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Truth - Your HEART can tell it
How to tell the Quality of  Spiritual Teachers, Groups
and Energies (instructions)
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You find a large number of Spiritual offers, such as books, internet offers, seminars, lectures, workshops, meditation classes, often in connection with a sojourn in an exclusive hotel in some expensive resort, Tantra groups or initiations....
Being new to the subject, you may be totally confused being confronted with all those suggestions, not knowing, where to start. Even the experts cannot look through all that. Very often you are disappointed from the results of an offer you had paid a lot of money for, without having gained much wisdom or much use out of it...
But you can also have bad experiences that way, which may even be dangerous for you - for example when you find out that you got in contact with a sect, where they might want to influence or even brainwash you.

In the following I list a number of distinctive marks or characteristics, by which you may find out whether the group you want to contact could be a sect or not, or whether the leader of that group, or that spiritual teacher you have chosen may have egoistical motives in his mind rather than your Spiritual advancement. If you have any doubt about it, you better keep your hands off, because you may easily find yourself in a tightening dependence, which could be too strong for you to shake off. Of course you also advance by that experience, but you can also learn the easier way by being well informed and listening to your heart. So here it is:

You should have serious doubts, 

  • if the leader of a group teaches different ethical or moral standards than he lives by himself
  • if a group has no democratic structures whatever and is being led in a strict way
  • if the group and/or it's leader want to isolate themselves from other people
  • if the group and/or it's leader look down on other people in any way or even despise other people
  • if the group and/or it's leader think they are better than others
  • if the group and/or it's leader aim to keep internal affairs (not meaning spiritual contents!) secret from others
  • if there are registered members and written or recorded lists of names, addresses and other personal data of the members
  • if a membership fee is requested, either when entering the group and/or on a regular weekly/monthly/yearly basis
  • if there are aims to tie the members to the group, for example by telling them that they are 'chosen' in one way or the other, or that they may reach spiritual goals by being members of that group or by just being near to their leader
  • if they use force in any way, whether it is physical, psychical or mental, or even if they try to persuade you in any way
  • if the members or the interested persons become unfree in any way, feel bound or physically attracted to the leader or if there is eroticism (openly or covered) between the leader and the other members
  • if the other members are noticibly interested in protecting their leader from criticism, suspicion and direct questions
  • if the members or the interested persons are not being led to self responsibility
  • if there is any interest in keeping the members or the interested persons in isolation from other people
  • if there is an interest in keeping the members or the interested persons isolated from their families and 'outside' friends
  • if the members or the interested persons are being kept from leaving the group by using physical, psychical or mental threats and/or pressure in any way
  • if the members and/or interested persons are being asked to give money to the group and/or the leader, or to collect or earn money for them...
  • ...and if it is not clear what happens with the collected money
  • if there is manipulation, deception or untruthfulness in any way
  • if you feel uneasy, out of place, or uncomfortable in any way
  • If the leader makes it a habit of looking people deep into their eyes...
Reading this, consider - the sects are not necessarily there where they tell you they are...
Now ask yourself, what you really want. Do you want only a little diversion, do you want a change of interest, do you want to meet new people, find new friends whith a broader interest, are you looking for a little thrill, a little prickle of fear by maybe contacting real 'spirits' ? Or do you really want to change something in your way of living, to get away from the tread-out paths? Do you want to get rid of your fear, your problems, your unabitity to control your own life? Do you really want to be healthy, to free yourself from all your limitations, your self-binding ties you have assembled all your life? Do you feel the deep urge in you to help others, whose problems and pains deeply hurt you? Do you feel the deep urge in you to find your way to LIGHT and LOVE and develop your body, mind and soul for the better - do you want to find the Way to Truthfulness, Honesty and GRACE?

When you are sure of yourself, what you really want, go about finding the teacher you think might help you best to achieve your goals, pick out several offers, and check them out.

That is very important, because there are offers that may harm you:
Unfortunately there are people in the spiritual field who want to consciously harm you, by manipulating you energetically and by using your energy and abilities, but mostly they want to exploit you energetically (vampyrism)... Be especially careful with charismatic people, whom you may soon feel bound to, because it may well be, that they are consciously working with their sexual-chakra, to make you dependent and feed on your sexual energy. Do you feel flattered by their attention? Are you surprised of having nightly dreams or phantasies of sexual contact with those persons? That contact can be almost like real life, but must not be...
Especially spiritual people and even spiritual teachers are subject to such straying, because just they have the necessary power and the necessary know-how - and just they are the preferred aim of darkness.
The motives? A burning ambition, jealousy, wanting to be adored, wanting to be looked upon as being holy, competition with others, the crave for Power over others, for knowledge, respect from others, crave for sex, crave for money, fear of existence...

Be careful, though, to start any kind of 'witch hunt' and think that everyone wants to harm you. That is not so, and by fearing it, you may draw the subject of your fear to you or lose trust in all people. There is no reason for this at all. 
All I want you to do, is to have a healthy portion of distrust, not to behave like a sheep, keep your eyes open, not only on the first day, but every day, listen exactly to what is said, never look into anybody's eyes who wants to force you to do so, never trust anybody absolutely, but GOD alone...

and check everything you hear with your heart-chakra, your unbeatable, never failing vibration-measuring instrument, and you can learn the use of it in the following!

You learn here to check out for yourself beyond a doubt in your heart and mind, whether spiritual groups and/or teachers...
  • have a distict commercial orientation
  • want to lead you to dependency
  • want to dominate you
  • want to exploit you
  • have a real interest in helping you with your spiritual advancement
  • are being led by the Beings of LIGHT
  • are standing under the influence of darkness (they might not even know about it...)
  • are actually able to help you find your way to LIGHT
  • are able to help you dissolve your problems
  • are able to lead you to self responsibility and thus give you back your own Human Dignity
  • can lead you to real and true Unconditional LOVE...
and you will learn to tell, whether your spiritual teacher has higher vinrations than you, because only then the teacher can be of any help for you!

Besides, you will learn from my instructions to recognize at all times TRUTH beyond a doubt in your heart and mind.
That is very simple - all you have to do is read the following information and practice the following instructions, learning to use them at any time you want to. Actually you have always known all that - but you have forgotten it a long, long time ago: 

Our HEART (= heart-chakra) is responsible for TRUTH. It is able to tell TRUTH from the Untruth. It is right in the middle of our breast, underneath the breast bone, in die center, near the spine, and it is not material, so our eyes cannot see it. THIS IS ACTUALLY OUR REAL HEART, not the organ that is pumping the blood. HERE we are feeling. The humans have always been led astray, even about their hearts! That could not have happened to any animal! Do you realize the deep, deep tragic behind that?
The tragic is our loss of feeling for our own body and our loss of knowledge for our own body, which made us blind, so we went astray and took the unspeakable way into the entanglement with darkness, the way of need, of suffering and pain!
And yet this was our way to spiritual growth - and now, after having played to game to the to most bitter extent, when we discover this ability anew, it is the beginning of our return back home!

The HEART-CHAKRA is the sign and the proof of our origin, 
our descent from LIGHT-LOVE.

Because all of CREATION has this ability. It is an ability that LIGHT - our Heavenly Father, and LOVE - our Heavenly Mother - have given each of their children as a heritage. This way they could always find their way back to them some day. And be sure that even the plants and the animals and the minerals, that actually each grain of sand, each blade of grass has this ability. They all are living beings! On a higher level, they all have HEARTS, have chakras, just like us!

TRUTH is the Universal Language of HEARTS!

So each human being is actually able to tell TRUTH - tell Universal TRUTH and his own personal TRUTH - this way. Each human being is actually able to tell, if someone is dark or light, what is right or wrong, if he is led astray or the right way - in perfect consciousness! An important ability, don't you think?

This ability is of an enormous consequence for us, as it actually makes us independent from outside manipulation. There is nobody who can tell us, what it true or not - as we ourselves can tell it beyond a doubt! Now check the statements of politicians, of reporters, of authors, of all the things we read each day in the papers and hear each day in the radio and see each day on TV...
Nobody can fool us anymore or tell us lies...  Nobody needs to persuade us, to convince us anymore...  We are able to see for ourselves what is right or wrong!

HOW CAN OUR HEART-CHAKRA DO THIS? The HEART-CHAKRA can tell TRUTH, because it is able to discern the vibrational frequency of Energy - of the Energy of words, of written or spoken words or statements, of thoughts, of feelings, emotions. 

High vibrations make our heart-chakra open or widen,
low vibrations make our heart-chakra close or tighten.

TRUTH has high vibrations, which makes our heart-chakra widen - 
Untruth has low vibrations, which make our heart-chakra tighten.

It is so simple. All we have to do is feel this vibrational frequency in our heart-chakra by "going into a resonance with that energy, that word, those words, statements, thoughts, feelings... We can use this ability by making a statement and at the same time watch the reactions of our heart-chakra = letting it swing in the same vibrations as our statement. 
The statement should be in such a way, that our heart can say "Yes" or "No", by widening or tightening, but is should not be a question.
For instance, if I say: "Today is Friday the 13th", and it is actually Monday, our heart-chakra will tighten, whether we know the correct answer in our mind or not.
But after some practice, the finding of truth becomes easier and easier. You just need to think of your heart-chakra while hearing or seeing statements etc.
It is the easiest thing in the world. 

Here are the instructions: 
(the information in Green-Blue, the instructions in Dark Blue)

These instructions are simple - all TRUTH is simple. Simplicity is the SIGN of TRUTH.
I suggest that you read these instructions several times before practicing them. Maybe it is easier for you if someone else reads them to you while you are practicing them. If there is nobody to assist you, you may record the text of the instructions. Of course you can also come to MARYAM and practice with me, but chances are you are not living in or near Berlin.

If you have no practice in feeling vibrations in your heart-chakra, it may help you to relax, but you should not lie down, as it is better to sit up and stay wide awake. You should just concentrate, not meditate.
Now use your breath as an assistant and breathe consciously in and out, while watching your breath come and go. With the next breathing out you go with your consciousness to you heart-chakra. 

Your heart-chakra is directly underneath your sternum, where it opens from your spine to the outside, resembling a dynamic spiral of energy. It is a higher frequency organ of our invisible energy field. It opens to the front and to the back of our spine, but for this purpose we just concentrate on the part that opens to the front, as there we produce and feel our feelings, our emotions. 
(The physical organ that pumps the blood through our body, is connected with the heart-chakra, but has nothing to do with this ability.)

Now ask your Heart-chakra to open and watch how it widens. Feel this completely new feeling for the first time. It may be that you are feeling a sensation of the invisible realms consciously for the first time.

Don't doubt your own abilities. It is really easy and everyone can feel it. Actually we are constantly feeling sensations from invisible realms, such as pain, thought and all our normal feelings! And yet they are real, aren't they?

Now go with your Heart-Chakra in resonance to "TRUTH". Say this mentally to yourself while watching your Heart-Chakra: "I am going in resonance with TRUTH." (or:  "My Heart is swinging with TRUTH", or: "I am in TRUTH"). Right away your Heart-Chakra will start to open wide, as this is a very high-swinging sensation. This you can also do with Unconditional LOVE. TRUTH is one of the Qualities of Unconditional LOVE!

TRUTH and/or LOVE are giving
your Heart a High Standard of vibrations!
Finding out TRUTH is comparing with the Standard!

Now watch the feeling that it spreading throughout your Heart. It could be, that you just feel "wide". That is quite alright. It is real TRUTH, anyhow. 
Absolute TRUTH is something different, something new to you. LIVE IT NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME. 

If your Heart-Chakra is very much plugged up by Energy blockages, you may have trouble feeling anything at all, except width.
You're doing fine, anyhow. Just keep going on, as LOVE will dissolve the blockages one after the other. Because of the extreme clearing power of LOVE, it is possible that you start having a pressure in your Heart-Chakra at once. That doesn't harm you, but will go away when you continue. It is a good sign of the clearing process that has just started. 

Now try out next the difference between TRUTH and "normal human" feelings, so you can feel, how the Heart narrows or closes, as they are low swinging:
So while concentrating on your Heart-Chakra, you say to yourself: "I go into resonance with Envy" - and all at once you will feel the Heart close fast or slowly, because Envy is very low swinging. It is not a very pleasant sensation, but an interesting experience.
When your Heart is clearer, you will be able to actually feel Envy, even though there is no person or object to be envious about. It's really weird. 
As Envy doesn't feel too good, don't stay there for too long, but go back into Unconditional TRUTH.

Now practice as long as you want to, checking out for yourself the differences in the various sensations, the way your Heart-Chakra expresses them by widening or closing more or less fast. Experiment with different feelings:
Happiness - grief - joy - frustration - patience - loneliness - irritation...
Find out the differences: pity and compassion - The "Love I used to know" (just call it like that) and Unconditional LOVE - the joy I knew and Heavenly JOY - How I feel and how angels feel... be creative! I just love the "Divine Humor", because I always must laugh without a purpose...

This way you can test all feelings you can think of: If they are high frequency sensations, the Heart will open, if they are low-frequency sensations, the Heart will close. 

So now you are able to tell the quality of feelings!

The differences you feel this way express more than a thousand words. Isn't it wonderful, what we can do? What have you been missing until now! Now you are entering a New Age, a New World! 

Now we can start to examine TRUTH and Untruth. You know that your Heart opens when the frequency of a feeling is high - and that it closes when the frequency of a feeling is low. 
You must know, that the frequency of TRUTH is always very high, the frequency of untruth is always very low. 

As a test, you now make a simple statement and at the same time watch your Heart-Chakra "out of the corner of your eyes": 
Just say "Yes" and watch what happens - and then say "No" and watch what happens. 
Now say "TRUTH" and see what happens - and then say "Lie" and see what happens...
when you say "Yes" and "TRUTH", your Heart will open - it's that simple. 

Now make a statement about a true fact, maybe todays actual date, and watch your Heart - and then make a statement about an untrue fact, maybe a wrong date, and feel your Heart close. Your Heart will also react that way, when you don't know the truth yourself.

You can make a statement like "What I am hearing in the radio just now is the truth", and check out what your Heart says. 
You can say: "What this politician says is the truth", and check out, what your Heart says. 
Also try the following: - This book is important for me - MARYAM is telling the truth - My boss is telling the truth when he says.... -
reincarnation is a fact of Life - (in your supermarket:) these apples contain no chemicals - this food is good for the health of my children - the listings with the contents tell the truth - ...

You can check out everything for yourself - including my website!

Now you are able to find out, which seminar, which workshop, which group or which teacher is just right for you. 
Be careful to formulate your statement. Take care that the statement can not be answered in an ambiguous way. If you just state, that this group will be good for you, it could also mean that you might have a great disappointment, but by this you might learn to be more watchful the next time!
Your statement should never be a question! While you say your statement to yourself, keep watching your Heart-Chakra. I gave you some suggestions above. The safest statement is that someone is with LIGHT respectively darkness, or: that you profit in a harmonious way etc. The more experience you get, the better your statements will be. 

When you experiment like this in a group, you may find out, that every once in a while the results of the people will differ. That is because each person has his/her own individual truth, in those cases that do not concern the great TRUTHS! It is not always the same with different people - what is good for him, may not be good for me. So that is quite normal. 
Trust yourself - trust your Heart! Take it the way is is, without a doubt in your mind. Be happy about your new ability. Now nobody can lie to you anymore, because you can tell the lies from the truth. 
This way you regained part of your own power, of your own dignity, that has been gone for a long time, long forgotten, leaving you dense, dependent of what others tell you.

Practice that ability as often as possible. The more you practice it, the faster you get your answers. Make it a habit of your daily life. And then hour HEART opens or closes, just by taking a book into your hand, by looking at goods in the supermarket or by listening to someone talk...

...and if you like to study more, you can learn how to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, and check out the Vibrations of all the Gods and Goddesses of the human Religions, which may prove to be a very interesting subject...

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