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Bacteria/Manipulation of bacteria to cause desease
Bad talking about others/Vices of Mankind
Balance/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Balance and Harmony/Cosmic Law of H.
Basic traumatic experiences of Mankind - Salvation from..
Basic Principles/Vices of Mankind
Beings of other Dimensions/About the seminar I offer
BELIEF/GOD's Demand on all MEN
Believing that others wish the worst for me/Vices of Mankind
Berlin Blockade 1948-49/Miracle in Berlin
Berlin/its vibrations are rising
Berlin/Power fields in the aura of Earth, cities and locations
Bias/Vices of Mankind
BINAH/Female Power of GOD in the Kabbala
Birth of Jesus/report by MAITREYA 
Birth of Jesus/more about His birth
Black holes and black stars/in our aura
Black stars and black holes/in our aura

Blindness,spiritual/Vices of Mankind
Blindness of the Heart/The 7 Bonds of Mankind
Blindness of the world/The 7 Evils of Mankind
Blockade Berlin 1948-49/Miracle in Berlin
Blockages/About the Seminar I offer
Blueprint/Created by Energetic Clearing
Body cells/clearing the cells of the body from poison and contamination
Bombing Raids over Germany/1942-45
Bonds of Mankind/The 7 Bonds of Mankind
Bonds of Mankind/supported by the power fields of darkness
Boundlessness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Birth/basic traumatic experiences of Mankind/Salvation from..
Breathing/HOLY BREATHING for Creation of the LIGHTBODY
Breathing/how Babies breathe in their Mothers' Womb
Breathing/how Angels and other LIGHT BEINGS breathe
Breathing/how Animals and Plants breathe
Broadmindedness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
Brotherliness/Quality of Unconditional LOVE
'Brothers to Sun to Freedom'/spiritual interpretation of the text
'Brüder zur Sonne zur Freiheit'/German text
'Brothers to Sun to Freedom'/English Text
Building the Wall Berlin 13.8.1961/Miracle in Berlin