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 About JOY and "ODE TO JOY" 
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The Angel said:

('The Angels' Answer')

JOY is a most beautiful energy of highest vibration. It is one of the qualities of Unconditional LOVE, one of LOVE's aspects. Each of us has experienced joy. But there is an enormous difference between joy and JOY. Because joy is from us, JOY is divine. But because we ourselves are deriving from planes divine, we are able to feel JOY, too - but we do not know it anymore, we forgot about it. With these pages I want to help you to rediscover JOY. You will find the link to the instructions at the bottom of this page. 

Now you may ask, what do I need that for, I can enjoy myself even now! That is true, but you are only feeling joy, when you have a reason for feeling joy, isn't it so? So you may feel joy on special occasions: maybe seeing a loved one again, receiving a letter full of love, receiving a beautiful gift, seeing a beautiful flower, a beautiful sunrise... 
So far, you have connected joy with a REASON for joy. Something from the outside had to release joy in your heart. Just like the flame from a match ignites a fire, so your joy had to be ignited. So you have not yet experienced JOY! 
But your joy is the basic requirement for you to feel JOY as well. What you had thought to be JOY so far, is only a tiny taste of the JOY the angels are feeling. The angels no not need a reason for JOY. They are LIVING in JOY. So JOY is a way to LIVE, it is  a STATE TO BE IN.

So the angels said
(to the four young people they had been 
teaching to advance themselves in order to help others):


I once trained myself to feel JOY, by remembering beautiful things of my past, like the Christmas memories of my childhood, feeling again and again the joys of former times, each time a little longer and more intense, until joy turned to JOY and then I as able to feel JOY at any time, spontaneously. This training took place during my daily drive to work, which took about 1 1/2 hours at that time - but it was time well used. I had recorded the things I wanted to do mentally on a audio cassette, and heard it while driving. This way the drive was short and the time was used in the most profitable way. 

I have said before that JOY is a wonderful energy, matter of fact, it is one of the most beautiful energies in the world. You can produce this energy, too, with the non-material organ responsible for producing feelings, the heart chakra. It is situated in the upper half of our chest, right in the middle of it, right were the breast bone ends and you feel a little mold. There the heart cis coming up from the spine, going horizontally forwards and backwards. The part that is busy producing feelings is in the front. This heart chakra is the true CENTER of our whole BEING. 

JOY is, just like LOVE, an energy with very high vibrations, so you actually don't feel this energy, but you feel the feeling it is expressing. And that is BEAUTIFUL. As the being of LIGHT that you are, it is your right of birth to feel JOY, to lead a wonderful like, that is!

You can learn to feel JOY like I did, and/or by following the instructions on the page How to feel JOY

Like all energies with high vibrations, JOY has healing power, meaning, it is a HOLY (healing = holy) power! This means that JOY, with its high vibrations, can make energies of lower vibrations, like anxiety, rage, irritation, stress, grief, pain, sorrow..., go away, it can dissolve them, JUST LIKE LOVE. All those low-vibrational energies are being produced by us, too. They are the kind that cause desease. Now when we are sick from all those feelings, and we then go into JOY, the low swinging energies that are congesting our head and chest are solved and disappear - and there we are, well again - having HEALED us ourselves - WITH THE BEST OF MEDICINE. 

JOY has such a strong healing power, that it does not only heal desease, but ALL problems. So you can also solve mental and psychical problems with it. All problems are caused by energies - the problems of body, mind and soul - but actually all those planes are ONE: body, mind and soul are ONE. When you heal the psychical problems, the mental and physical problems disappear as well, and vice versa. 
So you can heal yourself by living in JOY, and you can also heal others that way, because is what energy-work is about. 
If we feel nothing but LOVE and JOY, we will never be sick again - spreading sunshine all the time = healing power, that is - living in harmony with us and the rest of the world. You will be able to free yourself from all the problems you have with yourself and other people. You cannot imagine how easy life will become: You need not be ashamed or embarrassed anymore, lose your fear of others, your fear of animals or dark places, your fear of heights, will not do things anymore, you do not really want to do, and many more. Your whole life would change - because it is Cosmic LAW that you can only attract energies or things or situations etc., that resemble yourself (Law of Resonance: like attracts like). So when you are in JOY, you will only meet JOY-ful and en-JOY-able people. And when you are in JOY, there comes LOVE, too, because JOY is an aspect of Unconditional LOVE, they are inseparable - there is no JOY without LOVE and no LOVE without JOY!

Now it will take a few years of JOY and LOVE - but what are a few years of energywork considering a whole life of suffering and pain? And each and every day is a jewel in your life, when you are in JOY, in LOVE! Life turns into a daily feast, every hour, every minute.
I do not mean it to be easy all the time. You need a steady aim, will power and perseverance. But it will be fun, even solving the problems will be fun. And things will bother you less and less, and finally not at all anymore. sometimes we will get fast results, sometimes it seems that there are no proceedings at all. But we have all the help of HEAVEN. 
Whatever seems hard for you -  pray! If you fall back into darkness - pray! If things go wrong - pray! And you will see that by and by your faith becomes stronger and you begin to TRUST again - trust GOD and LIFE!

When you are tired of this work and you cannot en-JOY things - leave them be. Do not force yourself! Take things easy, let your heart lead you. And when you feel like it again, keep on going! 

All our problems are self-made (YES - that is true!). Not society, not our parents, not 'circumstances' are the cause - we ourselves have planned this live for us, exactly the way we have lived it up to now - and the reason we did that was, that we wanted to learn and advance by solving certain peoblems. Because by solving problems you become strong, assemble a lot of knowledge and may even gain wisdom... We wanted to learn certain things to overcome certain character traits, to make good what we had done wrong in the past, to learn to handle things in a different way, and many more...

All our problems are caused by our deficiency of LOVE, including all our deseases - because if you had been in LOVE, it is the same with JOY - you could have produced nothing but HEALING Energies. But healing energies cannot cause varicose veins, tooth problems, back-ache, forgetfulness, grey hair and heavy weight....! And they do not cause quarrels and fights with your mate, problems with the children, the teacher, your colleagues and the boss, as well as your neighbor...
matter of fact, before you were born, you had even had asked those people to act exactly the way they are doing now - because you wanted to learn to LOVE, to be in JOY so badly... and they had agreed to do this, because they LOVED you so much, that they would help you, even if it meant to hurt you badly.
You could have achieved that by loving them, no matter what they were doing to you - but instead you are pondering, and raging and crying, being retinent and giving like for like, or turning depressive and drinking... 

Did you know that we needed our numerous incarnations to grow and advance, most of all: Learn to LOVE and live in JOY - and when we have achieved that, we have reached spiritual maturity and there may be no need for us to return another time?
(but when you have reached the state of LOVE, you would probably chose to come back for helping others!)

Did you know that PAIN and DESPAIR are the only way people would change things in their lives, would turn to GOD, to spirituality? 


Did you know that actually the people who hurt us the most, also LOVE us the most? Because others could not hurt us - and we needed THAT hurt - maybe to break open an ancient wound, to change our life, to learn to LOVE...?
From the deepest hurt can spring the purest LOVE...

Things are completely different than we have always thought they were...

What do you think we are here for? EARTH is SCHOOL! For some it is pre-school, for some elementary school, for others high school, for others college... Some souls have come to be teachers, but actually we are all teachers and students at the same time...
The problems on the outside are mirrors for us. The Cosmic LAW of Analogy says: as within - so without, as above - so below... so what you experience outside, are your own problems, so far unsolved - otherwise nothing on the outside would bother you. Whatever bothers you the least outside of you, is pointing out to a problem within yourself, so far unsolved! 
By solving those problems outside, we also solve our inner problems and become more HEALTHY (=HEAL thy self!) in body, mind and soul. With much healing done, we become more whole-ly = holy. 

So whether you do it consciously or not, WE ALL are on that WAY. If you walk this way unconsciously, you will find it rather dark, you may stumble every once in a while, hitting your foot, straying from the straight way...but if you walk that WAY consciously, gathering more knowledge while going along, being in the LIGHT, being able to avoid holes in the ground and stones, it can be FUN and  JOY. 

So living in JOY and LOVE means getting rid of all the burdens we have been carrying for ages, now becoming light and clear like the Angel we once had been. 

Do you think that sounds utopian? Now is the time we will live utopias! And that will be easier and faster than ever, because the vibrations of Earth are being increased. Now we will have the chances to do what we have always dreamed of, what we have been loging for for centuries, for thousands of years. Now it will turn into reality. And HEAVEN gives us all the informations we need. Like those you are reading just now.

Here I want to give you a song of highest JOY, the "ODE TO JOY" - I do not know a more beautiful, more up-lifting song of JOY, than this text by Friedrich von Schiller from the year 1785, to which Ludwig van Beethoven later wrote an equally great melody. The poet must have been in the highest state of JOY, while writing these lines, and they are still transporting this high vibrational energy. That is why they still can touch our hearts - the characteristic of Great Lyrics, here in rare harmony with Great music...
(I found the translation in the internet (http://mx.geocities.com/sergio_bolanos/origin.htm), but I am not so happy with this version and I do not know whether this is the 'official' version used in concert. For the purpose of this page this is sufficient, but if someone has access to an other version, I would be very glad to be given the text.)
Here you will find the original German text.

Joy, beautiful spark of Gods,
Daughter of Elysium,
We enter, fire-imbibed,
Heavenly, thy sanctuary.
Thy magic powers re-unite
What custom's sword has divided
Beggars become Princes' brothers
Where thy gentle wing abides.

Be embraced, millions!
This kiss to the entire world!
Brothers - above the starry canopy
A loving father must dwell.

Whoever has had the great fortune,
To be a friend's friend,
Whoever has won the love of a devoted wife,
Add his to our jubilation!
 Indeed, whoever can call even one soul
His own on this earth!
And whoever was never able to must creep
Tearfully away from this circle.

Those who dwell in the great circle,
Pay homage to sympathy!
It leads to the stars,
Where the Unknown reigns.

Joy all creatures drink
At nature's bosoms;
All, Just and Unjust,
Follow her rose-petalled path.
Kisses she gave us, and Wine,
A friend, proven in death,
Pleasure was given to the worm,
And the Cherub stands before God.

You bough down, millions?
Can you sense the Creator, world?
Seek him above the starry canopy.
Above the stars He must dwell.

Joy is called the strong motivation
In eternal nature.
Joy, joy moves the wheels
In the universal time machine.
Flowers it calls forth from their buds,
Suns from the Firmament,
Spheres it moves far out in Space,
Where our telescopes cannot reach.

Joyful, as His suns are flying,
Across the Firmament's splendid design,
Run, brothers, run your race,
Joyful, as a hero going to conquest.

As truth's fiery reflection
It smiles at the scientist.
To virtue's steep hill
It leads the sufferer on.
Atop faith's lofty summit
One sees its flags in the wind,
Through the cracks of burst-open coffins,
One sees it stand in the angels' chorus.

Endure courageously, millions!
Endure for the better world!
Above the starry canopy
A great God will reward you.

Gods one cannot ever repay,
It is beautiful, though, to be like them.
Sorrow and Poverty, come forth
And rejoice with the Joyful ones.
Anger and revenge be forgotten,
Our deadly enemy be forgiven,
Not one tear shall he shed anymore,
No feeling of remorse shall pain him.

The account of our misdeeds be destroyed!
Reconciled the entire world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
God judges as we judged.

Joy is bubbling in the glasses,
Through the grapes' golden blood
Cannibals drink gentleness,
And despair drinks courage -
Brothers, fly from your seats,
When the full rummer is going around,
Let the foam gush up to heaven:
This glass to the good spirit.

He whom star clusters adore, 
He whom the Seraphs' hymn praises,
This glass to him, the good spirit,
Above the starry canopy!

Resolve and courage for great suffering,
Help there, where innocence weeps,
Eternally may last all sworn Oaths,
Truth towards friend and enemy,
Men's pride before Kings' thrones -
Brothers, even it if meant our Life and blood,
Give the crowns to those who earn them,
Defeat to the pack of liars!

Close the holy circle tighter,
Swear by this golden wine:
To remain true to the Oath,
Swear it by the Judge above the stars!

Delivery from tyrants' chains,
Generosity also towards the villain,
Hope on the deathbeds,
Mercy from the final judge!
Also the dead shall live!
Brothers, drink and chime in,
All sinners shall be forgiven,
And hell shall be no more.

A serene hour of farewell!
Sweet rest in the shroud!
Brothers - a mild sentence
From the mouth of the final judge!

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