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I'm bringing HIS WORD
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I'm bringing HIS WORD -
from Berlin, the city, from which at this time LIGHT and LOVE are spreading throughout the world, according to the WILL of ALL-THAT-IS, WHO is LIGHT, WHO is LOVE, WHO is leading me and WHOSE WILL I am doing.
The WORD changes and expands Minds.
This is part of HEAVEN's help for MANKIND in answer to the prayers of centuries, so that MEN will be able to free themselves from their want and needyness, their pain, their problems and desease, and end their fights, their quarrels and especially their terrible wars against each other and against MOTHER EARTH once and for all.

HE  ASKED  ME, TO  PASS  ON  MY  KNOWLEDGE TO  ALL THE  PEOPLE  ON  EARTH - whether you are rich or poor, whether you are educated or not, it doesn't matter - for this you don't need education, you just need your HEART.

TRUTH can only be brought by someone, who is energetically clean enough, not to be subject to the perception of Darkness, but human enough, to be able to act under the pressure and weight of the third dimensions. I fulfill these conditions.

My pages offer a wide-spread amount of Spiritual Knowledge, including all the subjects that HE had given to me to teach MANKIND. I want to give you the opportunity, to learn by yourself from this website all the Spiritual Knowledge, all the techniques that I was given and have found extremely helpful, as only a few people can come to Berlin to attend my seminars. So you will find many instructions in my many pages. I have tried to make these instructions as simple as possible. They are meant to be instructions for everyone and they are very important, and I know that many people are following them already, thus having changed their lives. 

At the same time I give you the opportunity, to examine everything what I am teaching with your heart, to find out for yourselves, if it is is TRUTH or not. 

This website is non-commercial. There is no fee and no obligation whatever, just your own free will and your interest, maybe some JOY and LOVE. This is help for those who want to help themselves. And the instructions cover almost all subjects. 
If you want to attend a seminar, you are invited to do so. My seminars in Berlin are held in the German Language, but for interested groups of people not speaking German, I would also do it in English on request. 
But most of all, I make initiations in LIGHT-Work, and they cannot be handed on by written instructions, only from person to person. That is the WILL of ALL-THAT-IS. 

At the end of each page you will find a notice about my copyright, that is my right as an authoress, and it covers the right of word and graphics for publishing and other commercial interests. The reason for this is as following: I heard that it is possible to copy and publish texts and graphics from other pages, that are not secured by copyright, and then to claim the right for them yourself. It is even possible to then go to court and forbid the original author to go on publishing his page. So I was advised to claim the rights for my page immediately, more so, as my pages contain subjects, that might be controversial to some people.
By claiming my copyright I make sure, that the contents of my pages remain unaltered and authentic, and that this knowledge can further-on be given freely to everyone. 
Everyone with strictly private interests may also copy it and give it on freely to others, quoting the source. This way people without a computer of their own may also read my pages. 

With the help of my website you are able to learn by yourself or in a group, following my instructions and descriptions. You can learn all the things you need for your own spiritual development, such as:
  • How to tell the quality of Spiritual Teachers or Groups
  • How to learn to approach your feelings again 
  • How to learn to feel Unconditional LOVE youself, to produce it and learn to live in LOVE
  • How to learn to work with LOVE, so you clear youself and solve all your problems
  • How your Heart can tell the TRUTH
  • How you can learn to feel JOY and live it
  • How you can learn the Chakra-Pulsation for spiritual clearing and growth
  • How you can tell the quality of the gods of human religions
  • How you can dissolve all your energy blockages
  • How you can dissolve the Power Fields of Darkness, that tie you down in tight structures of thinking and feeling
  • How you can free yourself from addiction
  • How you can learn to help our brothers and sisters from other dimensions and show darkness the way to LIGHT
  • How you can solve all your problems with yourself and with other people
  • How you can achieve complete health - (also: LOVE, Clearing, Power Fields of Darkness
  • How you can turn yourself into the harmonious, loving and lovable person, that you actually are (LOVE, Clearing)
  • How you can discover your original personality that you have not known for ages  (also: Clearing)
  • How you may stop and reverse your aging process (also: Power Fields of Darkness)
  • How you may have access to your own incarnations
  • How you may be accepted as a channel by our Heavenly Friends
  • How you can dissolve your karma  (also: LOVE, Clearing, Power Fields of Darkness)
  • How you can help other people, animals, plants and minerals and Mother Earth in a new and powerful way (also: LOVE, Clearing, Power Fields of Darkness e.a.)
  • How you can change your physical body into a Body of LIGHT, completely immune against desease, to enable you to follow the Ascent of Earth into higher dimensions 
  • How you can develop your Mer-Ka-Ba
  • How you can learn about the Realms of Nature
  • How you can learn about COSMIC NAMES
  • How you may free yourself from oaths, curses, etc., that are still binding you since ancient times...
  • How wars come about, the laws behind violence, and the truth about the victims
  • What symbols are
  • What there is about Time and Space
  • What our Eyes are saying to us
  • How you can get the optimal benefit from your food by considering the Spiritual Powers guiding the plants, and the surprising effects of our nutrition certain food
  • How one day you may enfold your optimal potential
  • How you may check everything I am writing here for TRUTH
  • and whoever is interesting in how I imagine GOD to be, may read it here
  • ...
Believe me, this ist no theory. I am practicing all that I teach, and I show you that it works. I also teach from my own experience, from practical work on myself and others. I have changed myself in the process completely and do not get sick anymore. For more details see About myself.
Here you can read all about the seminars I give.
About the terms I use:
Spirituality is not the same as Spiritism. To most people Spiritism is connected with fear, manipulation and deception, and they think that Spirituality is the same. But nobody should be frightened - in the contrary, I want to take the fear away from you. I bring CLARITY into the unclear, knowledge instead of ignorance.
Spirituality has to do with the Spiritual Worlds, the Worlds of higher frequency dimensions. Working with LIGHT, we are in close mental and emotional contact with the Beings of LIGHT, the Angels, CHRIST and GOD-GODDESS, LIGHT-LOVE HIM/HERSELF, the SOURCE of CREATION. Turning away from LIGHT-LOVE is the source of all pain, desease and darkness of mankind. It is our aim to return to our TRUE SOURCE by leading a Spiritual life. In that process we are guided by the High Beings of LIGHT and LOVE and by the Angels. 
Spiritism means working with the spirits of "dead" humans and other dark, low swinging energies, by asking them for advice and help, maybe with the use of a Ouija-board, with glasses or a table. That is quite dangerous. The human spirits, I prefer to call them "lost" souls, who are still roaming in the low Astral spheres because they did not find their way back to LIGHT or because they preferred to stay in the darkness, are very poor beings who failed in life and are afraid. What advice could they give us? They are not wiser than before they passed over. But by calling them and giving them the chance to come to us, we invite them into our aura, where they can occupy us, unknown by us, unfelt - still they block us in our development, they may influence us, bring desease, further addiction, or more. We can help them by leading them to LIGHT. That's what you can do, when you are advanced in your Spiritual studies and maybe ask to be taught that type of work. 
The more advanced Souls that followed LIGHT are living in higher spheres between incarnations, learning in schools, academies or universities, preparing for their next incarnation. They, too, have not yet achieved higher wisdom, but need the help of the Angels. We should never disturb them by calling them back or holding on to them.
Many of my informations have been given to me by transmissions of LIGHT Himself and Jesus CHRIST, but also from other FRIENDS of LIGHT, so by MAITREYA. Some informations (about dwarves, elves, fairies and giants) come from a very dear friend who was allowed to visit those realms and I was allowed to give the information on to you. 

Sometimes I receive the texts word by word, at other times I suddenly know the complete contents all at once, at other times again I receive pictures or visions or have sudden insight. When larger contents are transmitted, it may take several days or weeks. I always have the chance to ask all the questions I have and they are all answered. 

Many of the informations I give to you, derive from my own rich experiences, from my experiences with LIGHTWORK  throughout the past 7 years and from my personal clearing process of the past 6 years, throughout which I have been intensively taught by HIM day and night. Heaven teaches you by making you experience everything yourself, by letting you try and make errors, by letting you feel what you made wrong, with deep intense LOVE and patience, without telling you things in advance but letting you find out most of it by yourself, then giving you all the explanations you want, answering all your questions, with wonderful, boundless JOY when you succeed, with great respect for you - and always respecting your own free will. 

Some of my informations derive from competent, beautiful books I was led to, about subjects I was not given any or little information about, but where I felt it important to add the subjects to my website. In those cases the contents of the books had been veryfied and I received additional information while writing the texts. In those cases I added the name of the book, the author and the publisher.
I was told that there are millions of LIGHT Beings on Earth at this time - incarnated or not incarnated - to help men during the transition from Old Age to New Age, during the transition of dimensions we are experiencing right now and in the coming years. Many of those Helpers are working as Spiritual teachers, authors, script writers, movie-makers etc... We all are working hand in hand. Nobody can know everything by himself/herself or be specialized in all subjects. We all depend on each others' help.

I teach you to live a Spiritual Life in the midst of daily chores. HEAVEN doen not want us to forego the world and retreat to some far-away monastary or convent, but wants us to stand in the midst of life, standing on our own two feet, having a family, working for a living, being among people, being busy, doing our regular chores, our house work, living normal, ordinary lives - while doing LIGHTWORK and LOVEWORK, carrying LIGHT and LOVE throughout our daily chores to whatever we are doing, where ever we are going, whom ever we meet, meaning that we should live in the material AND the immaterial world consciously at the same time - being in Unconditional LOVE and in JOY. This is possible - and it is part of my Eternal ASSIGNMENT to show this to all people.

And also this website is part of my Eternal ASSIGNMENT, a very important part of it. It is undergoing steady development and change, as I myself am growing and developping steadily and my knowledge is growing as well. This corresponds to Cosmic Law -  all of Creation is undergoing continuous growth and development.
When I started this website in the fall of 2001, I did not know what I was getting into. Since then I have been working at it with an increasing dynamic power, purpose and determination - and I love it. I'm learning enormously day by day and feel more and more widened as well - mentally, spiritually, emotionally. As I myself am growing, the pages are growing and changing as well. They are like a living organism, being in constant motion, constant growth - according to the Cosmic Law of Creation: CHANGE -
I have new inspirations day by day, receiving information to replace, add or take away certain passages, having completely new ideas about the same subjects, new insights, a new understanding, I understand myself completely new... Never before did I experience a phase of similar creativity. I'm deeply astounded, deeply touched and perfectly happy. This website is a living, growing book. Be assured that all of my pages are made purely with fun, JOY and  LOVE!

My website is published both in a German and English Version with one common homepage. Each versions includes numerous subjects, at the time there are altogether 362 pages. Each page may contain many printed pages - so this is a thick book. I place the subjects in alphabetical order. But actually there is no order - chose your own, and while doing so, let your heart and your soul lead you.

I also suggest that you learn together in groups. It's more fun, of course, but considering the synergy-effect of groups you will advance much faster in a group than working alone.

Sometimes people still need explanations, because they think their intellect might grasp Spiritual knowledge better that way. Differently from many Spiritual teachers, I do give explanations, knowing that it takes a while for people who are new to these subjects to mentally adjust, helping them approach SPIRITUALITY - but actually Spiritual subjects cannot be explained at all, at most by way of parables. I'ts like teaching children actual life with a puppet show - and people who have not been awakened yet do resemble children... But at the same time I am telling you that your intellect is not able to grasp it at all, but ONLY your HEART. So open your HEARTS instead and let this knowledge go right there - not to your brain.

When you read something here on my pages, that seems "too far out" to you, unbelievable and unacceptable, don't turn away and think, MARIA must be mentally disordered, but just let it rest and read other pages - and maybe in a year or two return to the first page... A good friend of mine, who knows a lot about astral- and other beings, including darkness, thought that way, when she read  page my page about elves, dwarves, fairies and giants... That was just too much for her, too phantastic...
Now, if the COSMOS would be just what we can grasp at this time, how boring would life be! It is the fascinating amount of unknown things to learn, to reach further and further, to make astounding new experiences, that makes life so wonderful! Imagine that a little worm living deep down in the earth cannot grasp the existence of humans because it extends his mind... and when we dig in the ground and bring him to light, all he perceives is a fraction of our hand, thinking it to be an odd shape of ground...And yet there we are!
I do not want to convince you of anything, though, I am just offering information. But I ask you to open your hearts like children, to be just as impressionable, wide open, flexible, and able to be astounded...

As this page is written for the very 'beginners' as well as the further and high 'advanced', there will always be something you cannot grasp at the time ('advanced' is a term that means something completely irrelevant - actually EVERYBODY is Beginner, but most people think they are more or less advanced, and I just let them keep this delusion!). That is how this page is conceived. Just take it that way. Try to read it again after some time and you will find a new meaning, another depth, that you did not perceive before...
You can only see whatever corresponds to your present state of mind. Tomorrow your mind is much wider and you can see behind the horizon - and that is where I am guiding you from time to time... Next month you may find a totally different meaning behind the words and next year it may be a revelation to you... 

Quite often I write words in capital letters (GOD, TRUTH, LOVE, Cosmic NAME,... ): By this I insinuate the purity of that Feeling, Expression, Thing or Person:
LOVE means always Unconditional LOVE, TRUTH means the higher, divine TRUTH etc. 
I sometimes write words with a capital letter at the beginning. I do it intuitively, according to the meaning or the importance of the term. Correct Grammar is not as important to me as the Message my words are carrying. So I just stick to Grammar as far as others would know what I mean. 
Anyhow I try to write in an intellible way - and I hope I succeed. So have patience with me, when I'm trying to find the best terms to express myself. I am open for suggestions.
The pages I translate may not be perfect - I have lived in the USA for more than 6 years, but this has been more than 30 years ago! Translating these pages is a crash course in getting familiar with the English language again. 

In the page About myself I tell you about myself, so that you know me a little better. Altogether I will talk about my own experiences quite often. I don't do that to make you think what an important person I am, but to show you that, whatever I teach, I have learned by my own experience and so you can see that what I tell you is possible, practical and completely authentic. I'm the living example, the living proof of this.
Believe me, that in the course of my incarnations I may have made and suffered all possible human experiences by myself. That's the way Heaven wants you o learn - and I have agreed to do this out of my own free will, again and again, with deep LOVE for all people. So now I know how MAN feels. Otherwise I could not help you at all, because I would be talking about theory. 
Today in this incarnation, I harvest the fruit of all the experiences of my former incarnations. So now I can help you grow and advance.
Myself, I am neither greater nor more able than you. Whatever I can, you could learn, too. All my abilities are from HIM. I'm serving LIGHT - I'm serving LOVE, and through HIM I'm serving MANKIND.

I teach Reincarnation with the aim of re-setting reincarnation firmly into the hearts of ALL people as a recognized fact of life, using myself as an example. REINCARNATION is a subject that HE wants to be accepted on Earth as a fact again, as this is the basis for your understanding of LIFE itself. Only by accepting it as a fact of life you may grasp Divine Guidance and it's Help to humanity throughout  the ages. Without that knowledge you are blind and need guidance, because you can't grasp the reason for living, the purpose of LIFE itself. So you need a Church, need priests, like a child needs it's mother... That's why that knowledge was extinguished from the original texts of the New Testament during the Nicaea Council in the Year 325 AC. Knowledge has always been an instrument of power. But you are grown up now and self responsible.
HE has been telling me my most important incarnations very clearly starting in the early summer of 1997. Never before there has been a record of such a large number of true incarnations of any one person, known to that person without any doubt, while the incarnations were historically well-known personalities with historical records handed over up to today -  including the Cosmic NAME = the LIFE TASK as well as the Symbols = the Power. You can realize by this how reincarnation and historical development (= Spiritual Growth of Mankind) work and how Heaven has helped mankind at all times over and over again. You can see by my example that history has another dimension to it than is known to historians and taught at school. 
This is vital knowledge at the beginning of the New Age to come, where eventually all of you will learn about your incarnations and have to integrate all of them. 
Don't think that by way of my incarnations I want to seem more important or greater than you. This is not so. And again I say that I don't try to convince you. It is just an offer. You don't have to believe me. You can imagine that I had problems with my incarnations myself at first, not feeling worthy, thinking, of all Beings, why just me? That's how it is... If you want to, read my page with an open heart, just like I opened my heart when first I learned about the wonders of LIFE.

In my website I say many things, other spiritual people avoid. Sometimes I just give a hint. Other things can be neither spoken nor written about. And so this website will not give you the answer to all questions. It is part of the WAY, to receive your ANSWERS and to recognize TRUTH yourself. I will not derive you of this, as these experiences will make you grow. 

You will only perceive and understand what corresponds to your present state of development. That is why you will always gain from my website. And when you follow my instructions, you will experience a wonderful spiritual development, and then gain even more, when reading my pages over again some time later...

Many people are interested to read what I think about GOD. Despite of the fact, that this is obvious in every page, I made an addition to the page about LOGOS, where you may read now, how I imagne HIM to be.

My whole website is serving HIS WORSHIP...
...just like I am serving HIS WORSHIP. I am serving HIM. I am serving HIM in everything I am doing. At first I had bowed my head while praying to HIM in humbleness. But HE said to me, SERVING does not mean to bow, to kneel or bend down, but to stand upright, holding you head up in LOVE and JOY. You will show others how to SERVE -  SHOWING THEM THAT SERVING IS PURE JOY. 
True SERVICE does not mean being forced or humiliated, but springs from your HEART, deriving from your own FREE WILL and lifting you up. When SERVING, you are devoting all your thoughts, all your feelings and all your actions to HIM - in utmost JOY.

So the Angels sang, 'We cannot say, WHY we are in JOY, and yet our SERVICE is JOY... JOY is unlimited, there is no Beginning and no END, as JOY is ETERNAL... ( from the book 'Die Antwort der Engel', that is 'The Angels' Answer', written down by Gitta Mallasz, Daimon Vlg. This book is also published in English)

Be sure that this website has been made with LOVE and JOY and that I have been prepared for it thouroughly.

(HE told me on Dec. 29th, 1999:)

LOVE is your Way and your Destination, 
WISDOM your Weapon - 
LIGHT your Essence - 
The WORD your LIFE TASK - 
Your Heart your Expression.
JOY  surrounds you.
You are spreading it whereever you go.

My pages contain TRUTH, that LIGHT has given me; still this TRUTH remains the truth of written letters, even though the electronic way of holding and transporting meaning is nearer to transcending the written word, in some way. But even if I would be constantly changing and redoing my pages, all written words have to remain static or rigid - but CREATION is always changing, always new, that is the LAW of LIFE. So real TRUTH cannot be written down at all, according to what Jesus said, once upon a long time... 
...and Jesus told the people: 'Do not search for HIS LAW in the writings, as HIS LAW is LIFE, while the writings are dead. Verily I am telling you, Moses did not receive the LAW from GOD in writing, but as HIS LIVING WORD. 
to Living Prophets
for Living Men.
Every Living thing embodies
You will find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds in the sky, in the fish in the sea, but most of all it is within youselves. Verily, I am telling you, that all living things are nearer to GOD than written things, as those are without any life. 
HE made LIFE and all livings things, so that they could teach Men The LAW  of the TRUE GOD by being and living HIS ETERNAL WORD. GOD did not write HIS LAW down in the pages of a book, but into your hearts and your minds. It is written in your breath, your blood, your bones, your intestines, your eyes and your ears - even in the least part of your body. 
It is present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the rays of the sun, in the hights and the downs. All those manifestations are speaking to you, so you may hear and understand the WORDS and the WILL of the LIVING GOD..."

...and: 'You don't understand the WORDS of LIFE anymore, because you are in death. Darkness cloudens your eyes, and your ears are plugged with deafness. For I am saying, that it is of no avail for you to read dead writings, while negating with your deeds each of those, who gave you the writings. Verily, I am telling you, that GOD and HIS LAW cannot be found in your deeds. They cannot be found in gluttony and drunkenness, nor in dissipated lives and in lust, nor in the quest for riches, or in the hatred for your enemies. For all these things come from the realm of darkness and the master of all evil. You are carring all those things within you, thus preventing the WORD and MIGHT of GOD to come to you, because all possible evil has already found a home in your body and in your mind.
But if you want GOD'S LIVING WORD and HIS MIGHT come into you, do not soil your body and mind, because your body is the temple of mind, and your mind is HIS TEMPLE. So clear the TEMPLE...'

(From the wonderful book 'Essene Gospel of Peace', originally a part of the script rolls of Qumran by the Dead Sea, today kept in the secret archives of the Vatican, translated by Dr. E. Bordeaux Székely, Verlag Bruno Martin. From those writings you can also ascertain, that Jesus was a great master of LIGHTWORK. The book is also published in English. It is one of the few books, besides the 'Angels' Answer', see above, that I recommend in these pages.)

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