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The Seven Bonds of Mankind
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On Good Friday 2003, it was past midnight, I was clearing myself with the most intensive LOVE I was able to.
All of a sudden, a heavy pain in the lower back left me, and then I felt motion in all of my chakras, in my whole body. At last I perceived long snakes, as large as the material snakes we know, crawling out of my chakras... and spontaneously I thought of the famous Greek statue of Laokoon and his two sons being strangled by two snakes. 

After having overcome my first surprise and having watched this for a while, I asked what this meant. And I learned that these snakes represented the 7 Bonds of Mankind. They are bonds or ties, because the characteristics, or the patterns of thinking and behaving that these snakes were symbolizing, are tying Humanity to the material world, stifling any spiritual advancement.

Then I was told what the bonds are:

The Seven Bonds of Mankind
  • The Blindness of the Heart - Blindheit for the need, the suffering and the pain of humans and animals
  • The Deafness of the Heart - Deafness for the screaming and wailing of tortured and suppressed humans and animals 
  • The Indolence of the Heart - Indolence that would not help humans and animals in need
  • The Frigidity of the Heart - Frigidity that shrugs off the suffering and the pain of humans and animals
  • The Dullness of the Heart - Dullness towards the emotions and feelings of tortured humans and animals
  • The Arrogance of the Heart - Arrogance that does not care about the interests of other humans and of animals
  • The Closing of the Heart - Cruelty against humans and animals
There were also coming the snakes, that were representing the basic principles of the feelings and emotions causing those bonds: 
  • Egotism
  • Recklessness
  • Greed for Power
  • Exploitation
  • Cruelty
  • Tyranny
  • Hatred
  • Suppression
  • Contempt of others
  • Pride
  • Conceit
  • Arrogance
  • complete emotional bluntness (feels only extreme feelings)
  • Desinterest for others
  • Fury, rage
  • Callousness (emotional death, you only feel Life by extreme actions)
  • Greed for Life (cause by being separated from Life = opposite polarity)
  • Greed for Love (having turned into the opposite)
  • Immoderateness
  • Fear
And GOD led those beings into LIGHT, in a symbolic action, in which I consciously acted as a representative for all Mankind. 
And I KNEW that these beings will lose their power by and by, until they will disappear for good. On a Higher Level, HE simultaneously created a sort of energetic 'net pattern', a 'blueprint', as a support for all of you to free yourselves from these powers as well in the meantime, and it will be much easier for you than it was for me!
Altogether, it took about three days until those beings had gone into LIGHT.
When I told about this experience at an 'Open Evening', a friend suggested that these beings might correspond to the 'seven mortal sins' of the Church. Afterwards I looked it up in a lexicon and think that the friend was right. (The 'mortal sins' are: 1.)arrogance/pride, 2.)avarice, 3.)lust/unchastity, 4.)envy, 5.)gluttony/immoderateness, 6.)rage/fury, 7.)indolence/laziness)

LIGHT does not know 'sin'. When I was told about my incarnation as 'EVE', GOD said, there is no 'sin', so of course there are no 'original sin' and no 'mortal sin' either! HEAVEN knows no hell and no purgatory. GOD will not punish and HE will not take revenge - GOD is nothing but LOVE. Those are and were human ERRORS, misused as instruments of suppression, to keep MEN small and dependent. Each MAN, no matter what he has done in the past, can decide NOW to turn back to LIGHT, and GOD-GODDESS, FATHER-MOTHER will welcome their 'lost son', their lost daughter with open arms!

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