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Abilities/Doubting my abilities:Vices of Mankind
Abilities/Misuse of our abilities:Vices of Mankind
Acceptance/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Accusations, false/Vices of Mankind
Activation/of the Goddess Energy = Feminine Power on Earth
Activation/of the Heart-Chakra of Earth in Berlin
Addiction/About the Seminar I offer
Addiction/What ist the cause of Addiction?
Addiction/How can you overcome Addiction?
Addiction/How we get stuck in addiction
Addiction/Vices of Mankind
Addiction and Society
Age/Old Age, cause:Vices of Mankind
Age/Old Age, power field in the aura
Aimlessness/Vices of Mankind
AIR/About the element AIR
Aging and Lifespan of Mankind/about the seminar I offer
Alcohol/negative effects on the aura
Allegories/Vices of Mankind
Allied Bombing Raids over Germany/1942-45
Alzheimer desease/cause:Vices of Mankind
Ambition/Vices of Mankind
Analogy or Correponcence/Cosmic Law of A.
Angel/how an angel told me to go back home
Angels' Help/Clearing with LIGHT Cone and  LIGHT Column
Anger = righteous anger/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Animals/negative effects of formative power fields on animals
Annunciation/of MARIA
Annunciation/of GABRIEL for MARIA
ANNUNCIATION/The Annunciation happens to Everyone
Application with LIGHT and LOVE/My offer
Archangel MICHAEL/He is leading the lost souls to LIGHT
Aura/about the aura of Man
Aura/Colours of the aura
Aura/negative effects of artificial flavoring on the aura
Aura/negative effects of drugs on the aura
Aura/negative effects of Formative Power Fields in the aura
Aura/Clearing of other beings... My offer
Aura/Clearing from Manipulation e.a.Darkness...My offer
Ave MARIA/what the song actually means
Awakening/How I was awakened from spiritual slumber
Aphrodite/Who I am
Aphrodite/my incarnation
Aroma/negative effects of artificial aroma on the aura
Artificial flavoring/negative effects on the aura
Arrogance of the Heart/The 7 Bonds of Mankind
Assignment/The TASK in LIFE,Eternal Assignment
Assignment/of Jesus CHRIST
Astarte/Who I am
Astarte/my incarnation
Astlik/Who I am
Astlik/my incarnation
Awakening/my Awakening, vision