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Characteristics of false, misunderstood, human Love

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 False, misunderstood, human Love ...

  • has expectations and hope

  • wants to change others, that is why it criticizes them ('wanting to help' comes from your EGO, so the impulse comes from the brain, not from the heart!)

  • uses pressure on others

  • expects something in return for what is given

  • is causing obligations

  • clings to others, holds them

  • knows false self-sacrifice (I sacrifice my time, myself etc. for you, so I expect you to be grateful...)

  • is sentimental

  • is calculating in every way

  • is giving in to please others, without really wanting to

  • is doing something unwanted in order to be recognized

  • knows pity

  • is acting out of fear and gives fear to others

  • is using persuasion

  • makes depentent

  • has self-pity

  • has fear to lose others...

  • is dominated by the brain, by karma and rigid patterns,

  • because it is a POLARIC Love

And because "human love" is a polaric energy, it always causes a contrary energy to come into being! Thatis why human love cannot lead us to HAPPINESS, but only to...
  • ties, restrictions, dependency

  • Jealousy

  • Disappointment, frustration

  • Loss, separation, loneliness

  • Bitterness of heart

  • Agression against self and others

  • Desease

  • Death

(Remember what Erich Mielke said 1989, when thousands of GDR citizen went to Hungary and Czechoslovakia: „But I love you all!" I suppose that these words were said spontaneously, and in a way they have touched me, revealing clearly all the helplessness and perplexity of that old man. Do not forget: We should not evaluate and judge others! - who are we to do that? Stumbling is easy...)

Now I do not want to insinuate, that ALL human love is false. There probably are many people who really and honestly LOVE, and who have proven this by their actions. I am thinking of those that have sacrificed their lives for others, of extraordinary men, like JANUSZ KORCZAK, who did not want to leave the Jewish children he was caring for and accompagnied them into the concentration camp and into death. This man is a LIGHT to all of MANKIND, because there is nothing greater than LOVE. 
ALL of us could be capable of LOVE like that - but we do not know it anymore, so far have we strayed from LOVE. Perhaps many of us have a kind of mixture of LO-ve. Not all of us are egotists, but we are far from being like Jesus, who lived to be an example of pure LOVE to MEN. We are trying to be 'good'. Many times a year they call upon us to do good by giving money, especially before Christmas, suggesting that when donating, we would be warmhearted, helpful, sacrificing, generous... But are we really like that? Be honest - don't you feel instead that you HAVE to donate, that it means something like 'paying for your sins', so to speak, like a deal 'donation for sin', or that you want to be 'good', so that your EGO makes us feel superior to others? Who of you is throwing the voucher for your contribution into the garbage instead of filing it with the income tax, so that 'your right hands does not know what the left hand is doing'...?
When I first tried to live according to the teachings of Jesus CHRIST, there certainly was a conflict in me - until I said to me, no matter what, either I do it for good or not at all - and I asked myself, how would He have acted - with one hand giving and the other hand on the income tax form...? 
I know human love very well - with all the joys and the pains - but I also know its limits and its consequences. For nothing in this world I would want to return to that love. It would be like coming from the sunshine and crawling into a dark hole...

The following 'symptoms" let us realize the present state of our hearts: 
It is considered 'normal', that everybody know the pangs of lovesickness; that separation means suffering; that there are differences and problems between parents and children; that juveniles want to break out during puberty; that young people have to become independent from their parents; that there is jealousy among couples; that sooner or later after the honeymoon the state of 'being in love' is over, at least after 'everyday life' has set in... 

But most of all we see the terrible pain that 'love' brings, when we see reports about wars, rebellions and attacks; when we read reports about crime; when we hear about the suicide statistics; when we hear about misuse of children; when we look at the crime rate among juveniles; when we hear and see how people speak, think, feel and act, how they treat themselves and others; how old people are treated very often; how young and old people are behaving; how lonely people are...

When you know UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and live in it, you can tell at first glance whether another person is in this LOVE or not. Believe me, you can tell from every expression, every glance, every move, every word, every smile, every laugh...


The Power of Mind will bind you -
the Power of LOVE makes you free

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