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Faithfulness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Fall of Man
Fall of the Berlin Wall/Miracles in Berlin
False Love
False accusation/Vices of Mankind
False witness/Vices of Mankind
Far from GOD/deepest pain of MANKIND
Fat/removing unnecessary fat from the body cells
Fear/Vices of Mankind
Fear/basic traumatic experience of Mankind - Salvation from..
Fear/while working with Unconditional LOVE
Fear,my own fear/Vices of Mankind
Fear of feeling/Vices of Mankind
Fear of Ghosts/my horror as a child and what was behind it
Fear of hearing/Vices of Mankind
Fear of loss and separation/Vices of Mankind
Fear of seeing/Vices of Mankind
Fear of sexuality/Vices of Mankind
Fear that God would leave me/Vices of Mankind
Feeling, fear of feeling/Vices of Mankind
Feeling like a victim/Vices of Mankind
Feeling separate from GOD and others/Vices of Mankind
Feelings/Compare vibrational frequencies (qualities) with the heart chakra
Female Power/Activation of the Goddess Energy on EARTH
Female and male Power are equal
Feng Shui/The Idea behind it
Fertility Customs/ancient customs of spring, later easter
Fertility Goddess Ostara/customs taken over by 'Christian Easter'
Firmness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Forgiveness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Formative Power fields of darkness/origin and effect
Formative Power fields of darkness/their nature
Formative Power fields of darkness/in the aura of Earth, cities and locations
Four/the symbolism of the number 4
Freedom/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Freeing Aura from beings/LIGHT Cone and LIGHT Column
Freeing/yourself from a Problem with Unconditional LOVE
Friedrich, Jörg, 'Der Brand'/ Allied Bombing Raids 1942-45
Friedrich v.Schiller: 'Ode to Joy'/English Text version
Fright/Vices of Mankind
Frigidity of the Heart/The 7 Bonds of Mankind
Fun, have sex just for fun/Vices of Mankind