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Aging and Lifespan of Mankind -
The Way to a longer and healthier Life (instructions)
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Look at the outside factors and think about what you would like to change and what you are able to change about them. If you are convinced that there is nothing you can do about them, accept them the way they are and make the most of them. Be content in your daily life and love the way you live.
In any way you are able to eat healthier food and stop certain habits that will certainly make you look older  for sure:
One aging factor is almost any type of addiction, especially alcohol and cigarettes will make you visibliy older long before the time. Yet another aging factor is sunbathing: That  is a sure way to wrinkles and leather skin. A smart tan gives the illusion of youth and health - but unfortunately only for a few years. Once I overheard a group of physicians in a restaurant joke and laugh about women of a certain age with leather skin. There is nothing you can do to make your skin recover from frequent exposure to the sun. Each sunburn is a certain step towards looking like an old purse in a few years from now. The women of former ages knew why to avoid the exposure to sun! 

I also don't believe in genes like science does. I know that there actually is very little inheritance, in your looks and ways, in health, and in aging - as I know that little children are picking up energies from the people around them, they actually soak them up, and of course they are influenced by those energies. They are learning from their family members to think in a certain way, to feel in a certain way, to look at the world in a certain way and to express themselves in a certain way. 
Now, our looks, our ways, our health and the way we age, as well as many other factors, are subject to the energies we hold in our aura, because the energies control our looks, our actions, the way we look at the world and the way we express ourselves. 

Not by chance we are born into a certain family! We have known our family members for a very long time, and we are tied together in deepest LOVE and by karma, as we have chosen each other to help us in the learning process, which life on Earth means for us, so we would advance. 
So of course we would resemble each other more or less within one family, because we exchange energies and influence each other in many ways. Family life is a constant energetic interchange. The energies we produce by our thoughts and feelings are influencing the way we look - we are creating our looks - and so, by and by, we begin to resemble each other! 
That is the reason, husbands and wives begin to resemble each other in later years, even if they were looking differently when they learned to know each other! And you certainly cannot blame inheritance for that!

There are certain people who don't seem to age, they get more and more beautiful every day and their faces seem to shine. Their wrinkles seem to smile all the time. It just depends on your inner way of handling your life: Have you often and easily been mad, disgustful, discontent, unhappy or grudging, your face will mirror that with deep wrinkles in your forehead, between your eyes and from both sides of your nose to your mouth. When you are discontent, you produce a lot of dark energies that will make you sick and old. A dark cloud seems to hover aroud you.

You can change your outer life (your surroundings including the people around you) by changing yourself. If you are harmonious and well-balanced inside, you will find the outside to be accordingly. The outside world is the mirror, in which we view ourselves.
Working with Unconditional LOVE helps you in the utmost way to reach inner balance and harmony. It helps you to LOVE everything and to solve all your problems with LOVE. Most important of all, it helps you to LOVE yourself - and then LOVE will come to you from the outside: This is a Cosmic Law!
If you love yourself, you will most certainly have no problems with aging!

Through the energetic clearing process,you are able to free yourself from all problems of body, mind and soul as well as from your karma. Of course you have to DO it regularly, preferably each day - and keep it up!
After a while you will notice that you are changing from day to day, you will become softer and clearer, more tender and more beautiful. Your skin will turn fresh, your wrinkles get better, physical problems get better and disappear, as well as the problems you have with other people. Disharmonious people will start to disappear from your life, or your relationship will change. You will find your life more and more harmonious and live each day with LOVE and JOY. Your life has turned into a wonderful experience and you can be grateful for each day of living.

The following text with its links will guide you to Unconditional LOVE and how you can work with it. 
When you are familiar with LOVE-Work, follow my suggestions for your problems with AGING:

  • Learn to LOVE yourself and to work with LOVE and do it regularly every day, each day a little longer
  • Practice to be in LOVE and extend this for a longer and longer period of time, until you can be in LOVE all the time (that includes LOVING yourself, everyone and everything)
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of the AGING process in you
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of your thinking patterns in connection with AGING (for example your belief in aging from a certain time on)
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of your vanity
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of your overweight and/or eating habits, like eating up all the food on your plate (behind over-eating there always is "Hunger for Life" and at the same time "Fear of Life", meaning no trust in GOD and in LIFE itself. All later conditionings are basically connected with these causes and want to bring these problems into our consciousness, so that we may realize and dissolve them)
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of your nutritional preferences and habits, that may cause overweight or digestive problems 
  • Go with LOVE to the Source of each of your addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, tablets, etc.)
  • Go with LOVE to your Heart-Chakra and stay there for as long as possible, if possible every day - this is a potent clearing in itself
  • Live according to the GOLDEN RULES
  • Live according to the Cosmic Laws 
  • Contact you CREATOR every day in prayer, talking to HIM-HER in your own everyday words, just the way you would talk to a very dear friend, whom you know will never betray you
  • Free yourself from all objects that bind you, including old memories, souvenirs that make you sentimental or remind you of people who have passed away, old clothes, shoes, old furniture and things you haven't used for a longer period of time, of items that tie you down and burden you

  • Remember that used things carry the energies of their former users, which may be lower than your own and pull you down

Now if you want to start working at yourself, you should know that this will not always be easy and might last many years - but that there is nothing more beautiful and more fulfilling. I am ready to help you with personal advice, if you so need so, but that can only be an exception, as you will have to take upon you the responsibility for your own life, for your own advancement.

Of course you can come to my group sessions regularly, when you happen to live in Berlin and vicinity. If you don't, you can learn everything you need from this website.

I suggest that you think about founding a group yourself with people of similar interests, working together with my pages. If you tell others about it, who have problems, too (and who doesn't?), they may be interested. Or put an ad into the paper, then you can reach many people. This way you can help each other. In a group you open yourself for others and learn much faster. The others are a mirror to you - and you are mirroring them. Learn to know the others without prejustices, with no fear, no bad expectations - just open your hearts. Accept the weaknesses of others and learn to love them. If you have problems, imagine it is Christmas and ask Jesus CHRIST to let the Christmas Spirit come down upon you, even if it is a totally different time of year - your imagination creates reality!... Practice Unconditional LOVE and see, how wonderful this is for everybody! See how wonderful it is to see people open up and begin to trust each other. Work with FUN, with JOY, but do not try to make a contest of it. Be easy and light and LIVE lightness and easyness. Talk about your progress and your new experiences, laugh and be happy - don't mention your problems and deseases, except the first time you meet, maybe - because those subjects are lowering your vibrations.
You should know, that high vibrations (=you perceive them as harmony) help you advance and heal!

The group lives by its high energy. But besides, the group has another effect: synergy = the sum is more than the addition of all positions. The group creates a dynamic force that hightens the dynamic power of each member. That means, that each member of the group will profit and advance more and faster than working alone. That is why I make group sessions.

The best remedy for overcoming addictions, as well as all other kinds of desease and problems, is

Working with LIGHT and LOVE
Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT - where there is LIGHT, there is LOVE.
Both are inseparable.

Beginning your work, I suggest that you read all the pages to the subject 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE'  from beginning to end, and if you feel like it, you can follow the instructions right there and then. Then I suggest the pages to the subject 'Energetic Clearing', from beginning to end. 
You also have the wonderful possibility to get the help of HIS GRACE to heal and support you. This is a very potent aid! Use it especially when you are feeling down and think you are not progressing at all...
I wish you all the success in your work. Be sure of my LOVE and support.

These pages will help you solve your problems best:

- LIGHTWORK - Working with the LIGHT of GOD
- What does Working with Energy mean?
- What is LOVE?  (all pages)
- How to feel and produce LOVE (instructions)
- How to work with LOVE (instructions)
- The Way to Clearing and Healing (instructions)
- The Clearing of Body-Mind-Soul - Way to Redemption (all pages)
- The Formative Power Fields of Darkness
- Freeing yourself from the Power Fields of Darkness (instructions)
- What are Energy Blockages?
- Dissolving Energy Blockages (instructions),
- Main Subjects of the Chakras and their Problems related to Blockages
- How to feel JOY (Instructions)
- How to live in JOY (instructions)
- The "Chakra-Pulsation"clears and heals Body-Mind-Soul (instructions)
- About Optimal Nutrition (MAITREYA)
- The Manipulation by other Persons/Protection and Help (instructions)

- How to free ourselves from Darkness (instructions)

These Suggestions will be helpful, too:

- Forgiving (especially yourself!)
- Perceiving the cause of problems
- Transgression in time to the cause of the problems/Being led to your inner TRUTH
- Drumming for a longer period of time (it suffices to softly tap the rhythm - even if you just tap on the table with your fingers -
  while thinking of the problem/pain/blockage)
- the sound of metal bowls heals (putting them on the problem area and softly banging the outside) and at the same 
time imagining (visualizing), that the blockages connected with your problem open and the energies are transformed in LIGHT.
- knitting and crocheting

Before doing any kind of Energywork, 1. ask GOD for HIS help and 2. ask the angels to erect a Cone of LIGHT above you and your whole place and follow the suggestions of the link. 3. Afterwards thank HIM and 4. thank the angels, asking them to take up the Cone of LIGHT again. 

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