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GOD'S BLESSING - Everyone can give it  (instructions)
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On 2-12-2004, Friday before Valentine's Day, Mankind was blessed by GOD-GODDESS with a special gift, given with deepest LOVE to their children on Earth to help them in this time and the time to come: 

Each man, woman and child incarnated on Earth, no matter of what age, no matter of which religion or philosophy of life or of none, no matter if appointed to it by an earthly instance or not, no matter of which profession, whether it is priest, parson, housewife, homeless person, student, civil servant, prisoner, poet, scholar, politician, child, criminal, musician or none at all, can receive and give the BLESSING of GOD-GODDESS. It can be given to oneself, to other people, to ALL people and also to animals, plants, trees, minerals, beings, including dark beings and lost souls, planets... unlimited = for ALL! 

GOD'S BLESSING is the purest energy of LOVE and LIGHT, and includes the energy of GOD'S special whishes for the certain needs of the individual person or being. So BLESSING is not like BLESSING, but differs individually (and it is not the same as sending someone LOVE and LIGHT!). BLESSING will come and work exactly how the specific person or being needs it, just like it is with GRACE - but it is not identical with GRACE!

When you are asking GOD for HIS-HER BLESSING, your heart-chakra will open and the energy of the BLESSING ( = LIGHT and LOVE, carrying a certain aim and purpose) is streaming out of it, and also from your hand-chakras. This energy will be flowing for a short time (about 12 seconds) and then stop. Most of the time you will feel it.
If you want the BLESSING for yourself, you can hold your hands upon you crown-chakra, on top of your head -  when asking for the BLESSING for others, you can hold your open hands in their direction or just let your hands rest and leave them open; when the others are not present, you may just let your open hands rest in your lap or on your knees.
Afterwards you thank GOD-GODDESS.

Here I am giving you a hint: When you let others be BLESSED, you are BLESSED as well, because what you send out, you will always receive. So it makes a lot of sense, to let others be BLESSED, because more BLESSING is flowing!

It is also possible, to ask for the BLESSING as well as for the LOVE of GOD-GODDESS, and you will be able to give both of them at the same time; you may put your hands either on the crown-chakra or hold them open!

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