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Addiction - Cause and Conquest
The Cause of Addiction
This page is based on a channelled transmission on March 23rd, 2000:
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And Jesus said:
'...you shall not eat the meat,
nor drink the blood of an animal killed,
nor anything, that impairs your health or your senses'
(The 3rd Commandment)
Addiction is a  search, a search for happiness, acceptance, recognition, HARMONY and LOVE. It is a deep unconscious longing for a long-forgotten PEACE, a state of perfect SECURITY, INNOCENCE and BALANCE, an ideal state of being. 

Every being, every creature knows this longing - it is the longing for GOD, for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, for our Unity with LIGHT and LOVE, that we once had known, but lost it a long time ago. It  weris a faint memory that we once were created as beings of LIGHT, angels, as we call them, before we fell deep into darkness and forgot the way back...

This longing is the inner motor, motivating us to strive for spiritual advancement, for the WAY of the HEART, leading us back to LIGHT eventually, so that one day we would be united with HIM, our FATHER/MOTHER, again. THAT  ROAD, THAT  WAY  IS  INSIDE  OF  US - never OUTSIDE.

The Addict is searching, too, but he is searching OUTWARD, using material things to find fulfillment, satisfaction and LOVE - but this way he would never succeed. It is impossible. So the question arises - does he really want to find what he is seeking?
He is craving for LIFE and LOVE - but at the same time has a horrible FEAR of LIFE and LOVE - fear to open his HEART and surrender completely, because he does not TRUST. He does not trust others, nor himself, nor GOD. So as a compensation, he creates a kind of religion which he practices all by himself, by way of rituals, using replacement sacraments (like alcohol, drugs, sweets, food, shopping, TV...) which temporarily give him the illusion of extasy (the illusion of being LOVED - also by being LOVED = totally accepted by himself - by intoxication. The illusionary SELF-LOVE is brought about using material stuff and external actions - praticed illusion which always leaves the addict unsatisfied and feeling worse than ever. Children whose parent give them candy and toys instead of taking their own time and personal interest to play or talk to them, also know this feeling of unsatisfaction well... Our human society offers external diversions and coldness, at the most human love instead of LOVE, always leaving you unsatisfied and disappointed, even more convinced that you are stuck in a place you hate, where you can never fulfill your most basic wishes, no matter how hard you try, leaving you in despair, wanting to leave this place as soon as possible... 
Those are the symptoms of sickness and darkness in our society. 
The remedy is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Only by way of LOVE and freeing ourselves from the Forma
tive Power Fields of darkness can addiction be overcome for good. But that means, that everyone has to learn how to feel LOVE, because LOVE is not external, either, but has to be felt in the OWN heart...

Addicts always feel weak, helpless and inadequate, and - especially when using drugs and alcohol - are therefore, on a more or less subconscious level, longing for death, which erroniously is meant to be a welcome release from the cold, hard and evil world outside, from the uncomfortable personal QUEST. But this is a basic ERROR: because this incarnation is a great chance to solve our problems - by facing them! What you don't accomplish in this incarnation will still be waiting for you, but then in an even more desparate way. 

Here is a list of the characteristics of addiction:

  • The addict is searching, but he is searching outward instead of inside; but the look inside would arouse fear, so he wants to avoid it at all cost
  • He is looking for LOVE, but only knows human love, false love, that can never meet his expectations 
  • He is looking for perfection, for the SOURCE, for GOD - but he would never find GOD outside of himself...
  • He hangs on to things of the past, old memories, sentimental memories, which seem to him sweeter than they have ever been - lying to himself about the past, about himself, deceiving himself, not being able to free himself from self-deception
  • He is feeling helpless, powerless, useless
  • He has become resigned
  • He pities himself - but self-pity - like sentimentality - is self-deception, is a lie. Lying to yourself prevents inner growth and development and lowers your vibrations. 
  • He tends to make other people responsible for his situation, his parents, the friends, colleages, boss, partner - never himself
  • Addiction is a flight from self-responsibility, from reality itself, it is a longing for death, as the easiest way out, and eventually it is suicide - and the medium that is chosen is showing the seriousness of that longing - actually a scream for help!
  • The help from outside can only be the impulse to help himself - not more and not less - it cannot solve his problems
  • Addiction therefore also has to do with cowardice, with the fear to be confronted with yourself, with life
  • Addiction is flight, is evasion, the easy way out, but that is a terrible illusion, because the problems will get worse and worse
  • He has a very low self estimate of himself, thinks he cannot reach up to others, is tightened up
  • He need outside matters, like drugs, coffee or alcohol, to feel stronger and more able to master life, as he himself feels weak und unable, but he actually becomes even less able to master life
  • The craving for food, the overweight, but also the opposite, the refusal to eat (anorexia, bulimy, etc), express the "Hunger for Life" - and at the same time the "Fear of LIFE", which means, no trust in others, no trust in GOD, no trust in Life. All the many conditionings we experience in life and all the thought patterns connected with them ('You have to eat up your food!') are related to these basic problems and want to make us face these subjects, so they can be dissolved
  • He can only relaxed with the help of drugs etc., they make him feel better for a little while
  • He is using deception on himself and others
  • He wants to find luck, happiness, freedom and Love with the help of drugs etc. That is an illusion leading to depression,  desease, loss, loneliness and death
  • Besides being depressive, he attracts similar energies, in accordance with the Cosmic Law of Resonance, for example the lost souls, those with a similar addiction, who want to live their addiction through the bodies of others and thus aim to enhance the addiction; they will try their best to keep him from a successful cure
  • Worse than that, he also attracts the beings of darkness, who not only enhance addiction, but lead into the destruction of all his remaining ethical values
  • His personality changes to the worst, including the loss of stability and spiritual, mental, psychical and physical descent.

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