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The Seven Evils of Mankind
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Earth is in the tight grip of darkness and its slave army, who is working secretly, subversively everywhere, including in the human aura.
False human love and the lack of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as well as the character of MEN, the way it had changed after MEN had turned away from LIGHT and LOVE, brought about all the great evils and plagues (negative Principles!), that have come over MANKIND ever since.
You can see from the terrible happenings of the 20th century, what kind of effect the polaric overturn of LOVE can have, which enormeous and terrible horrors and atrocities its turned-over and perverted form manifests here in the low vibrations of the third dimension.
Thus you can also imagine the tremendous potential of power LOVE has, when being ITSELF - stronger than all negations including darkness itself.

Those negative Basic Principles were in my aura: They were huge black astral beings in the shape of snakes. And I knew that they were there because I should learn to understand MEN, and because I had agreed to assist GOD in freeing MANKIND from them by acting as a representative for all MANKIND when delivered from those horrors in their place.

At this point I want to confirm that other people do NOT have those beings in their aura! The beings were negative Basic Principles, symbols, personifications of general human experiences. 

You may have 'only' the corresponding energies in their aura - but do not think those were less terrible!

  • The calamity of the world  (caused by false, misunderstood human love, addiction)
  • The sorrow of the world (caused by egotism, selfishness, greed for money, greed for power, fear of life) 
  • The pain of the world (caused by resistance because of unknowing)
  • The horror of the world  (caused by lack of LOVE, violence, hatred, war, horror)
  • The blindness of the world  (caused by not being able to see the DIVINE in everything, the LOVE, the LAW)
  • The coldness of the world (caused by turning away because of lack of LOVE, indifference, arrogance)
  • The misery of the world  (poverty and need, caused by lack of TRUST in GOD and the belief, not to be worth the plenty)
and in addition:
  • Self-deception -  egocentric behaviour, belief in separation
  • Not following the Cosmic LAWS
  • No inner relation to GOD
  • No fear of a higher justice
  • Belief in materialism as the basis of life
  • Living solely by way of the human brain, without intuition or spiritual interests
  • No ethical values
  • instability, laxity
With HIS LOVE, GOD led those beings into LIGHT, so they found redemption. By doing so, a SYMBOLIC ACT was performed, with me acting as a representative for all MANKIND. Thus the Seven Evils of MANKIND will be weakened by and by and eventually disappear completely from Earth. On a Higher Level, GOD simultaneously created a 'blueprint', an 'energetic net pattern' of this action. With this help, every man will eventually be able to consciously overcome these powers and free himself from them. The same goes for all the VICES (also see Symbolic Actions).

On Easter Monday 2002, I was shown that there are dark Formative Power Fields in our aura, produced by darkness, to lead us into false convictions, habits and addiction. These power fields cause binding patterns of repetition and clinging to certain structures of thinking and feeling. They change and distort the way we perceive reality. 
I knew at the same time, that those fields are the cause for the false, misunderstood human love, the 7 Evils of Mankind, all the vices as well as addiction. 
Just like the Evils, GOD led them into LIGHT, thus symbolically delivering Mankind from them.

On Good Friday 2003, I was shown the 7 Bonds of Mankind, also in the shape of snakes, the principles of certain ways of thinking and acting, that were also in my aura; These bonds keep Man caught in the material world. 
GOD led them into LIGHT as well, again delivering MEN symbolically from their bonds.

I have heard from several people, that my descriptions of the vices and the evils of Mankind had frightened them, and the Formative Power Fields of darkness and the 7 Bonds of Mankind were also frightening. I do not want to frighten you - but of course those energies ARE frightening, especially when someone thinks of himself as being such a good and noble person. But this is reality on Earth. You are reading newspapers, you are watching TV - there you see even more frightening things! Or have you grown accustomed to those horrid pictures of war, murder and force, so that you have lost the feeling for it? Do not think, it would not concern yourself! It is not true that only the others are bad, while we are good! We, too, have horrid energies in us - at least from our past incarnations. We, too, have a very frightening potential! We, too, were part of all the horrors of the past. We are part of humanity and thus inseparably entangled in darkness. 

But of course you do NOT have those beings mentioned above in your aura. It is part of my ASSIGNMENT to assist with the advancement of MEN and the redemption of darkness, that is why they were only in my aura. So you need not be afraid of them (especially those of you fearing snakes) - because in your auras there are just the energies you produced yourselves - energies of fear and rage in all states of intensity and mixture - and maybe some beings attracted by them! Do not think that is less horrid!

Your fear comes from unknowing! I want to inform you about the reality beyond our physical perception. You can only protect yourself when you know what to protect yourself from. And I want to help you protect yourself, but also to free yourself. For that reason I am giving you the necessary information and many pages with instructions. This is to help you avoid frightening and dangerous energies, to protect yourself and to get rid of the heavy burdens you are carrying around with you.

Most of the dark energies within you can only be freed with Unconditional LOVE. I show you how you can learn to feel Unconditional LOVE and make it a part of your life. You will feel as if you actually have not LIVED before - and you are right! I myself am only LIVING, since I am in this LOVE! And when you are in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, there is no room left for fear...

I myself have had no fear at all, during all of my Clearing, not a single time, but was in deep astounding and humility about the unlimited variety of LIFE forms... and LOVED them all! Also dark beings want to be LOVED - because only LOVE can redeem them, and then they will leave us. We ourselves had once called and nourished them - with our dark and hateful thoughts and feelings. When we resist them, they resist us, too, and that is something they know well, and so do we: It is called pain. 

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