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The Vices of Mankind
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Besides the 7 Evils and the 7 Bonds of Mankind, I also had all the 'Vices of Mankind' in my aura, to my great surprise, in the shape of large astral beings. 
On January 13th, 2000 I was clearing myself intensively, when I noticed, that there was something moving everywhere in my body, and this phenomenon turned out to be a huge, black astral being in the shape of a snake, which finally went slowly into LIGHT. And as it seemed to be different than the 'usual' beings, I asked it for its name, and it said 'Discord'. Then, in the course of two days, came many more, but after the 17th I stopped asking and counting. In February 2002, many more of those creatures followed, later even more, and each time they were darker and heavier than those before (see below)!

Now, those vices that MEN are living as their characterictics, are not existing in their aura in the shape of those beings I have described above! In my case, they were symbols, personified basic Principles, like the 'allegories' we know from the statues in the parks of baroque or rococo castles (like the 'four seasons', the 'plenty', often being shown as a beautiful woman with a horn of plenty, the 'poetry' or 'music'), because in those times - as in ancient Greece and Rome - it was very popular to show the personified, symbolic principles in an ideal human shape. 
On a higher spiritual plane, those 'allegories' are reality. The ancient cultures knew about that. Of course the 'vices' are very dark and are confined to the lower astral plane.

I am very grateful that I was able to learn this. Yet I was shocked to find out what type of energies had been in my aura. Of course those energies would eventually make you ill. Looking back, I wonder how I could have lived with those beings inside of me and still walk upright on two legs, but you see it is possible, and you can even be a nice, everyday person...
It was not until much later, in the late summer of 2003, that I found out what really was behind all this (see here). 

But I also know what kind of energies I had found inside of me in the course of my clearing process, from this present incarnation alone, without having any physical symptoms. And I am convinced that in case I had missed my ASSIGNMENT in this life, I would have had to go. That's the way it is: When the ASSIGNMENT is done, but also when it is missed, you must go. Your further sojourn on Earth would be irrelevant and worthless for your spiritual advancement. And that alone counts!

My experiences made also clear to me, that my spiritual advancement alone was allowing me to proceed from one step to the next, thus continuing to live - and while learning and practising by clearing myself, my knowledge was increasing, my vibrations were increasing and my power was increasing. And only by those preconditions, I was able to reach the deeper planes and the still deeper planes of energy, and the even more deeper planes, those that needed exactly that power I had just achieved, to make them go... and so, step by step, I continuously achieved the power I needed for each step further, to finally clear and heal myself completely. This is the wonderful way we are guided...

So the following vices came to LIGHT, all of them in the shape of snakes, more or less large, some of them huge, in all shades from grey to black, each of them a heavy, stifling burden, all of them with the potential to cause desease - and I am also telling you where they had been hiding and how I perceived them, before they went to LIGHT:
  • discord: from the heart-chakra, going through the whole body, very dark
  • Coldness of heart and indifference: from the heart-chakra, large, cold, black
  • Fear:  through the whole body, as heavy as a rock, a blackish grey, paralysing
  • Pride: head (left side of the brain) and heart-chakra, cold, with stiffness
  • Selfishness:from the head, cold, heavy, a biting energy
  • Hatred: heart-chakra, black, cold as ice, a caustic, mordant energy
  • Fright: head, heart, heavy, dark, cold, paralysing
  • Pain: heart-chakra, cold as ice
  • Laziness: body, spine, shoulders, head, very stubborn
  • Stubbornness, pig-headedness, obstinacy: sexual-chakra, back of the neck, heavy, rigid
  • Rigidity: sexual-chakra and throat-chakra, it caused pain in the throat
  • Ambition: solarplaxus-chakra and head, very biting, burning
  • Self-pity: heart-chakra and head, heavy, dark, with lots of rage for others
  • Grief: head and heart-chakra, heavy and rigid
  • Ridicule: head (left side of the brain), biting, heavy
  • Immoderateness: sexual- and heart-chakra, heavy, with much rage and fear
  • Unclearness: crown-chakra, head, heavy, dark....
  • Unbelief, doubt: came from the left side of my brain
  • Perversion:came about from where the Kundalini is situated; 
  • Sexual dependence: came together with perversion, from the same spot
  • Fear of Sexuality (sexual-chakra)
  • Fear of Seeing (from behind the eyes)
  • Fear of Hearing (came out of the ears)
  • Fear of Feeling (from the heart-chakra)
  • Shame (about Sexuality, regards Sexuality as dirty): it finally came, together with the following beings, from the right side of my brain
  • Hatred (of GOD, that HE had sent me to Earth, this desolate, limited place) 
  • Doubt (if it was true, what GOD had told me) 
  • Hatred (of myself, to make myself small) and doubt (if I am able to fulfill my Assignment)  
  • Hatred (of others, who are greater than myself, whereas I felt that I should be greater than they are) 
  • Then came several beings of doubt (Doubt of my own abilities, of trusting etc.) 
  • Then came a large being with terrible eyes, that shocked me - and I knew, I must not look into those eyes because they would transfer the Evil. It said it was the EvilI heard myself say, that Good and Evil are ONE, and TRUTH is the center. That made it shrink into a toad; the toad shrank into a tiny dwarf, whom I led into LIGHT... 
  • Then came a huge dark energy - my own fear. When I enwrapped it with LOVE, it collapsed and then went into LIGHT
  • Then came a very strong, very dark power, and I realized a pinched face - inexorability
  • Another dark power followed, I only realized as a very strong power field, pressure...
  • The next day, Horror followed, a huge black being, that had been sitting in the heart-chakra, but also through all the other six chakras...
  • Then followed the Night, a huge, dull being that had extended throughout my whole body, enwrapping me like a dark cloud... 
  • The Sorrow of Mankind (pain of the heart), a huge being, welling out of the solarplexus-chakra, and it was not ready to go until I had dissolved the resonance energies
  • The deepest despair, a being living on energies of an extremely biting consistency 
  • The deepest grief were long, thick, resistant and stubborn beings, coming from all chakras, but also from the head, from the brain and from where the memory is stored; then came...
  • The fear of loss and separation, (crown-chakra and heart-chakra) and 
  • Pressure upon myself and Controlling myself, an extremely strong energy being, from within my head.
  • For many days, many grey and icecold energy beings were coming from the crown-chakra in an endless heavy flow, huge, thick and resistant: The fear that GOD has left me! They were so heavy, that I had the physical sensation as if somebody were pushing me down!
  • At  last the most bitter pain was coming - the pain of being separated, being apart from GOD. There is nothing worse for any creature at all!
  • From the head, the 3. eye, crown-chakra, throat-chakra, mouth, sexual-chakra, solarplexus-chakra, basic-chakra, and beind the eyes came the following thick, heavy, black and cold energies: Unbelief, spiritual blindness, talking bad about others, false accusation, partiality or bias, to regard others as separate beings, to have sex just for the fun of it, to use sexuality as a strategic weapon, to regard others as my enemies, to believe that the others wish the worst for me, to feel separate from the others and from GOD, to worry about my loved-ones, worrying at all, self-pity, and at last, to regard myself as a victim. And while they were slowly flowing into LIGHT, I knew that these beings were causing Parkinson, Parodonthosis, Alzheimer desease and deficiency of sight, but I was not able to tell exactly which ones were causing what - but it did not seem to be important at all, as it is the whole aspect of these 'conditions of heart, that cause these symptoms.
  • Then there came other thick, dark, resistant and cold energy beings from all of my chakras: Nameless fear, nameless suffering, nameless pain.
  • A gigantic energy came into my consciousness, as it was slowly creeping out of my crown-chakra, sliding downwards, and another one, and still another one and more: Ignorance, uncenteredness, vagueness, and from the throat-chakra was creeping: false witness
  • And then many dark, cold and extremely heavy astral beings were coming from all of my chakras: Misuse of the own talents and abilities, as well as of sexuality (see also here). Misuse of Divine Aspects is always causing an especially bad karma - and sexuality is Divine Power, and our talents and abilities are Divine Aspects of ourselves, serving the fulfillment of our ASSIGNMENT in LIFE
  • And at last there came dizzyness (vertigo) and desorientation, that keep us from functioning in life and leave us helpless, and they came from the head.
  • There had been more vices in my aura as well, but I did not register their names. So these names came to me afterwards and I knew I had to add them to my list:
    • Plaintiveness
    • Pity (not: Compassion, being a Quality of unconditional LOVE!) 
    • Irascibility 
    • Irony and Sarcasm
    • Vanity - Vanity comes from a lack of self esteem, of finding ourselves unworthy; only after we have overcome vanity, True Beauty can find its expression in our holistic Self.
    • Jealousy
    • Greed of Power
    • Greediness 
    • Revengefulness 
    • Discontentment 
    • Envy
    • Craving for Recognition 
    • Craving for Sex 
    • Malice 
    • Perfidiousness 
    • Cowardice 
    • Meanness 
    • Gloating 
    • Addiction 
    • Egotism 
    • Control about others 
    • Lust for power 
    • Pessimism 
    • Resignation 
    • Discouragement 
    • Hopelessness 
    • Untidiness 
    • Lack of drive 
    • Slowliness (together with sluggishness) 
    • Sleepiness (together with sluggishness) 
    • Aimlessness 
    • Impatience 
    And even that was not enough:
    In the beginning of September 2003, I was working for a whole day with the most intensive LOVE I was capable of at that time - and at night I noticed that something was moving inside of me, everywhere, in my whole body, my whole aura - and for two days following, four huge, tenacious astral beings in the shape of black, heavy snakes moved slowly into LIGHT, and while they had to leave me, very resistantly, I felt their burning, biting hatred... They were:
    Old Age - it causes and enhances the premature decay of body and mind, with increasing rigidity, desease, loss of lightness and physical mobility, etc.;
    Dullness - it causes and enhances the premature decay of our senses (especially sight and hearing), of mind, of intellect and thus of perception;
    Death - it causes and enhances the premature end of this incarnation, after having caused the death of our feelings and thoughts = mental - psychical death;
    Destruction - it causes and enhances our separation from the Spiritual World, which means for us spiritual straying and being lost, to the effect of total imprisonment in darkness and material world. Without the help of LIGHT, this process could not be stopped and reversed at all!

    I was very surprised, when I looked into a lexicon a short time later (Knaurs "Lexicon of Mythology", Gerhard J. Bellinger, Droemer Knaur Vlg.), "by chance" opening it on page 433, and read:
    'San-Ch'ung' - in Chinese '3 worms': 'Chinese group of three spirits or demons, who are living in the centers of human vitality (head-, heart- and navel areas), causing desease. They want to keep MEN from being immortal. The first of the worms, in the head, causes blindness and deafness, makes teeth and hair fall out and plugs the nose, the second worm in the heart area causes heart desease, asthma and melancholy. The third worm in the navel area causes aches, but also rheumatism. Because the worms are feeding from grain, we should avoid grains or cereals completely'.
    These 'worms' correspond to the astral beings described above. Today, where MEN have mostly lost contact to Spirituality, a fourth 
    'San-Ch'ung' has joined them, 'destruction'...

    And there was another surprise waiting for me: 
    A huge dark and cold snake, who was trying to behave like the 'Kundalini', obviously imitating it by slowly creeping through all the chakras, from the basic chakra up and after the crown-chakra down again, then biting its tail - but it could not fool me, and I watched it and asked it who it was, and it answered, Seduction... And I knew that it wanted to make MEN believe, that they had already achieved Holiness and progress (within and without), thus keeping them from striving any further and actually preventing true Holiness and true progress (within and without)... And I said, now is the time for you to go and therefore I will give you a New Name. From now on you shall be: 'The Promise'. And now it went into LIGHT happily... And this way 'Seduction' will lose its power over Mankind by and by, finally disappearing completely, thus becoming a 'Promise' of true Holiness and true progress to Mankind.

    And at last there was another surprise: 
    When my crown-chakra finally became more and more free, another large, cold and dark snake began to show, who slowly and resistantly began to move, turning LIGHT-ward - the personified basic Principle of the Separation from GOD.

    But there were still Confusion and Panic (chaos and blackout of mind) waiting for me to free them - and by doing so I knew, that these were the first feelings a soul coming from above and incarnating on Earth for the first time, would feel...

    Today I know, that I had all the Vices of Mankind in my aura - and even when I was not conscious of them, many of them seemed to me quite familiar! And today I know, that I had to learn about all kinds of human feelings and experiences... and now, after my clearing is almost finished, I know that those beings were drawn to me on resonance, because similar energies had been in my own aura, even hatred - otherwise they could never have come to me. They were hidden deep down, giving evidence of past sorrow, pain and emotion. During this incarnation, I did not live these energies in that utmost depth, but they were in me as potential possibilities. Now that I have experienced them consciously, I can feel with people of a similar disposition - I can feel with ALL people and understand them - because that treasure of basic knowledge will stay in my soul forever.
    GOD led all of those creatures into LIGHT, while I was symbolically acting as a representative for Mankind,  with the deepest LOVE I was able to feel in my heart. Because of this, the energy of those 'vices' of MEN will be weakening continuously , until it will disappear one day. At the same time, HE created an energetic 'net pattern' accordingly, on a Higher Plane, making it easier for other people to follow my example and get rid of their vices consciously by purifying themselves energetically.
    ALL Vices contain neither LOVE nor warmth, they are icecold and dark (dark grey to black). 
    ALL Vices derive from lack of LOVE, especially lack of LOVE for yourself. 

    As human characteristics, the vices will not appear in the way I have described above. By that I am stating that YOU will not find the astral beings in your aura in exactly that same way. Those beings I have described above, were basic principles, symbolic personifications of the vices, that means of certain ways of feeling and looking at the world. They are symbols of energies created by MEN, created out of the coldness of their hearts. And I had them in my aura, symbolically representing Mankind, meaning: in your place, so that now I could help you to free yourself from them. Those beings had been inside of me, because I once had agreed to help GOD TO HELP YOU! 
    Men have just the corresponding energies inside of their aura - but do not think those were less horrid!

    I have heard that some people were afraid of my pages about the vices and the evils of Mankind. I do not want to frighten you - but of course those energies are deeply frightening, especially when somebody thinks of himself as a noble, helpful and good person...
    But that is reality on Earth!  You are reading newspapers and watch TV. Almost all of the things you read and see there are just as frightening. Only - you are used to these horrors and hardly ever think about them any more after the current report is over or the newspaper put away. They do not touch your hearts anymore. Do not think that you were not concerned! It is an error to think that all the others are guilty but ourselves. All of us have a frightening potential in us -  even if it derives from ages ago! While being led into the past, a dear friend of mine once saw herself being a soldier in a war, killing every living being he/she met, obviously without any feeling: men, women, children, chasing them with unbound hatred, walking in their blood... Us, too, all of us, were part of the horrors of the past, having always been and still are part of HUMANITY, and as such cannot be separated from the entanglement of HUMANITY with darkness.

    Many 'esoteric' circles and most of the spiritual or 'esoteric' media do not mention anything disgustful and frightening - they would not want to frighten people and make them feel insecure. I am also conscious of the fact, that many wish the interested people to come back - and the people feel drawn to the soft and beautiful side of spirituality, because they want to escape the stress and demands of everyday life. The spiritual 'scene' is actually wading in beauty, softness, wellness, love and angelic music... and I mean that the frightful side is hardly known at all, because it usually does not appear until you have reached the deeper layers of your energy storage - and of course you must be able to perceive those energies. Maybe other people are spared these perceptions. I am not. And I am grateful for that. Because now I know what is inside of us and what causes desease and decay:

    The 1st cause are the energies we produced ourselves - they erode our body.
    The 2nd cause are the energies and astral beings (especially the black ones = being without LIGHT) that have a resonance to our energies and are thus being drawn to us - they are corresponding to our energies and seduce and destroy us from the inside.
    The 3rd cause are the 'formative Power Fields connected with the subjects of the desease, making it nearly impossible for 'normal' people to get rid of desease completely.
    The 4th cause is the cell-memory of the cells of our body, which still are containing all the old memories of desease and can lead us back into old patterns (but this has not nearly the power as the first three causes). 

    HE told me once:
    The cause of every serious desease is 
    a blockage and a being of darkness.
    And in the course of my clearing process and by working with others, I have found this to be true in every way. Only when those two factors, as well as the formative power fields that are restraining us to our old patterns of thinking and feeling are dissolved, a lasting healing process can happen...

    And believe me, in my pages I have been very regardful with your feelings! Part of the immaterial energies I had cleared from myself and sent to LIGHT had been cavities or nests full of maggots and worms in my bones - and at the same time I KNEW that those beings were causing bone cancer; long, fat worms were leaving me - the variety of life is unlimited, on all planes of being. There are beings that are drawn to us because of the dark and stinking energies we have produced and stored in our aura. Yes, energies can stink. We are aware in our 3rd dimension, that flies and other insects are drawn by stinking substance and feed on it. The 4th dimension (the plane of our dark energies, of astral beings and darkness) is not any different. The stinking substances we produce ourselves are also drawing all kinds of living beings who live on them, but more than that, they also draw fungus spores, virus and bacteria, all of them inhabitants of both planes, the third and the fourth dimension, the visible and the invisible world... Other people were telling me, that they had perceived themselves being covered with masses of beetles, crawling all over their body - enough!

    Maybe the people have to learn how awful and disgusting their body and aura really can be, when they have turned away from LIGHT, worshipping nothing but the material things!

    I had the COGNITION, that in civilizations like ours, being totally centered in material thinking and acting, where people are heavily burdened with dark and disgusting energies, the outward cleanliness is considered to be of an extraordinary value: material cleanliness and hygiene of house and body, clean and beautiful clothes and physical perfection. Of course MAN always senses his inner darkness and decay, even if he could not make a point of it. That is why he is trying to hide his invisible blemishes with outside means, subconsciously thinking that others must be able to see his abominable faults. Look around - has there ever been a time with such an effort to keep our hair clean and shiny, our body smelling nicely, our fingernails perfect, our face looking like a doll's, our clothes neat and smart, our homes shiny like new...? People who are clean inside do not need all this. They do not smell ugly and have no smelly sweat either - and more than that, they have no interest in outward perfection. Look at little children - they smell of wind and sun, even when they have sweated. The tribes of people of 'primitive' races do not 'fight' dirt everywhere, they do not use masses of poisons to get their homes clinically clean, they do not kill any living being that dares enter their homes. They regard dust as a part of Mother EARTH that has to be respected like all of LIFE.

    The 'civilized' people of the now ending 'Old Age' are thinking that they are extremely cultured and educated, towering all the other fellow-humans by miles, with their perfectly styled homes, which are glowing and shining (you usually cannot see the energies in the furniture and walls), with bodies that are expensively dressed, beautifully cared for, intensively smelling of perfume, are trimmed and styled, disguised with make-up and perfected by surgeons... but they are only using their left side of the brain, believe only what they see and what can be measured, are mostly thinking of their own advantage, have a low self estimate (or the opposite), are full of agressiveness, are chasing money and physical pleasure, because they think that this is 'life', regard others as their competitors, opponents and enemies, talk badly about others and eat the meat of feeling, thinking and loving animals with great delight. Their belief is science. They are always out of breath because they are running away from themselves, let themselves be entertained and distracted for the same reason, are suffering from stress with all its symptoms and have lost the ability to relax. Widespread symptoms are depressions, fear of Life, back problems, heart desease, allergies, cancer, etc.

    I myself think that cleanliness is important. But I regard it more as a symbolic value: As within - so without. What I was talking about, are the exaggerations of these times. I do not evaluate, but generalize and enlarge my view, to bring it to a point, so you see what I mean. I can understand all the other people, because I myself was one of them before, have loved to eat meat - and I am far from judging others. 
    But I am trying to make you regard things a little bit differently than before, realizing the misery of our civilization and our times with all their symptoms and sufferings - so that you may see the inseparable, causal connection between your inner world: your thinking, feeling and perceiving, your outside world: your body, health and your world of experiences, and our civilization as a whole - because our civilization is each single person, is YOU as well:

    The outside is always the mirror of the inside.
    The mirror can also be a distorting mirror. It shows us, how we are bending and distorting us, to project a certain picture of us to the outside, a picture we aim to resemble. But everybody who is capable of looking with the heart, who is able to look behind the facade, will recognize at once the truth behind it. We can polish the mirror, we can use an expensive mirror - but be can never fool about the inside of us. It is looking out of the eyes, comes to our ears with every spoken word, speaks to us with every movement of the body, and of course through the aura, that we are sensing whenever we are coming close to another person. 
    The outside deception may fool the spiritually blind - but take a good look: 
    Deception is always a characteristic of darkness!
    And one day the people will die from the abominable black stinking masses of energy they have heaped upon themselves. The Heavenly FATHER told me some time ago, that there would not be as much destruction as is feared, but instead new (and old) kinds of desease, epidemics and plagues. This will mean the material end for many people, especially for those who were not willing to find a new orientation in Spirituality, in LIGHT. 
    According to what I had found inside of me during my clearing process, there would have been many ways for me to leave this plane: energies of cancer in each part of my body, energies capable of destructing my brain throughout my whole head, energies capable of causing tumors, energies that partially paralysed me while leaving my body, forcing my head to turn in other directions, energies that made my head shake, parts of my body and the whole body, energies causing cramps in my whole body, energies that would have caused mental desease and confusion, energies that were like acid to the tissue of my body they were touching while leaving, causing instantanious inflammations, and there were many times I had to work against the clock - and I knew that an inner clock must have been ticking inside of me, giving the signal to start the destruction of my body at a certain moment in time, if I had taken another direction in life, if up to that time I had not succeeded to clear myself from those energies...
    In the following I am citing some excerpts from a wonderful book, the "Essene Gospel of Peace", part of the Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran by the Dead Sea, translated by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székely, Verlag Bruno Martin (This book, by the way, shows that Jesus must have had a profound knowledge of LIGHTWORK):

    ... and Jesus said to the people:'You do not understand anymore the Words of Life, because you are in death. Darkness impairs your eyes, and your ears are plugged with deafness. I am telling you, that is does not help at all to brood over dead writings, when your actions negate each one of those who gave you those writings. Verily, I am telling you, that GOD and HIS LAWS are not found in your actions. They are not found in gluttony and drunkenness, nor in a dissolute life and in lust, nor in the search for riches, not in the hatred for your enemies. Because all those things derive from the realm of darkness and from the master of all evil. And you are carrying all those things within yourselves, and thus the WORD and the POWER of GOD cannot enter you, because all possible evils and abominations have taken over your body and mind. If you want the Living WORD of GOD and HIS POWER to enter you, do not blemish your body and your mind; because the body is the temple of the mind, and the mind is the temple of GOD. So start to clean the temple...'

    Jesus then told them how to clean themselves: by daily prayers to GOD, by giving themselves into the hands of the Angels of Mother EARTH (the Angels of the sunshine, the air, the earth and the water, the Angels of Life and JOY), and by taking nothing to them but clear water, and also to make a daily enema with clear water to clean their intestines, and to pray while doing so, and this would be the way that within seven days their sins of seven years will be forgiven... 
    'And many unclean and sick people followed the words of Jesus and took their place by the banks of the murmuring streams. They took off their shoes and their clothes, they were fasting and giving their bodies to the angels of the air, the water and the sunshine. And the Angels of Mother Earth embraced them, taking over their bodies from the outside and the inside. And all of them saw their evils, sins and unclearness leave them. And the breath of some of them became just as stinking as that what their intestines were throwing out, and some had to throw up and an evil smelling sputum came out of their inside. All these evils were flowing out of their mouth, some of them had them come out of their nose, and others out of their eyes and ears. And many were sweating an awful and abominable sweat from all over their bodies, all of their skin. And there were large abcesses and boils breaking out on their bodies, from which the unclearness was flowing with an awful smell, and the piss was flowing from their bodies in streams. And in many of them the piss was dried out, turning as thick as honey, and others had almost red or black piss and almost as hard as the sand on the river banks. And many were throwing out of their intestines stinking farts, like the breath of Satan. And the stench became so awful that nobody was able to stand it... and the devils were leaving their intestines in the shape of numberless worms...' 

    ...and when they were clean after seven days, Jesus returned to them, and they said:'Tell us, which are the sins we should avoid, so we would never be sick anymore?' And Jesus answered:'They were told in the old times, 'You shall honor your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother and keep their commandments, so that you shall have a long life on Earth.' And the next commandment was, 'You shall not kill,' because life comes from GOD alone, and what GOD has given, no man shall take away. For verily, I am telling you, from one Mother is everything living on Earth. So everyone who kills, is killing his brother. And the Earthly Mother will turn away from him and refuse him her life-giving breasts. And Her Angels will avoid him and Satan will enter his body. And the meat of the slaughtered animals will turn into his own grave within his body. For verily I am telling you, that whoever kills, is killing himself, and whoever is eating from the meat of slain animals, is eating from the body of death. Because every drop of their blood will turn into poison in his own blood, their breath will turn into stench in his breath, their meat into boils, their bones into calcium in his bones, their intestines into decay in his intestines, their ears into a waxen covering in his ears. And their death will be his death.
    For only in the service of your Heavenly Father, your debts of seven years will be forgiven in seven days. But Satan does not forgive anything and you have to pay him for everything: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot, a burning for a burning, a wound for a wound, a life for a life, a death for a death. For death is the payment for sin. So follow the Word of GOD: 'See, I have given you all the plants on Earth that are carrying seed, and all the trees that are carrying fruit which bring seed, for your nourishment... also the milk of all those moving around and living on Earth shall be your nourishment... for I am merciful to all those who love me and keep my commandments. Love GOD with all your heart and with your soul and with all your strength. This is the first and the greatest commandment, and the second is just like it: Love those next to you like yourself. There are no commandments greater than those'...

    I had always thought before, that those words of Jesus cited above, were meant more or less symbolically. Today, after many years of experience with LIGHTWORK and Unconditional LOVE, I know that the words of Jesus as well as the drastic descriptions are absolute TRUTH. Some of the descriptions of the clearing process, mention happenings in the 4th dimension (in the translation of the way the people were talking at that time). These things are ususally invisible to most of us, but nevertheless real. And what you can read here, is just as important to us now than it was then. More so, because today there are uncounted self-produced poisons in our environment and in our food, and more often than not, our food is manipulated and contains hardly any power of life, but many artificial additions, which are actually emptiness or even harmful and restricting for us, without anybody knowing it! Some day, the people will feel those and the other invisible evils in their bodies, get sick and probably die from them, too. But Jesus had shown us the way 2000 years ago.

    In the beginning of the Nineties, those Words of Jesus had been the impetus for myself to clear me just the same way, to make me turn back, to have my errors forgiven, to change myself, to give GOD a sign, that I had the wish to change my life and to live spirituality. In the following, I was fasting several times, and I was feeling great while doing so. This was the beginning of my vegetarian way of life, which I reached step by step. I needed those drastic descriptions, so I could come out of my inertia and make a step towards a complete change. 
    Another impulse was even more drastic; it was a report on TV about the transports of living animals, cattle it was, all the way through Europe to the slaughter house, without sufficient food, water and rest, and when they arrived, the cattle was driven from the transport vehicle by force, and many of them broke their legs. 

    Then they showed how the animals were brought to the slaughtering in the assembly line, and they said that not each of the animals was properly stunned or killed, and that it would happen every once in a while that some pigs would be thrown into boiling water while still alive... What else do we have to see, hear and read, so that our hearts could be touched?
    From then on I stopped eating beef, shortly afterwards I stopped with pork and venison, and I lost the appetite for other kinds of meat (chicken e.a. and fish) as well as for alcohol, within half a year all by itself through LIGHTWORK.

    By the way, not a single time during my Clearing I was disgusted or scared by the beings I saw and felt, but only astounded in AWE and HUMILITY because of the unbelievable variety of life forms... and LOVED it all. Also the dark beings want to be LOVED - because nothing but Unconditional LOVE is able to redeem them and send them into LIGHT, and then they are willing to go, all by themselves. WE ourselves had called them once, keeping and nourishing them with our dark thoughts and feelings, which gave them the resonance that they needed to stay. If we resist them, we cause them to resist, too, and that is something they know well - and we, too: It is pain.

    Your fear is caused by ignorance. I want to inform you about the reality beyond our physical perception. You can only protect yourselves, when you know what exactly is going on. And I want to help you to protect yourselves, but more than that, to free yourselves. That is why - besides information - I am also giving you instructions of how to free yourselves from those frightening and sickening energies.

    I am also showing you how to feel Unconditional LOVE and make it a part of our lives - you will think afterwards that you have not lived before that - and you are perfectly right. I myself did not live at all before I was living in Unconditional LOVE! When you are in Unconditional LOVE, there is no room for fear, for fright or disgust...

    On Easter Monday 2002, I was shown and taught, that there are formative power fields in our aura, made by darkness, to lead us into habits and false convictions. Those power fields are causing binding repetitional patterns, the clinging to certain structures of thinking and feeling. They also change and distort our perception of reality.
    At the same time I knew that those field structures are causing the human, misunderstood love, the 7 Evils of Mankind, all the vices of Mankind, as well as addiction. I also sent them into LIGHT while consciously acting for Mankind, thus having symbolically achieved that Mankind overcomes these ties and frees itself!

    And on Good Friday 2003, lots of black snakes were coming out of my chakras: the 7 Bonds of Mankind (= better known as the seven mortal 'sins'), whom GOD also sent into LIGHT, while I was standing symbolically for all of Mankind...

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