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Addiction - Cause and Conquest
The Conquest of Addiction
This page is based on a channelled transmission on March 23rd, 2000:
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...and Jesus said:
'Verily, I am saying to you, when the son of Man withstands Satan,
who is living inside of him, and does not do his will,
he will at the same time find the Angels of Mother Earth there,
so that they would help him with all their might
and free the son of Man from the power of Satan.

Because no man can serve two masters at the same time.
He either serves Satan and his devils,
or he serves Mother Earth and her Angels.
He either serves Death or he serves Life.

Verily, I am saying to you, happy are those,
who obey the Laws of Life and do not walk the path of death.
For the Power of Life will increase in them and they will escape the troubles of death...'

(from the 'Evangelism of Peace' of the Essene Community, part of the Dead Sea scrolls, today at the Vatican,
translated by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székely, Verlag Bruno Martin; those writings show, by the way, that
Jesus was a Master of LIGHTWORK.)

It is possible to free yourself from any Addiction
...if you can accept the following changes in yourself:
  • you should be ready to show clearly that you want to get away from the restrictions of your former life, by making a clear change. For that it is important to look at your addiction, to accept it without further deception, to accept outside help, if necessary, and this is mostly the case, especially to get rid safely of poisons in your system...
  • return to true Spirituality, which does not mean go to church, but to go inside of you, where true Spirituality lives, and look for GOD in your own heart (= heart-chakra!)
  • be completely honest with yourself and others, decide not to use any kind of lie anymore
  • Let the past go, don't hang on to it, clean up and throw everything out, that reminds you of the past
  • keep away from old friends that are connected with your addiction in any way, that have shared your addiction, avoid even the places that remind you, get rid of all the reminders in your home, even the clothes you wore as an addict. If necessary, move away - otherwise you are living all the old energies, that pulled you down
  • Avoid thinking of old times and of your addiction
  • go to the meetings of groups only as long as they can help you. At first they can help you get away from addiction, but later-on they keep you down, because most often they all talk about addiction, and the subject is always present, whether verbally expressed or not. But having to do with your addiction constantly one way or the other, will keep you there! Most others remain alcoholics for the rest of their lives, even if they don't drink anymore - just by staying in those energies and by believing it. There is no need for that - you can be cured
  • Let your self-pity go, it is just an illusion, a lie
  • accept your own responsibility for your whole life - there is no one who is responsible for you or your situation but yourself - and that is why you can change everything now!
  • start working to get rid of foreign energies, other beings that are influencing you, therefore to ask the angels to erect a Cone of LIGHT over your place of living...
  • start working on the true causes of addiction, the blockages inside of you
  • start praying from your heart, in your own words - GOD and the Divine Beings don't help without being asked, because they respect your free will
  • start working with the LIGHT and LOVE of GOD and learn to live in Unconditional LOVE, because that will help you in an optimate way; below you will find links to instructions of how to go about it...
  • if you have the possibility, find someone who is good with reincarnation therapy, which might initiate this revolutionary process in yourself
Most media of addiction always have a connection with spirituality - they widen your mind, your consciousness, but without the necessary spiritual development - the effect comes immediately. By using those media you try - consiously or unconsciously - to achieve something you are not yet ready for. That's why you cannot cope with this state of mind and get confused and weary. You think you master the medium, but it masters you: You deceive youself and are deceived - sign of darkness. Darkness entices and seduces you and instead of leading you to advancement, leads you to dependency and death, and your family to separation and grief. Darkness always tries to enhance your addiction. They do it from the inside, by influencing your thoughts. 

Spirituality knows no tricks. You have to go the way by yourself, you have to work on your inner development yourself - and this is a long and sometimes a hard way.

On Easter Monday 2002 I was shown the Formative Power Fields of darkness we have of our aura, having been made by darkness to make us stick to the same patterns and false convictions. Those fields are the reason we are caught in perpetual repetition of the same patterns of thoughts and feelings, without being able to let go of them. They change and distort our outlook upon reality. And at the same time I knew, that these fields are the cause of premature aging, of misunderstood love, the seven evils of Mankind, the vices of mankind and of addiction
I then freed myself from them, releasing them into LIGHT for transformation, consciously doing so as a representative for all Mankind, thus symbolically freeing Mankind from them as well.

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