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Addiction - Cause and Conquest
Overcoming Addiction (instructions)
This page is based on a channelled transmission on March 23rd, 2000:
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At first, try to understand your addiction, look at it, see how it holds you down. Try to bring the problem to the point, try to see clearly for yourself what hurts you. 
You should know that GOD-GODDESS does not judge or punish you. That are strictly human ways - GOD LOVES. So don't judge yourself, don't punish yourself, either. Forgive yourself and treat yourself with LOVE and respect.
Don't hate your addiction either, but accept it as a part of your life and the lessons you wanted to learn. Otherwise you would tie yourself to it and never get rid of it. Only LOVE can accept and let go at the same time. So it could be one of your aims to learn Unconditional LOVE. You see below how you can go about it.
Your problems may be the result of a deep wound of long ago, maybe even in some other incarnation.

There is a reason for each problem you have, and the cause is always a painful injury, an injury of some kind, of another time, long ago, which must have been a very traumatic experience, so traumatic, that you haven't been able to get over it until this day. You should know, that here you can learn to reach and dissolve all your problems, if you really want to and if you are courageous enough to go that way. It won' be easy, but there is no way more beautiful than the way into your own personality - learning to know yourself. 
So you can reach whatever you aim for - there is no one to keep you from it but yourself. You don't have to work at yourself day and night. Instead, you should lead the life you like to live, stand with both feet on the ground and LIVE. But take some time each day for yourself, make LOVE your way of living. 
Don't be afraid to be hurt again, that will not be the case. Your growing process will be guided with LOVE, you will not have to re-live old traumatic experiences, that is not necessary. Do not have doubt or fear, only those can keep you from advancing. You will always find exactly what you expected - that is law. So expect just the best - and the best will be waiting for you.

At first I suggest that you read all the pages to this subject, 'Addiction', especially the page 'The Conquest of Addiction'. Think honestly and truthfully, if you find yourself ready for the preconditions of Healing listed there. It is vital to be completely honest with yourself. If so, you have the best chances to be free of addiction one day. 
If you are not yet ready, you may decide to go deeper into addiction, so you may have more painful experiences, until the pressure upon you becomes unbearable. Some people have to lose everything, their job, their secure life, their family, their place to live, and even the love of the last person they care for, before they are able to change their lives...

All you need is the deep wish to advance, the intimate contact with Divine LOVE, with GOD, and your expectations to succeed.
You should know that if you really want to, you can rid yourself of all dependence, all problems and desease and find wonderful new friends, because when you're advanced and in LOVE, that are the type of people you will attract. 

So begin to pray, to talk to GOD each day, tell HIM-Her your problems, exactly as you would be talking to your best friend, the friend who will never disappoint or betray you. Ask for HIS-Her help. This will make a great difference in your life, because now you will get the help you really need. You must know that the Beings of LIGHT respect the Free Will of Men to such an extent, that they will not come or help without being asked. Only darkness comes unrequested... Now things will be much easier, much more harmonic than before, maybe there will be just the right people coming your way 'by chance', happen just the coincidences you could not have dreamed of, exactly the knowledge you need just now...

It is a sign of hope that you are reading these pages, maybe the answer to a prayer, a sign of guidance - giving notice that you may be ready for a change.

If now you want to start working at your problems, you should know that it may not be an easy thing to do, and that it may take several or even many years - but that there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying. 
If there is a need, I may help with personal advice on occasion, but that can only be an exception. Because you are now beginning to become responsible for yourself, leaving dependency behind!

Don't expect intant Healing. You may not feel anything at all for a longer period of time. But looking back, you may notice a subtle change. Healing yourself hardly ever is a spontaneous happening, but a long-lasting process, which may even be painful or uncomfortable at times. But in that process you will learn PATIENCE, which is a very high step on the way. And many things will happen inside of you, on the material, psychic and spiritual/mental plain.
You also may notice that with every bit of energy that leaves you, your power will increase, as your vibrations will increase. CLEARING is EMPOWERMENT!

And as you keep on going, you will eventually develop the ability of 'Clairfeeling', and then things become really interesting - actually full of suspense!
No adventure is more interesting, more beautiful than learning to know yourself - YOURSELF: the most unknown Being in the World, the white spot on you map...

Of course you can come to my group sessions regularly, when you happen to live in Berlin and vicinity. If you don't, you can learn everything you need from this website.

I suggest that you think about founding a group yourself with people of similar interests, working together with my pages. If you tell others about it, who have problems, too (and who doesn't?), they may be interested. Or put an ad into the paper, then you can reach many people. This way you can help each other. In a group you open yourself for others and learn much faster. The others are a mirror to you - and you are mirroring them. Learn to know the others without prejustices, with no fear, no bad expectations - just open your hearts. Accept the weaknesses of others and learn to love them. If you have problems, imagine it is Christmas and ask Jesus CHRIST to let the Christmas Spirit come down upon you, even if it is a totally different time of year - your imagination creates reality!... Practice Unconditional LOVE and see, how wonderful this is for everybody! See how wonderful it is to see people open up and begin to trust each other. Work with FUN, with JOY, but do not try to make a contest of it. Be easy and light and LIVE lightness and easyness. Talk about your progress and your new experiences, laugh and be happy - don't mention your problems and deseases, except the first time you meet, maybe - because those subjects are lowering your vibrations.
You should know, that high vibrations (=you perceive them as harmony) help you advance and heal!

The group lives by its high energy. But besides, the group has another effect: synergy = the sum is more than the addition of all positions. The group creates a dynamic force that hightens the dynamic power of each member. That means, that each member of the group will profit and advance more and faster than working alone. That is why I make group sessions.
I will support your groups with advice, if required, but you can also profit from my energy by thinking of me, maybe in a meditation, and it will help you at all times, without impairing myself. Here is my email address:


The best remedy for overcoming addictions, as well as all other kinds of desease and problems, is

Working with LIGHT and LOVE
Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT - where there is LIGHT, there is LOVE.
Both are inseparable.

In the Beginning of your work I suggest that you read all the pages to the subject 'Unconditional LOVE'  from beginning to end, and if you feel like it, you can follow the instructions right there and then. Then I suggest the pages to the subject 'Energetic Clearing', from beginning to end. 
You also have the wonderful possibility to get the help of HIS GRACE to heal and support you. This is a very potent aid! Use it especially when you are feeling down and think you are not progressing at all...
I wish you all the success in your work. Be sure of my LOVE and support.

These pages will help you solve your problems best:
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- What does Working with Energy mean?
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These Suggestions will be helpful, too:
  • Forgiving (especially yourself!)
  • Perceiving the cause of problems
  • Transgression in time to the cause of the problems/Being led to your inner TRUTH
  • Drumming for a longer period of time (it suffices to softly tap the rhythm - even if you just tap on the table with your fingers - while thinking of the problem/pain/blockage)
  • the sound of metal bowls heals (putting them on the problem area and softly banging the outside)
  • imagining (visualizing), that the blockages connected with your problem open and the energies are transformed in LIGHT.
  • Before doing any kind of energywork, 1. ask GOD for HIS help and 2. ask the angels to erect a Cone of LIGHT above you and your whole place and follow the suggestions of the link. 3. Afterwards thank HIM and 4. thank the angels, asking them to take up the Cone of LIGHT again. 
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