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Energetic Clearing - Way to Redemption
LIGHT-Cone, LIGHT-Column and LIGHT-Globe -
the Angels' Help (instructions)
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There are many possibilities of energetic clearing, of freeing yourself from dark and heavy energies, those energies that cause desease. You can clear houses, rooms, apartments and locations, but you can also clear your body and your aura. When doing any kind of energetic clearing or other spiritual work, but more than that, when doing any kind of therapeutic work, like massages, all kinds of therapies, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, body work, even consultations and counselling, whenever physical, psychical or mental Healing Work is done, when you are helping people by taking burdens from them = where clearing work is done and where energies are released, you should remember the following suggestions, because they are of the utmost importance and support the positive effect - whether you are spiritually interested or not:

Before you begin with any type of such work, I suggest you take precautions, so that the masses of dark energies being released by your work will not stay in your room, go into the walls or the objects in your room, into your own aura or the aura of your patient, client or visitor, neither go outside into the air and pollute Earth.

Ask the Angels  - mentally = telephathically, and always politely and lovingly - for a Cone of LIGHT, a LIGHT CONE (a cone is round, with a wide circle on the bottom and a pointed top). Ask them to take the energies that are ready to come free, up in that LIGHT CONE for redemption, for transformation in LIGHT. While you are saying that, insinuate or form the shape of the cone with your hands around your whole body, around you and the other person, over the room, the house, the area etc. - make it wide and let it go down to the floor. It helps to visualize it. After the work is done, thank the Angels and ask them to take the LIGHT CONE up again (again insinuating it with a movement of your hands).
Make this a habit - it makes an enormous difference and is an important part of the 'spiritual hygiene'. After a while you may feel the difference in the athmosphere of your room - it is fresh and clear. You should also air the room thoroughly after your work. When you are not alone, and the other person(s) should not know about the LIGHT CONE, you can do the whole procedure mentally, and it works just the same. 

The LIGHT CONE is reality and functions extremely well. 

The LIGHT CONE is a wonderful help when working with yourself or others. But you can also ask the Angels to erect a LIGHT CONE over a house, an apartment, a room or a location, for 'as long as you think is right.' That may be for a relatively short time, because nothing static corresponds to LIFE, as LIFE is continuous change, always new - and so a LIGHT CONE cannot be static either. The Angels will instead erect a new one over and over again. This is a great help when you want to move into a new apartment, and that apartment is contaminated with heavy dark energies. I started about two weeks before the move and repeated it a few times (from my old place, because I got the key later) - and when I moved in, the apartment was a nice place to stay. 

The Angels will help us whenever they can, and they will help you, too, unless it means harm or disadvantage to other people. A Cone of LIGHT does not harm anyone, but never ask the Angels to erect one over the place somebody else is living in, unless this person had asked you to do so. But even in that case it would be better you show that person how to do it himself. This is why: Having a LIGHT CONE over a place, means that dark energies will leave the place, releaving the tenant from their influence. But it is a forbidden interference into another person's life when you do that without having been asked by him: That person might have missed a chance to advance which he needed badly - and that chance could have been: becoming sick or depressive under the influence of those energies, until life would be unbearable to him, making him so desperate that his only way out would be to turn to God - and that could have been his chance to advance, by his soul's intent ... because you need suffering for advancement, until you decide to learn out of your own free will... Your help, unasked-for, can derive him of this chance, and by doing so, you could get a really bad karma... so your well meaning purpose may actually be a hindrance to others!

When you are working with yourself or others, you can also ask the Angels for a COLUMN of LIGHT, instead of a Cone of LIGHT. The Column surrounds you (yourself or both of you) like a circular tunnel, coming from high up above and going deep into EARTH, and inside of it a strong stream of White LIGHT comes from above, flooding through (both of) you and clearing you in the process. Just as you did before, you insinuate the shape of the Column with both hands, reaching up high and down below. Inside the Column, energies from above and below you are cleared as well, but they will not bother you. The LIGHT COLUMN is stronger than the LIGHT CONE, and it is used especially for the Clearing from 'lost' souls of humans or animals, and dark beings. 
Instead of being cleared with White LIGHT, you may want to experiment with colored LIGHT. You may also ask the Angels to use LIGHT of exactly the color you need at the time. I myself am preferring the White LIGHT, because it includes the others colors as well. 

The LIGHT COLUMN is perfect for freeing your aura from souls and other beings, who can go directly into LIGHT by way of the Column.To clear yourself, sit inside of that LIGHT COLUMN, very relaxed, holding your hands together as in prayer (I suggest: in prayer), like the catholics are holding their hands. By doing this, your energy circuit is closed and your power is much stronger (that is the idea of laying the hands together when praying!). Now ask CHRIST and the Archangel MICHAEL (both lead souls into LIGHT) for the liberation from dark energies, human or animal souls and dark beings. Be perfectly relaxed all the time. Stay seated or lying down for a longer time, until your intuition tells you when to stop. Maybe you feel the energies leave you through your feet by feeling coolness, coldness or a light cool breeze. 
Do not feel fear, but only deepest LOVE and sympathy. They are more afraid than you and need your help badly. Call them and talk to them to make them go. You can talk to them mentally. Tell them that they are 'dead', and should now go to LIGHT to learn and advance, to eventually return to earth in a new body. Only this way they can return. Most of them do not know that they are 'dead', because no one ever told them that life is endless! And there they are, feeling just like always. If they know they are 'dead', they are afraid of hell, purgatory or the devil, of the punishment or revenge of God, as church has taught them, bcause they have 'sinned' - or they are simply confused. Tell them that GOD FATHER-MOTHER LOVES them and FORGIVES - there will be no punishment or revenge whatever, only LOVE and help and education. You may have to repeat what you have to say over and over again. They may be very agitated by learning that they are dead... Have consideration, treat them as if they were your brothers and sisters, parents and children! Ask them to take the hand of CHRIST or MICHAEL, and tell them that - if they wish so - they can also be welcomed by a former loved one... This Redemption work is one of the most important tasks we humans have on Earth! It is the Work of LOVE, of real BROTHERHOOD among MEN. Read more about souls in the page 'Lost Souls' - 'Dead' Humans and Animals. 

When you have the feeling that there are souls staying at a certain location, ask the angels to erect a LIGHT COLUMN there, 'for as long as you think is right'. This way the souls have the opportunity to go into LIGHT and advance, in order to return one day in a new body for further education... This can harm no one, but is an ACT of LOVE: There are many 'lost' souls who cannot find the way into LIGHT and are grateful for your help. Let your intuition and your heart guide you. The angels take the LIGHT COLUMN back, when the job is done. 

You can ask for a LIGHT COLUMN on many occasions, for example on cemetaries, especially when there is a burial, on the streets, on former battle sites, at the sites of ancient executions, at former sites of destruction, accidents, crime and death, in old buildings, churches etc.

If people are living there, ask for the LIGHT COLUMN over the buildings only when they ask you to, otherwise ask the angels to erect the LIGHT COLUMN in front of the building or in the vicinity. Call the souls from near and far, and they will come there. Remember that SPACE does not exist. 

One Christmas Eve, I had asked the Angels to erect a LIGHT COLUMN at each intersection in Berlin, as a Christmas gift for the 'lost' souls. Be creative and full of LOVE!

In situations when you may need a special protection, you may also ask the Angels for a GLOBE of LIGHT. This GLOBE surrounds you completely, so that you are right in the middle of that LIGHT GLOBE. This is only for special occasions and only for a short time, for example when you are weakened and not able to protect yourself from dark energies. Usually, not seclusion and protection are what HE wants us to seek, but Widening and OPENING as Qualities of LOVE and active SYMPATHY, one of the LIFE Principles for mutual help. 

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