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How to feel and produce LOVE (instructions)
as given to me by CHRIST

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I am speaking,
are not from myself,
 nor from any other human,
but I am speaking them from the vision
I have received from above... GOD is at work
whereever HE choses to, in Honor of HIS NAME,
and not to the praise of the human being on this earth plane
 (Hildegard of Bingen)

It is the aim of your long journey through the incarnations on earth, to learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE again, because this way you can let go of all the burdens of human experiences and live in JOY and LOVE forever after. LOVE is the purpose and destination of Mankind. 

Actually everyone is able to learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE without any instructions at all - and this is what we should have done a long time ago: Many, many times, before entering your mother's womb for each of your past incarnations, you have thought of chances and opportunities to learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in the incarnation to come, advised by wise and LOVING Teachers of LIGHT; for all the terrible and painful experiences of your past, your misfortune, your defeats, your ailments and your innumerous 'deaths'  have awakened a deep longing for LOVE in your heart, a longing to learn it for good this time - to finally end this torture by carmic force, the eternal births and eternal deaths once and for all...

What were those chances and opportunities? You may have decided, that you want to experience some of the following situations (you probably chose several situations, so that there would not be just one chance, but a second and a third), maybe...

  • parents that prefer your brother and put you down; 
  • a sister who constantly teases you; 
  • a friend who takes advantage of your trust;
  • a lover who causes you deepest sorrow;
  • a beloved child that hates you and wants to do everything it's own way;
  • a beloved and trusted business partner, who misuses your trust;
  • a brother turned criminal who endangers your public reputation;
  • a beloved nephew with drug addiction who is constantly asking you for money;
  • a beloved husband or wife who deceives you and leaves you in debt, as a pauper...
For the casting of these sequences you asked other souls to help you realize your deepest wish. Those who consented were those that LOVED you most -  because their parts would demand to hurt to in your innermost heart, and only a soul who LOVED you like that could be offering you this self-sacrifice! (By the way, other souls asked you to do likewise for them, and you, too, agreed out of an equally deep LOVE).

Now you were born and the play of incarnation was enfolding again, and the sequences followed as planned, and the actors were playing their parts according to the script, and so the pains and sorrows were enfolding for you, because the people you loved most were doing you 'wrong'...

And what did YOU do? You followed your habits of former incarnations - business as usual: You cried and cried, feeling pity for yourself, and finally developped a stubborn resistance. You became agressive, hated this person and everyone else and closed your heart, even built thick walls around it, made of fear. And you decided never to see this person again, never to love anymore, never to trust anymore, because people were mean and would disappoint you anyway. And you grew old, bitter and hard, hateful, sick and lonely.

And when you were finally released by death, you realized that you had once again missed the chance of your life - to learn to LOVE! Because you could have decided, as a result of a conscious process of thinking, to just keep on loving this person who had hurt you so much, no matter what that person had done to you, accepting him the way he was, no matter what... and then that painful situation would have ended, giving way to harmony, and your relation to this person and all the other people in your life would have been harmonized, too, because you would have been in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from then on...

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, it is that simple to find UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and yet is has been the hardest thing of the world for Men... it was TOO hard for them, so hard that GOD in HIS-HER unending LOVE has decided to show them still another way, an even simpler way to enable them to ascend, together with Earth, overcoming darkness within themselves.

This is what I am offering you here! And now, after ages past, you can rediscover how LOVE feels, so that you may remember and get used to it.

And this, too, is a very useful way to learn to LOVE. Actually, you are going the opposite way to the way mentioned above: You are learning to know LOVE as a structured, consciously felt and used POWER, an energy with which you are able to work and change your life and the world around you - and the whole world - completely. And also this way LOVE is enfolding its MAGIC fully...

...and so you may, if you want to, finally ACCEPT those people you once had loved so dearly and who have hurt you so much, with all your heart, FORGIVING them - no matter who they were and what they had done to you...

When you learn to feel und work with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, you are producing LOVE yourself. By doing this, you regain the self-responsibility
für yourself, your LIFE and your health, and your Spiritual Advancement. You yourself are the SOURCE of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, but you are never left alone - because you are always GUIDED with LOVING HANDS, and your own POWER is increased by the POWER of the HEAVENLY HELP, as you are now in closest contact with GODFATHERMOTHER, because...

Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT  -  where there is LIGHT, there is LOVE. 

The white LIGHT containing all colors, 

LOVE is sensible LOVE,
the Gold that is not a spectral color,
both visible only with our inner vision.


LIGHT and LOVE are non-polar -
you are then producing non-polar energy -
and you yourself are then in an non-polar state!

While doing this, you are in HARMONY with COSMIC LAW, above all the first LAW: LOVE.
When you are in LOVE, MAGIC is around you. Nothing can harm you, you are fully protected.
LOVE will be coming towards you, because you are giving LOVE - because as you give, you shall receive.

Our wish to heal and to clear ourselves
is a message to the Spiritual plane,
aiming for self-fulfillment.

Learn first about the Wonder-ful Abilities
of your Heart-Chakra: 
The heart-chakra is in the middle of our chest, directly underneath the breastbone or sternum, the bone in the upper part of our chest, and underneath it there is a slight mold. Here the heart-chakra is opening, starting from the spine, to the front and to the rear. Our subject is the heart-chakra in the front, which can produce feelings including UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is what we call 'heart' in the meaning of emotions, feelings and inner quality, not the physical organ towards the left side, which is pumping blood through the body.
  • Our heart-chakra is the connection to all the other chakras . Here you can read, how the chakras are connected and which Holy Principles are behind it.
  • Here you can read how the Angels' heart-chakras are and how our own heart-chakras actually should be.
  • The heart-chakra is the SOURCE, the source of our LOVE, the source of our ability to feel LOVE.
  • The heart-chakra reacts to the finest differences in vibrations and actually 'measures' them like a fine instrument, and with some practice and watchful concentration, you learn to discern distinctly even the finest differences of vibration. When there are low frequency vibrations, it is closing or constricting - the lower the frequency, the faster and stronger the constriction. When there are high frequency vibrations, it is opening or expanding -  the higher the frequency, the faster and wider the expansion. 
  • It is an instrument to recognize and compare the qualities of all those energies we want to look at. It gives us a lot of information about their character and source. You can also realize their qualities by feeling the mode of constriction and expansion of the heart-chakra, as well as by 'seeing' their specific frequency, 'color', and modulation, especially clear in comparison to other energies. Because of this ability you can actually regard the heart-chakra as a very fine precision instrument and use it that way. 
  • Because of those abilities, our heart-chakra is able to recognize TRUTH!
  • The heart-chakra is able to feel the feelings that are 'swinging' in it, so you can 'emotionally' feel the qualities of the feelings, subjects or expressions, which you are consciously linking to (like LOVE, JOY, envy or fear).
  • Besides, the heart-chakra has the ability to follow your thoughts and wishes at once: The vibrations that are swinging in your heart, can thus be given a direction by way of your conscious mind.
  • Our arms and hands are ruled by the heart-chakra, and the hands are directly connected to it.  And whatever energy is swinging in your heart-chakra, can be given on by your hands, because the palm-chakras are directly linked to the heart-chakra, as the heart-chakra is dominating the arms and hands. And the energies our hands are picking up are leaving us by way of our hearts through our feet. That is basic for Healing Help by laying your hands onto yourself or somebody else - what we call energywork.
  • In our heart-chakra we can connect very closely with GOD, by initiation. And when we ask for it in a prayer, we will receive the LIGHT and LOVE of GOD to work with these Highest Energies.
  • So our heart-chakra is truly a MIRACLE, because it is the link between us and GOD, our connection between Heaven and Earth, and within our hearts GOD is living, the Holy TRINITY is living there, and there we can always speak to HIM/HER and also to CHRIST.
  • Our heart-chakra is our WAY back to GOD. The HOLY RESPIRATION is carrying us upwards.
Now you are learning to handle this MIRACLE in a miraculously beautiful way... 

Following you will find the instructions to learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
The instructions are simple. TRUTH is simple.
Simplicity is the mark of TRUTH.

First of all, read the following instructions several times, then follow them.
Maybe it is easier for you when someone else is reading them for you while you are practicing.
 If there is no one around, you may also record them on an audio cassette.

The instructions are in Blue, the explanations in Violet:

Because there will be many dark energies leaving you during this work, you should ask the angels for a LIGHTCONE around you, 'for as long as you may think is necessary'.

Please relax now. It is better to stay seated instead of lying down, because you should be concentrated and not fall asleep. Now use your breath as an agent, breathing deeply in and out several times while watching your breath. And while breathing out the next time, direct your conscious mind to your heart-chakra.

Now ask your heart-chakra to open, and watch it expand. This is new to you, so just watch your new sensations. Maybe this is the first time, you are now consciously feeling a process on a non-material plane, the fourth dimension. Do not doubt yourself, it really can be felt by anyone!
Actually we are feeling many immaterial processes every day , without consciously knowing about it. For example, every pain is immaterial, each of our feelings, our thoughts, almost every kind of pressure within the body - and yet they are very real, aren't they?

Now go with your heart-chakra into resonance with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Say just that to yourself, while keeping your mind on your heart-chakra: "I am going into resonance to Unconditional LOVE" (or: "My heart-chakra is swinging with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" or: "I am swinging with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" oder "I am in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE") . Immediately your heart-chakra will begin to expand as wide as possible, because LOVE is an extremely high-vibrational feeling. Actually, there is none higher. 

Watch the feeling that is now spreading in your heart. Maybe you are only feeling "wide". That is ok. Maybe you also have the impression to stand above everything. Also that is part of 'real' LOVE. 
You may also state that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is not confined to just a certain person. It is impossible to confine it to only one person or one animal - it cannot be done! Either you LOVE or you do not LOVE. 

It is also impossible now to be angry at somebody. Try it out by thinking of a person you do not like. You do have a problem with it now, don't you?
LOVE is something new and very strange. Feel it now for the first time. We call this 'To be in LOVE'.

If your heart-chakra is heavily blocked, you may not feel too much, maybe you do not feel anything at all. Yet LOVE is vibrating and working within your heart. TRUST! Keep on practicing anyway, because LOVE will dissolve your blockages by and by, so that the feeling will return! Consider the fact that in the course of our past incarnations, all of us have built heavy walls of fear around our hearts so we could not be hurt anymore - but these walls keep out deeper feelings as well, even LOVE. They have turned into our own prisons! LOVE must tear down those walls by and by, and that will take a while!

Next, practice feeling the difference between LOVE and the 'normal' feelings, to feel your heart-chakra contracting and closing:
Say to yourself in mind, while thinking of your heart-chakra: "I am going into resonance to 'envy' " - and at once you will feel your heart-chakra contracting at a certain speed. This shows you that you are now feeling a low-vibrational energy. When your heart-chakra is not too much blocked, you will now feel envy, without any cause at all. Funny, isn't it?
But because it does not feel too good, go back into LOVE. 

Now practice as long as you want, 'balancing' from one feeling to the next, feeling the vibrations, the 'color' of the feeling, the modulation. Experiment: sorrow - JOY - grief - fun - loneliness - happiness, and whatever you may think of. 

Learn about the Differences: pity - compassion,  'the love I have known so far' (express it like that) - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, 'my Joy' - the JOY of Heaven,  'how I am feeling' - how angels (elves, dwarves...) are feeling etc. Be creative!
This way you can learn a lot about feelings:
When there are pure, clear, beautiful feelings, your heart widens - are they dark and low-vibrational, the heart contracts. And not all the feelings we have known so far, are as noble and high-vibrational, as we have considered them to be!

Do not linger on with the low-swinging feelings, because they 'pull you down', which means that they lower your vibrations. 

Test all the different qualities of false, misunderstood human love and of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and feel the difference yourself. It says more than a thousand words! 

I myself love the 'Heavenly Humor', because I have to laugh, even though nobody told a joke, but there was just a feeling felt!



Do not underestimate UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is a revolutionary = renewing and changing POWER, which will open the GATE to a new LIFE. And this LIFE will truly mean a NEW AGE for you!

Keep on practicing with your heart-chakra, until you become more and more sure of how your heart feels and works. Compare the vibrations = qualities of different feelings, different objects and abstract meanings. This way you become more acquainted with the way your heart works and with LIFE. Then take the next step: 

1. After you now have learned UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, you thereby are armed against all human sufferings, against any desease, against any pain. When UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is vibrating within your heart, it will by and by dissolve all the darkness in your aura, so you will become full of LOVE, CLEARER, WISER, healthier, more couragious, more understanding and immune to darkness.

This can only happen, when you eventually are in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE all the time, when you are LIVING it. And this you can achieve by watching yourself carefully: Try to stay in LOVE for a longer and longer period each time. When you feel that you are out of LOVE, go back into it. Eventually you will succeed more and more often, until one day you discover that you are LIVING IN LOVE all of the time. You will know this is the case when you notice that within your dreams you are in LOVE, too! But always remain watchful, nonetheless. This way you will notice at once when you have fallen out of LOVE. 

When learning and LIVING LOVE, you have all the HELP of the HEAVENLY WORLD, increasingly noticeable so. Ask for this HELP from deepest heart and you will surely be heard. But most important of all, LIVE in a deep, daily contact with GOD - meaning only GOD, WHO IS LOVE AND WHO IS LIGHT, CREATOR OF ALL LIFE, SOURCE OF LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY... (always address HIM-HER accordingly, so you show beyond a doubt, WHOM you mean, or others will answer).

When you thus learn TO LIVE in a new way, very positive changes will soon become apparent, concerning yourself, your physical, psychical and mental health, your human contacts and your experiences in the outside world. This may happen by and by, very softly, but very noticeable. 


2. Follow all suggestions of No. 1. 
Go then to the next page and learn to work with LOVE. Use your knowledge of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to CONSCIOUSLY and in SELFDETERMINATION solve all your problems. This way you will change yourself and the life you have been leading in a new and different way. Maybe you want to pointedly and precisely dissolve problems that have been restraining you painfully. Now you can also learn to help other people. 


3. Follow all suggestions of No. 1. and 2. 
Go then to the next page and learn to work with LOVE. Use your knowledge for your own good as well as for the good of MANKIND. Maybe you feel the inner urge to work with Unconditional LOVE and with LIGHTWORK as well, using all the HELP that GOD offers you to eventually reach your highest potential = your TRUE BEING and your TRUE DESTINATION, your ASSIGNMENT IN LIFE.


When working with LOVE, 
there is something very important to consider:

When you start to feel LOVE and work with LOVE, this means a complete revolution of your life so far - because of the extremely high vibrations of LOVE - it is actually a revolution of your whole being, of body, mind and soul. So possibly many dark energies want to leave your system at the same time. And that makes you feel worse at first. This change for the worse is well known to practicioners of homoeopathic medicine e.a. In that case, just keep on working with LOVE, without any doubt and worry, because LOVE will heal everything, and your holistic being will soon get used to this new and revolutionary energy.
So it could also happen that people whom you want to help with LOVE, are feeling worse afterwards. That, too, is a normal reaction. Prepare them by telling them about this phenomena. 

Some people have fear, because deep inside they feel that everything in and around them is changing, that they have to let go of many things, but the NEW things to come are still unknown. Let this fear come and accept it as what it actually is. It is of a transient nature and will soon leave you for good. This is part of the Spiritual WAY, very human and extremely common: ALL MEN are afraid of NEW THINGS to come. But you can plan and control your speed at any time. The NEW thing to come, that will enfold within you - LOVE - is not rushing in. LOVE will wait until you are ready for it. 

Respect others that are still afraid of LOVE and do not push them - they will be ready for LOVE at their own time. 

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