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Christmas -
Celebration of LIGHT and LOVE
Christmas Songs are Revolutionary Songs
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The Christmas songs we know are mostly religious songs with sweet melodies, or happy childrens' songs. That is Christmas, too: it is  Christmas for the children, who are looking forward to their presents and still are feeling the fascination of Christmas - and it is Christmas for the grown-ups, who, after a year of worldly life, want to turn inward, maybe even upward, remembering their childhood, because Christmas is purely nostalgic... 
I have loved Christmas and its songs as long as I can remember. But I was totally surprised, when I was told about completely different Christmas songs: Songs of revolution!

I was told that actually ALL Christmas songs are revolutionary songs. Even the beautiful old songs. Listen to their words carefully these days and you will realize their revolutionary contents - only: we were never taught to look at them that way. Why, do you think, was that so? Why, do you think, was the revolutionary contents and meaning of the Christmas story never openly declared? BECAUSE THIS REVOLUTION WAS TO BE FOUGHT NOT ONLY 2000 YEARS AGO, BUT HAS BEEN OF IMMEDIATE INTEREST THROUGHOUT ALL THE TIME SINCE THEN, UP TO NOW... Because LIGHT and LOVE were always serving the aim of freeing EARTH from darkness. THAT was why MARIA brought this CHILD, THAT was why Jesus CHRIST came to Earth! And darkness has not only been ruling all the human societies on Earth, but also all the religions... This is the answer to many questions.

HE named the two following, beautiful old revolutionary songs explicitely, saying they were actually Christmas songs. 
They were written down in the 19th century, actually as channellings. The poets were probably not aware of this. Look at the texts. They are highly spiritual, actually meaning something completely different than the poets and the people who sang them, thought them to be. They were thought to be revolutionary songs, helping to inspire MEN to free themselves from physical injustice and poverty, to fight against the exploitation of MAN in the early capitalistic societies. And that was a terrible thing in those days, when even little children had to work the whole day in the factories, six days a week, to help the families survive. And many people did not survive.
There are different texts to these songs, born from the rage of the exploited people, texts of a more violent character. The texts you find below, are closer to the original channellings, though.
They are to be understood in a purely spiritual way, being revolutionary songs for the greater FIGHT, the FIGHT of LIGHT and LOVE, to free EARTH from darkness. But the spiritual character cannot be realized when you are struggling for physical survival. So in the struggles of the 19th century, the time for their actual meaning had not come yet. It has come now. 
In those songs their original spirit is eminent, the revolutionary character of the coming of Jesus CHRIST, who proclaimed the FIGHT of LIGHT against darkness: The FIGHT without any violence at all, fought with LOVE as the only weapon, being fought within the hearts of MEN, within the heart of each and everyone. This FIGHT is also called the 'THE WAY TO LIGHT'.
(Read more about it in the pages 'The Revolution of LIGHT and LOVE'.)

1. 'The Internationale'
with a short introduction and a spiritual way of looking at the text
Eugène Pottier wrote "L'Internationale" while feeling from the troups of Versailles,  several days after the 'Bloody Week' of the Paris Commune 1871. Even after the defeat, he thought the Commune to be the beginning of the 'Last Fight', which would lead to the deliberation of mankind. The music was written 1888 by Pierre Chrétien de Geyter. 

Here are three versions of the 'Internationale', the original English version and two more modern English versions. All three of them are beautiful, so I did not want to exclude any one of them. You will also find the original French text. The German version can be found here.

The slumbering 'starvelings', the servile masses, are all MEN, whether rich or poor. They are hungry for LIFE and spiritual knowledge, for TRUTHFULNESS, having been exploited energetically by darkness throughout all the ages. The 'age of cant' that is ending, means the age of deceiving and exploiting MANKIND. The superstitions are the old and partially untruthful teachings of the religions. The sons of toils and the indolent are the beings and the followers of darkness, having used the power of darkness to rule and exploit MAN for their own advantage.

'We have been naught, we shall be all...' - We have been nothing so far, at least we have been made very small by the exploitation of our energy by darkness, and of course we have made ourselves small, too, having forgotten, who we actually are... but our true potential is unbelievably great: We are children of LIGHT and LOVE, ANGELS we were, before coming to EARTH - with all the ability and knowledge of angels! Darkness ruling earth has kept us spiritually ignorant and immature, manipulating us from the outside and influencing our mind (commercials, media, etc.) from the inside: from our aura, being occupied by darkness, by whispering their thoughts and ideas to us, making us think they were our own, to make us stray. For the most part we are dominated and directed that way without knowing about it. 

Baited with money, influence and power, seduced by brightly colored pictures and the suggestive voices of commercials, being made by artists and greedy psychologists, we are made to think that we were free and independent, that we would be great through property and money, or by consuming. But that are lies. The beings of darkness are whispering to us, telling us what we should think and say. The world of media gives us suggestions of what we should think and feel and what our convictions should be... and the people that are doing that, are themselves told what to do... and those again that tell others what to do are themselves victims of seduction and their own greed - this is an endless chain - and at the end of that chain is the dark being with the fishing rod, the tackle - he is fishing for souls, too, but for its own purpose, smiling, laughing...

It is true that there is no saviour or God who could free us, because only we ourselves can do that! We get all the help Heaven can offer, it we ask for it, but the Spiritual World cannot act in the low vibrations of material life. We ourselves have to realize the dangers of darkness, have to withstand their temptations and learn to LOVE again, to free ourselves and Earth! 

We are members of the party of LIGHT and LOVE, we need no book and papers to prove it, our hearts are proof. Darkness considers us to be their enemies - but we have no enemies, we LOVE. We are not 'against' darkness, we LOVE darkness. Even darkness is longing for LOVE and wants to be redeemed. Our deepest compassion is for darkness. The time coming will the time of the revolution against darkness, the 'Revolution of LIGHT and LOVE', fought with the LOVE of our hearts, not with physical weapons!
Look at the songs that way. The melodies are known:

The Internationale

(from internet files, address unknown, I think I was looking for 'revolutionary songs')
(Original English Version, translation:Unknown,
Original music: Pierre Chrétien de Geyter)

Arise ye starvelings [or workers] from your slumbers 
Arise ye criminals of want 
For reason in revolt now thunders 
and at last ends the age of cant. 
Now away with all your superstitions 
Servile masses arise, arise!
We'll change forthwith [or henceforth] the old conditions 
And spurn the dust to win the prize. 

"Then come comrades rally 
And the last fight let us face 
The Internationale 
Unites the human race."

We peasants, artisans and others, 
Enrolled amongst the sons of toil 
Let's claim the earth henceforth for brothers 
Drive the indolent from the soil. 
On our flesh for too long has fed the raven 
We've too long been the vultures prey. 
But now farewell to spirit craven 
The dawn brings in a brighter day. 


No saviour from on high delivers 
No trust we have in prince or peer 
Our own right hand the chains must shiver 
Chains of hatred, greed and fear. 
Ere the thieves will out with their booty 
And to all give a happier lot. 
Each at his forge must do his duty 
And strike the iron while its hot. 


The Internationale
(A more modern Version)

(Text: Billy Bragg 
Original music: Pierre Chrétien de Geyter)

Stand up, all victims of oppression 
For the tyrants fear your might 
Don't cling so hard to your possessions 
For you have nothing, if you have no rights 
Let racist ignorance be ended 
For respect makes the empires fall 
Freedom is merely privilege extended 
Unless enjoyed by one and all 

"So come brothers and sisters 
For the struggle carries on 
The Internationale 
Unites the world in song -
So comrades come rally 
For this is the time and place 
The international ideal 
Unites the human race"

Let no one build walls to divide us 
Walls of hatred nor walls of stone 
Come greet the dawn and stand beside us 
We'll live together or we'll die alone 
In our world poisoned by exploitation 
Those who have taken, now they must give 
And end the vanity of nations 
We've but one Earth on which to live 


And so begins the final drama 
In the streets and in the fields 
We stand unbowed before their armour 
We defy their guns and shields 
When we fight, provoked by their aggression 
Let us be inspired by like and love 
For though they offer us concessions 
Change will not come from above 


The Internationale

(an even more modern version, origin unknown)

Arise ye prisoners of salvation, 
Arise ye wretched of the earth, 
For justice thunders condemnation 
A better world's at birth 
No more traditions chains shall bind us 
Arise ye slaves, no more enthrall 
The earth shall rise on new foundations 
We have been naught, we shall be all. 

'Tis the final conflict, let each stand in his place 
The Internationale 
Shall be the human race 

We want no condescending saviours 
To rule us from the judgement hall 
We workers ask not for your favors 
Let us consult for all 
To make the thief disgorge his booty 
To free the spirit from it's cell 
We must ourselves decide out duty 
We must decide and do it well 



Original French version:

(Original words by Eugene Pottier. 
Original music by Pierre Chrétien de Geyter.)

Debout! les damnés de la terre!
Debout! les forcats de la faim!
La raison tonne en son cratere,
C'est l'éruption de la fin.
Du passé faisons table rase.
Foule esclave, debout! debout!
Le monde va changer de base:
Nous ne sommes rien, soyons tout!

"C'est la lute finale:
Groupons-nous, et demain,
Sera le genre humain."

Il n'est das de sauveurs supremes:
Ni Dieu, ni César, ni tribun,
Producteurs, sauvons-nous nous-memes!
Décrétons le salut commun!
Pour que le voleur rende gorge,
pour tirer l'esprit du cachot,
Soufflons nous-memes notre forge.
Battons le fer quand il est chaud!


L'état comprime et la loi triche;
L'impot saigne le malheureux;
Nul devoir ne s'impose au riche;
Le droit du pauvre est mot creux.
C'est assez languir en tu telle,
L'égalité veut d'autras lois;
"Pas de droits sans devoir, dit-elle,
Egaux, pas de devoirs sans droits!"


Hideux dans leur apothéose,
les rois de la mine et du rail
Ont-ils jamais fait autre chose
Que dévaaliser le travail?
Dans les coffres-forts de la bande
Ce qu'il a créé c'est fondu.
En décrétant qu'on le lui rende
Le peuple ne veut que son du.


Les rois nous soulaient de fumées,
Paix entre nous, guerre aux tyrans!
Applicins la greve aux armées,
Crosse en l'air et rompons les rangs!
S'ils obstinent, ces cannibales,
A faire de nous des héros,
Ils sauront bientot que nos balles
sont pour nos propres généraux.


Ouvriers, paysans, nous sommes
Le grand parti des travailleurs;
La terrre n'appartient qu'aux hommes.
L'oisif ira loger ailleurs.
Combien de nos chair se repaissent!
Mais, si les corbeaux, les vautours,
Un de ces matins, disparraissent
Le soleil brillera toujours!


(I am not able write all the proper French signs with my keyboard)

2. 'Brothers to Sun and to Freedom'
with a short introduction and a spiritual way of looking at the text
(The German text, which I translated into English and part of the history of the song, as well as the history of 'The Internationale', come from the booklet in the cover of a CD, that has been published by a group of German Social Democratic Members of the European Parliament in 1993; composition and Text Gerd Kramer und Klaus Wettig MdEP, responsible: Klaus Wettig, MdEP. Part of the historic background comes from internet files.)
The text of this song was written by Leonid Petrowitsch Radin in a Moscow prison cell in 1897, and was often heared during the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917. the melody is from an old Russian folks song. The German conductor Hermann Scherchen, who was a Russian POW during World War I., brought this song to Germany. After the II. World War, it was the most popular song of the German worker movement.

The oppression and exploitation of mankind comes from MAN, but actually darkness is manipulating ALL the people, whether they are members of the working class or of the ruling class, keeping all of them small and dependent, tightening its grip ob MANKIND and EARTH. Darkness enhances the greed of MAN, motivating him to exploit and torture his brothers - but besides being victims, MEN are also responsible for all they do and suffer.
This song was inspired in the 19th century, for motivating the fight against physical suppression, but actually it is meant for the time coming up now, preparing the way for NEW AGE!
The 'final Holy battle', mentioned in this song, is the fight between LIGHT and darkness! The red flags are symbolizing LIFE, because blood and its color are the symbol for the JOY of LIVING, for LIFE as such. But during the upcoming 'Revolution of LIGHT and LOVE' no blood will be shed - instead this Revolution is bringing LIFE! And the people can laugh at death, because they know that it in but a GATE to LIFE - it is Coming Home, and when the revolution is over, there will be no death at all anymore!

While having regression sessions years ago, I had seen a 'stream of the millions', without knowing that it would some day be reality for me: They were deeply bent, wholly covered, depressed grey beings, the 'poor' or 'lost' souls, being like shadows, somewhat transparent. While I was walking along this beautiful country road, with trees standing at eath side, from the left to the right (this being the direction of all life going to LIGHT), the endless stream of these grey beings was going in the opposite direction, from right to left, thus departing further and further from LIFE. I realized that they were deviating, because they were unable to cross a deep crevasse in the ground. So I took whatever I found, as there were boards and dead branches lying at the sides of the road, coverung up the crevasse, so that it could be crossed. Now the stream was turning, taking the right direction, from left to right - and I saw that they were looking happier, walking faster and more powerful towards LIFE...

Look at the text in a spiritual way! Those of you interested, can also read the German text

Brothers, to Sun and to Freedom

Brothers, to sun and to freedom!
Brothers, upwards to light!
[From the past's darkness is beaming, 
ever the future so bright]

See now the stream of the millions
endlessly gushing to light
['till our hearts deepest willing
 wells over heaven and night]

Brothers, united we're standing,
laughing at death, side by side,
[slav'ry forever is ending,
Holy the final fight!]

Break down the tyrannic powers,
shake off their cruel torment!
[Red flags are waving from towers,
now under workers' command!]

This is my own translation, as the translation I had found in the internet just was not right.
I tried to consider first the contents, then rhythm,and as far as possible, also rhyme.
[...] means this is to be repeated)

By the way... what keeps you from hearing Christmas songs for the rest of the year, too? They need not be confined to a few weeks a year, but could remind you at any time to fulfill your assignment - to LOVE!
A friend, dedicated to LIGHT, pointed out to me a while ago that also Schiller's 'Ode to JOY' is a Christmas Song. And he is right! This song, too, is lifting up our souls and widens our hearts - like JOY itself, being an aspect of LOVE - is also a  r e v o l u t i o n a r y  song! 
You will find the translation of the original Text of the 'Ode to JOY', as published by Friedrich von Schiller in 1785, in the page 'About JOY'. 

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