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Aging and Lifespan of Mankind
Why we age and die prematurely
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In case you have read the Old Testament in the Bible, you may have registered with surprise, that ADAM and EVE lived up to the age of more than 900 years. This might have been taken as a fairy tale or as an exaggeration of the ancient Hebrew.

But actually Men have a much larger potential of their lifespan than we could dream of nowadays. Some of the ancient cultures, long forgotten (and there have been some highly developped civilizations, whith a much higher technical standard than us...) knew less deseases, surprisingly effective methods of healing and a much longer lifespan.

Our lifespan lasts an average of between 60 and 80 years. But the aging process actually starts much earlier. They say that the aging process sets in with birth - but like plant life we are growing and blossoming, carrying fruit for reproduction and ripening before we weld away. In the material world at least all the higher forms of life exist like that. Nature is propagation of the species and the human organism is subject to the laws of Nature. 

From the age of about 25 to 30, the first signs of the life we have lived are beginning to show in our hair, our face and our body: The first white hairs, problems with our teeth, fatigue, the first fine wrinkles, decreasing elasticity of our joints, allergies, pains, deseases, a longer lasting time for recuperation and generally a slackening condition are the first signs of aging. 

The aging process depends on many different factors and may set in earlier or later. From time to time we read about people becoming very old, 120 years or more. In some countries the statistical lifespan is rather low, but the statistics also include infant mortality and other cases of death at a much lower age.

Yet each soul has timed the duration of it's earthly existence itself, because it has planned whatever it wanted to do here and when this is done, the person will go. Nobody dies by chance or through "unfortunate circumstances". There always is a higher - a Spiritual - meaning behind everything. The only thing that counts is the Spiritual development.
We ourselves are the masters of our lives and of our development, whether we know this or not - and yet we often feel like helpless objects of "fate". 

We planned our future existence once ourselves with the help of Spiritual teachers, before we were born. What happens within our lifespan is not unchangeable fate - it is an "open agenda": We can change everything from one moment to the other -  by making DECISIONS. We can change the course of our lives whenever we like to, turn to another direction, towards LIGHT or darkness. 

Once I was shown in a vision, that I had woven my life like a tunnel, going upwards. The sides of the tunnel were thin threads of energy, in all colours of the rainbow, from afar they seemed to be white. Whithin the walls of this tunnel I couls discern the faces of all the people I had known in my life and many, many tiny spots, either dark or shining like a diamond. These, I was told, were my decisions - either YES or NO, either LIGHT or DARKNESS...

Each moment of our lives there are decisions to make - mostly we don't even recognize them as such, because they don't have to be dramatic at all. We just make everyday decisions, hundreds of times a day: What should I do now? Do I go out or stay inside? What do I eat, read, put on, do I go shopping or just for a walk, do I answer the telephone, call someone up, read the paper, see a friend? Each of these decisions may change my life completely. 
There may be fixed events that should occur, one way or the other, but not even they are unchangeable!

So in all aspects of life I myself have the choice. But when I can change everything in a positive way by deciding "towards the LIGHT", it means that I can also change things positively concerning my health, my youthfulness and my longevity.

And I actually decide when I want to leave the earthly plane again, too. This is mostly the case when my LIFE TASK is done. But I can also decide to go, when the task is not yet done. In any case, death never occurs without the soul's consent!

We thus have the full responsibility for our lifespan and of course for all factors having to do with our expectancy of life.
It is Cosmic LAW that all our expectations are being fullfilled. We ourselves become what we expect we will be one day. When we expect that our lifespan will not exceed 80 years, because the members of our family never grew older, that will be the highest age we would reach. By thinking that way, we are creating thought patterns, formative patterns, on the mental plain, which will stay in our aura, dominating our future development, forming the way we age, feel and look. Our thoughts have creative, formative power! There are our limits and our chances!

I experienced that myself: One evening I looked into the mirror and saw a transparent being in the shape of an old woman hovering in front of my face, my whole body - knowing at the same time that this was the a power-form of myself as an old woman, A PATTERN OF AGING that I had created myself... Lovingly I sent this form into LIGHT - doing so CONSCIOUSLY AND SYMBOLICALLY, ACTING FOR ALL MANKIND - and by doing so, this form will lose its power and eventually disappear. At the same time I myself created an energetic pattern, so in the meantime it will be much easier for all people to free themselves from their pattern of aging...

But also other patterns in our aura cause aging and decay, all those patterns that are dark and insufficient, for example the human vices, being lived by our daily thinking, feeling and acting, our brooding over things past, over and over again, feeling powerless, having no faith, no trust in LIFE - by that we produce desease, decay and premature old age! 
We have moved far away from Unconditional LOVE, forgotten it - THAT makes us age! But not alone that!

During my Clearing Process I encountered four Symbolic Personifications in the shape of astral Beings. They were thick, heavy, tenacious black snakes of gigantic size, sitting in all of my main chakras, who only went into LIGHT after I LOVED them Unconditionally, as much as I could:

OLD AGE - it causes or speeds up premature aging = decay with increasing rigidity of body, desease, loss of easiness and mobility e.a.;
DULLNESS - it causes or speeds up the premature loss of our senses = decay of sight, hearing, of mind, intellect and sensation, of sensibility;
DEATH - it causes or brings about the premature end of this incarnation, but before that causing the loss of feeling and thinking = mental and emotional death;
DESTRUCTION - it causes or increases our separation from the spiritual world, thus causing spiritual straying and being lost and caught in the material plain and darkness. Without the help of the LIGHT World, this process can hardly ever be reversed by humans alone.

Even the ancient Chinese knew such beings; they called them San-Ch'ung ('3 worms') and were convinced that they prevented the immortality of Man! I also sent them into LIGHT, in a SYMBOLIC ACT as well, thus creating again an ENERGETIC NET PATTERN for overcoming those powers...

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