sympathy (for the clan, the nation, to humanity); the love for objects and values (concerning religion, this means love to God).

This can only be written by someone who has no relation to GOD at all, because it reduces GOD to an object.
This can only be written by someone who does not know TRUE LOVE = UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, because

inseparable, indivisible!

But our lexica reflect the general consent, the essence of the generally accepted definitions of the words of our language! And thus the definition of love does not surprise at all, because:

The love that humans know is for the most part dependence and fear - the fear to lose someone, the fear of being alone, the fear of not being considered desirable..., and so you cling to your family, your friends and your partner to keep them close to you and make yourself dependent on them, and you try to make them dependent on you. 
Sometimes love is a way to control others - family, friends and partners are controlled to know all about their affairs and bind them to you.
Sometimes love is a kind of deal: I give you my affection, and in return I expect you to be faithful, to guarantee a certain standard of living so that my girlfriends envy me, to manage all those duties I have no interest in (papers, finances, taxes). And from the children I have raised, having sacrificed the best years of my life for them, I expect at least that they care about me and visit me regularly when I am old. I expect them to clean my windows and do other household chores, because they owe that to me...

Could possibly 'being in love' be closer to LOVE? This 'intoxication of heart', this extasy with all the ups and downs, with hoping, doubting, fearing and jubilating? Hardly so! Only a mother's love is the closest feeling possible, because a mother loves her children, no matter what they do or how they turn out, at least often so.

It is important to make this exact distinction between Love and LOVE, because only when the differences are clear, we can start to approach LOVE. The uncertainty and unclearness, the vagueness of the borderlines, are the cause of our lack - and each lack within us is a lack of LOVE!

LOVE is not just a feeling, it is that, too, but it is much more than that, it is the Highest POWER of the universe, with the highest vibrations of all, bearing unlimited POWER.

LOVE is unlimited POWER, impossible to misuse,
because it does not know misuse, it LOVES, 
and can never harm anyone.
It knows no fear.
no doubt.

LOVE does not know fear at all, has not the least doubt. LOVE does not cling to anything or anybody, but accepts everyone and everything UNCONDITIONALLY and lets everyone and everything go UNCONDITIONALLY.

LOVE is not confined on a certain person or a certain group of people. It actually is not really a feeling, the way we know feelings. It is a STATE OF BEING. It is not 'unpersonal', but stands above any 'personalization': When you LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, you cannot LOVE just one certain person, but you LOVE everybody and everything. Either you LOVE or you do not LOVE. There is no in-between. You even LOVE all those that others despise, the outcasts, the 'criminals', the 'enemies', those of a different nationalities you did not trust before. And you realize that there are no enemies anymore...

You even LOVE the stones, the plants, the animals, the mosquitos, the spiders, the worms - you LOVE Earth herself, other planets, the sun, terrestrials and aliens, even darkness.
You feel yourself being a part of everything, of ALL, you realize that CREATION is ONE and that you are a part of it, part of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

LOVE is neither lukewarm, nor cool – your heart is glowing! Yet the blaze of your heart is not a consuming fire, but a harmonizing, equalizing, HEALING power - it is not exclusive, but all-embracing – it will never be disappointed because it has no expectations  – knows neither pain nor suffering.

LOVE is PURE and WHOLE, it never divides or discerns, never judges or evaluates, expects nothing and asks for nothing - IT IS.

LOVE is extremely CLEARING and HEALING, it makes WHOLE = HOLY. When you LOVE, your problems will disappear by and by, whether they are physical, psychical or mental problems, whether they are problems you have with other people or problems you have with yourself: LOVE can do that, because it is BASIC POWER OF CREATION.

LOVE changes you and the way you look at Life and the World. You will notice that anything disharmonic will disappear from your life. The people's attitude towards you will change to the better and eventually you will meet only lovable, loving and sympathetic people. 

When you are in LOVE you have the support of the POWERS OF LIGHT. You are completely protected. Nothing can happen to you, no accident, no harm, no bad word, no theft. when you are driving while being in LOVE, you will discover driving in a completely new way! Other people will not bother you anymore or make you angry, no fury is driving you, you are not able to curse anybody!

LOVE is the ULTIMATE COSMIC LAW OF CREATION - LOVE is eternal CHANGE, eternally new! LOVE is the condition all Beings of Higher Planes are in, a State of Being we would call PARADISE - we think of as Utopia - but that is wrong: LOVE is a realistic possibility for each man, each woman, so easy to reach - just as easy as the short way from your mind to your heart. Only people do not know that. they have forgotten about LOVE.
Being in LOVE is what Jesus CHRIST once meant when He talked about the 'Kingdom of GOD on Earth' or 'The Realm of Heaven'. By that He meant nothing else but being in LOVE - because then you really are in HIS KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

Once we all had known this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, but we had long forgotten it. In the course of innumerous generations and under the influence of the dividing aim of darkness we had been separated from LOVE. And as our vibrations decreased, the energy pollution within us increased. And by and by our chakras, clogged by heavy dark blockages, divided into front and rear chakras, as described in the page "What our Chakras really are", and that became crucial for the downfall of MEN.

Another reason why we were separated from LOVE was that MEN lost the knowledge about their TRUE HEART, the HEART CHAKRA: now the physical Heart was regarded as the only heart, also as the HEART, where feelings were created. For the most part of my life, I myself did not know that a HEART- CHAKRA exists, either! But the physical heart, the organ that pumps the blood throughout our body, does not register feelings, it is but a muscle - and the other muscles within our body, like the abdominal muscle and the biceps, do not FEEL feelings either! I remember to have read in one of Schiller's works something about "the feelings within our chest", which had astonished me at that time, as I had feld feelings before, but not within my heart. Where should they come from? But I pushed those thoughts aside - though remembering Schiller's word! Maybe they could have led me to discover the TRUTH? Obviously I was not READY for it then... but Schiller must have KNOWN!

And the loss of knowledge about the nonmaterial nature of our body caused further errors. With the knowledge about our nonmaterial being we also lost the knowledge about the nature and the capabilities of our HEARTS! By that we lost our WISDOM and GREATNESS, and besides, we were now open to attack, deception and manipulation, as we were not able to tell TRUTH with our HEARTS anymore!

And while being separated from our HEARTS, we were also separated from GOD-FATHERMOTHER within our HEARTS - GOD WHO LIVES in each of our HEARTS. We forgot about HIM being our most precious TREASURE of KNOWLEDGE - instead we were given God, who punished and took revenge and gave us strict rules, just like the government and the church, too, which deduced its legitimation from this God. The Church even declared its pope as the placekeeper of God on earth and taught us under punishment of expulsion and banishment, with fire and sword, what to do or not do and how we should live, until we not only forgot our HEARTS but also GOD... 

Now the time has come where we rediscover our  GREATEST TREASURES, rediscover GOD, our HEARTS and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Now we are able to lift ourselves above the old restrictions, back to GODFATHERMOTHER - back to LIGHT and LOVE!  

* * * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Where  there  is LOVE, there  is  LIGHT
Where there is LIGHT, there is LOVE
Both  are  indivisible:
is missing,
you will find:
too much - too little

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 bECAUs     eYOUse:
Center is Heart:

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
WAY of  the CENTER
overcomes Polarity
leading to the Center
and the Center is TRUTH.
TRUTH stands above the poles
T  R  U  T  H  +  I  S  +   L  O  V  E

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * * 

On theses pages I inform you about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and teach you to work with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Here you learn to FEEL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to produce it and radiate it yourself. You do not receive LOVE from above, but produce it yourself. But by doing so, you are at the same time and in the most intimate way in unison with UNIVERSAL LOVE and always have HIS-HER support and help.

Working with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, as I am teaching here, is not the same as LIGHTWORK, the WAY of INITIATIONS, but in a certain way it IS the same, equally potent - complementing LIGHTWORK as its ALTER EGO - as we are the mirror of GOD's working: HE IS GIVING and we are GIVING -  and so we are in Cosmic Balance and in harmony with COSMIC LAW, but more than that:  instead of being subject to just receiving from HIM, we ourselves are GIVING, we are SELF-RESPONSIBLE AND ACTIVE CO-CREATORS, now able to LIVE our GREATNESS. You could not imagine the BLAZING JOY GOD FEELS with each individual - now advanced and with all the knowledge about darkness - finding back to LOVE!

LOVE is the Ultimate LAW of CREATION, that sprang from LOVE and LIGHT! When we LOVE, we are above POLARITY.
We are now in the Flow of COSMIC LAW, whose ultimate LAW is LOVE. Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT as well: they are inseparable. By making an own, simple DECISION (!) and with a very simple Movement of HEART = HEART-CHAKRA, we have catapulted ourselves into HEAVEN. And by doing so, we always are walking in the LIGHT of GOD.

When you are working with your own LOVE, you will change in a completely different way than before - BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE TAKING OVER YOU OWN SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: By your own DOING and your own GIVING.
Your own highest LOVE will eventually dissolve everything dark and heavy within you, even the darkest energies of the deepest layers of your aura, to free you for good from bondage and weight. And by producing such LOVE, reaching your own limitations and transcending them over and over again, widening your heart and your ability to LOVE more and more, you will change yourself completely in the process, reaching unthought-of heights of LOVE and BLISS. 
Your own capability to LOVE is the scale you are measured with!

If you are interested to give on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to others in seminars, read more about it  here

If you are interested in the Initiations in LIGHTWORK, you can inform youself here. By that you will add another dimension to your advancement. Maybe one day you will be given the chance to pass on HIS LIGHT to others. Your own soul decides about your advancement with the LIGHT-Grades.

Only the WAY of LOVE is the WAY to FREEDOM
for ALL of MANKIND. But you have to walk
this WAY and not just talk about it. Your
own DOING is what counts. When
you go that WAY, wonders will
happen to you.You will find
the wonders of HEAVEN
within your heart!
...And Jesus said:
"Love GOD with all your heart and soul and with all your strength.
This is the first and the greatest of all the commandments,
and the second is similar to it:
Love those next to you as well and as much as yourself.
There are no commandments that are greater than those..."

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