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TRUTH - Your HEART can tell it
The Difference between your own Realizations
and seeking the Truth through other Channels
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Many of you go to see other people in order to find out truths about themselves. Maybe you go to a fortune-teller, some time later perhaps to a Many of you go to see other people in order to find out truths about themselves. Maybe you go to a fortune-teller, some time later perhaps to a woman who can read your aura, and another time you would like to have help again and go to someone who channels and can give you the wisdom of teachers from the Spiritual World. Then again you hear about a man who can read the Akasha-Chronik and must visit him again and again, especially if important decisions are coming up, which you could not make without help... 

Do you know what you are actually doing there? You hand over your responsibility TO OTHERS: You let others tell you what to do, because it accomodates you, because it is simple and costs you no effort, only some money. And you pay the money willingly, because in your opinion you could not find those answers yourself.

But without wanting to judge other people's qualification, I can tell you that you won't have any advantage at all from all those consultations, in the contrary. Do you know, why?

If you ask others for help, you will become confused. Each "expert" you are consulting will give you information about you, and assuming that all of them are trustworthy, each piece of information you get may be received under a different aspect and from different levels of consciousness, and may even be given in a cryptic, respectively symbolic 'wrapping', which you may be able to decipher or not. Every piece of information may be correct - and yet you may actually not be able to profit from it. If you go to 10 different fortune-tellers, each one will tell you something else. And they all may be right in a way. But it may not help you at all and confuse you instead.
Of what use could it be to you to know what your aura looks like? Learn at least to look at it yourself. The aura constantly changes, with every thought, every feeling it changes colors. You may see different basical colors: perhaps you see some green color (not very bright, so with some good will there may be some interest in healing be found and maybe an interest in caring for house plants), a rather glaring red (you may just be furious reading this page), but I can tell you for sure that there is much darkness in your aura, many impurities, and probably some beautifully clear colors. The most important energies are deeply hidden, so you will not see them. Among others, that are the black blockages that keep you from trusting yourself. They are hidden down below, where there is neither TIME nor SPACE, unperceptible for you. Does this help you? Not more than an aura-diagnosis could help you. 

You know yourself, though, what you lack, better than anybody else - at least you do, if you make the least effort to think about yourself. Most people avoid this  because it is not so tingling and exciting, as to learn some mysterious truth about yourself from an invisible being. But with good will and maybe a PRAYER TO GOD, WHO IS LIGHT AND LOVE, you yourself will get all the information you need - and you will gain much more profit by this.

Because everything you hear from other people, has to pass the filter of your brain at first:
There you filter out everything that does not please you or is uncomfortable. You say to yourself, no, this cannot be: I should refuse to see the reality and fear to look at myself? Not me, this must be an error! How malicious to say that to me, as I am doing so much, as I am going to every spiritual seminar I hear of, because I really want to advance badly, want to surpass all my friends! And she did not see that I am already SO FAR! And so you reject this uncomfortable advice. 
And some advice you forget really fast, because it might stir up painful memories, because it touches a secret wound deep within that you never want to remember, never, never!!! And some words may even seem embarrassing to you...

Some things the woman said had insulted you. How could she say to you that you should love others? You love everyone - just like Jesus! However, you told her your opinion right away and expressed strong doubts about her mental abilities - never again will you go there. You will confront the friend, who recommended this woman, with your doubts right away! 
But you accept the information that had pleased you and are very content about it. So you finally got the confirmation you always wanted. The hint, that you should forgove others, was uncomfortable to you. You would not have the time for it, anyway. It was difficult enough to take the hour for this consultation. There are so many appointments, visits to movie theaters and restaurant visits, schedules to meet, for fitness,  homoeopathic lectures, spiritual dancing, drumming lessons, color-advice, Feng-Shui-lessons, meditation classes for women, Yoga... oh yes, not to forget the weekend with the shaman, where you will sweat in a tiny hut, while fasting and colon-cleansing...

So much for your Way to Completion. All this will help you little and your Way is blocked: because you do not actually want to progress, but only look for confirmation and diversion, some little thrill and acquaintances to exchange all of your problems...  and of course you can always impress other people by telling them about all the interesting things you are doing. You really are SOOOO spiritual!

But  the  only  way  to  learn  something,
 to really advance and move ahead,
 is the WAY INSIDE. 
As long as you
seek outside,
 you have
not yet


The most wonderful Way INSIDE is the WAY of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and LIGHTWORK. Some day you may even overcome your impatience and also your curiosity. Maybe some day it will not be so important for you any more to hear interesting things about you. Maybe some day you yourself will find the TRUTH you have been searching. You will get all the HELP, that you need on your Way. Thus you accept the responsibility for yourself. Now you become independent from other people. Now you can help yourself and maybe some day you will be able to help those that still need help. 

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is what Jesus showed us once - THIS IS THE WAY. Later, however, this WAY was lost and nobody could find it anymore, because everyone thought that Jesus meant the 'human love', that they all knew, the false love, that cannot lead you to TRUTH because it does not contain any TRUTH itself.

So learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - the PANACEA - the NON-POLAR LOVE! This alone is the difference between TRUTH and truth! So now start finding the TRUTH.

And from now on, you are LED in new way and yourself eventually learn to to SEE, to KNOW and to PERCEIVE!

And now you also KNOW that what you experience is TRUTH, whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable. Only what you experience yourself, is directly felt in your HEART-chakra, without detour over your mind. And your HEART-chakra KNOWS beyond any doubt whatever. You HEAR it, SEE it or KNOW it, and immediately this KNOWLEDGE hits your HEART. And your HEART KNOWS the TRUTH - so you KNOW - this is the difference. Immediately your soul, your spirit and your body react to this FACT, and HEALING occurs. Immediately all the blockages concerned will dissolve, more than that - whole complexes of problems dissolve when you get such an instant COGNITION or REALIZATION. 
And no pain will be felt, because in such cases you usually see visions, where feelings are not included. Also your own symbolism is used, so that you can understand everything intuitively, consciously or not. So you need not repeat any painful experiences.

Isn't that SIMPLE? And besides, there is such a beautiful feeling in the HEART as well!

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