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TRUTH - Your HEART can tell it
Your HEART can tell the TRUTH (instructions)
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Searching for TRUTH,
Loving BEAUTY,
Aiming for the GOOD,
Doing the BEST!
(Moses Mendelssohn)

The HEART (= HEART-chakra) is the authority within us, which is responsible for TRUTH. That is the SIGN and PROOF of our origin, being the SONS and DAUGHTERS  of ALL-THAT-IS, of LIGHT and LOVE. And just as we humans can tell TRUTH with our HEART, every other being in CREATION has this ability: each animal, each plant, each stone, down to the least grain of sand. Everything is ALIVE. Everything has chakras, just like us. TRUTH is the language of the HEART - UNIVERSALLY. 

The HEART can distinguish TRUTH from lies. It can distinguish the frequency of vibrations and is able to feel feelings, when we go into resonance to them with our HEART-chakra (see below). Our HEART can REAL-alize...

Here are the instructions:

These instructions are simple. TRUTH is simple. Simplicity is the characteristic of TRUTH!
First read through the instructions several times and then follow them. Maybe it is easier for you if somebody reads them to you slowly during the practice period. If there is nobody who could do this for you, you may speak the text on an audio-cassette. 

The instructions are written in violet, the explanations in dark-blue:

If you don't have any experience with feeling vibrations with the HEART, it is helpful at first to relax completely, however, you should remain in a sitting position instead of laying down, because you should be concentrated and not fall asleep.

Now use your breath as your 'medium of transport' for your consciousness: Observe consciously yourself breathing in and breathing out several times. Then with the next exhaling, you go into your HEART-chakra.

The HEART-chakra is in the middle of the chest, directly underneath the breastbone, which is the bone in the upper part of the chest, under which there is a slight dent inwards. Here, the HEART-chakra opens to the front and to the rear like a funnel, starting from the spinal column. For this practice, we only work with the HEART-chakra in the front. This is what we call 'HEART', not the physical organ in the left hand side of our chest, pumping the blood through the body.

Now ask your HEART-chakra to open, and observe it as it widens. Watch this new feeling. Maybe it is the first time in your life that you consciously feel a process on the non-material level. 

Do not doubt your senses: anyone can feel this! Actually, we feel many sensations on the non-material plane, without consciously knowing about it. Every pain is  non-material, for example, each one of our feelings, every thought we think - and yet they are real, aren't they?

Now go with your HEART-chakra in resonance with TRUTH. Simply say to yourself in mind, while concentrating on your HEART-chakra: 'I go in resonance with the TRUTH' or: 'My HEART-chakra is in resonance with TRUTH' or: 'TRUTH is swinging within my HEART-chakra'. Immediately your HEART-chakra will open wide, because TRUTH is a feeling with very high vibrations, which cause an immediate widening of the HEART-chakra. TRUTH is a quality of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! 

you set a new STANDARD for your HEART (-chakra)!
Finding TRUTH is comparing other energies with this STANDARD.

Now observe the feeling that is swinging in your HEART. Maybe you only feel 'wide', and that is right, too. You are now feeling the real, the very TRUTH in its highest sense, and that is how it feels to you! This feeling is something new and strange. Experience for the first time how it feels when a HEAVENLY Standard Feeling is swinging in your HEART - that means a NON-POLAR FEELING. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a NON-POLAR FEELING, too. If you feel LOVE, you are in the NON-POLAR condition! And the same goes for TRUTH!

It can be, that your HEART-chakra is blocked very much, then, you may not yet feel anything. Nevertheless keep on practicing, because TRUTH, just as LOVE, dissolves your blockages by and by! That is so because of its high vibrations and their HEALING effect!

Now practice the difference to 'normal' feelings, in order to feel your HEART-chakra narrow or close:
Say to yourself in mind: 'I go into resonance with "envy" and concentrate on your HERZ-Chakra - and you will immediately feel your HEART-chakra narrow. Watch intently, how fast or slow it narrows, how it feels. This shows, that you how it feels to have a low vibrational feeling swinging within your HEART. If your HEART-chakra is a little more free, you can actually experience envy, without having an object of envy, meaning: without a reason! 
Because feelings with low vibrations do not feel good, do not linger too long on 'envy', but go back into Unconditional LOVE. 

Now practice for as long as you like, going from one to the other feeling, sensing or 'seeing' the differences:
Experiment: Mourning - JOY - HUMOR - anger - PLEASANTRY - loneliness - HAPPINESS, and whatever comes into your mind.
This way you can tell which feelings are TRUE = HEAVENLY, and which feelings are errors = human errors, untrue!

Now watch and recognize the differences: 
Human Love or 'the love, that I have known up to now' - UNCONDITONAL LOVE;
'The highest joy I have felt so far' - the JOY of  HEAVEN;
'How I have felt up to now' - 'how angels feel' etc... 

You can check out all feelings this way:
If they are PURE, BEAUTIFUL feelings, the HEART opens widely - if they have low vibrations, the HEART-chakra will contract. The differences of vibration and the quality of the feelings will say more than thousand words!

This will give you a new dimension of FEELING, a new quality of SENSATION - and maybe you feel like I did, when I discovered this:
Is it SO WONDERFUL what we are capable of doing! What has escaped you until now! This knowledge is the beginning of a NEW AGE for yourself!

Now practice to be in resonance with different aspects:
We can go into resonance to the vibrations of  feelings, but also to the vibrations of different aspects.

Go into resonance with: The vibrations of animals, insects, plants, stones etc., of apartments, places, streets, villages, cities, countries, states, of peoples of different countries (never of single persons!), of peoples of different times, of continents now and in former times, of planets and stars, and also to the vibrations of ages, of civilizations and cultures, of political parties, opinions or social currents, of music, of colors... You can feel the vibrations of the planet EARTH today, 10 years ago, 100 years ago or 1000 years ago - and in 20 years, in 50 years, in 2000 years etc...

Maybe you will observe astonishing aspects...

You may compare, find out differences, realize whether a culture was higher-standing than others, and what might have been the cause of this, you may find out the difference in the feeling of animals, of different trees, different flowers, of food, of herbs that can heal and those that cannot, of fruit and vegetable, of meals of different countries, etc.
The vibrations show the conditions of the beings of nature and their feeling of living, but your HEART can also tell their conditions under different hypothetical aspects in the outside, so that you can assess, what would be, if... From the vibrations of food you can tell its value for us. The vibrations show the quality of beings and objects as objective as can be, without evaluating. 


That shows us, that we should not evaluate either, but be completely objective, too! An essential aspect of the spiritual WAY is the complete loss of EVALUATION and JUDGEMENT of any kind, because through appraisal and judgement you raise yourself above other beings or objects. However, you are not entitled to do this - even GOD does not judge, though HE knows everything about HIS CHILDREN, but LOVES instead! 

Now, let us come to the finding of TRUTH. You already know that the HEART widens, if the vibration is high and narrows or closes if the vibration is low.
You should know that TRUTH always has very high vibrations, untruth or lies always low vibrations. 
In order to test this, make a simple statement and observe the reactions of your HEART-chakra. Say simply 'YES' and observe... and then say 'NO' and observe...
Say now "TRUE" and observe... then say "LIE" and observe...

Then make a statement that corresponds to the TRUTH, for example, the current date: "Today is Sunday, the...." and see whether the HEART widens. If the date is correct, it will surely do so.
Now make a statement that is untrue, give a wrong date, and see, how your HEART contracts. Practice with other true and untrue statements. The HEART will also respond, if you yourself don't know whether the statement was TRUE or not. 

You can say: 'What I am hearing in the radio now is TRUE' and see, what your HEART says.
You can say:
'What this politician says, is TRUE.' - 'This book is important for me.' - 'Reincarnation is TRUTH.' - What MARIA writes on this page here is TRUE.' - in the supermarket: 'This meal is good for my body.' - 'This apple does not contain any poison.' 
You can check out everything.

Now go, if you like, in resonance to elves, fairies, dwarves, giants and other life forms generally thought to be the invention of fairy tales...  Maybe you, too, can learn to give up any doubt that these beautiful beings really exist. Here, in your HEART, you just felt the proof...

The absolute TRUTH will always widen your HEART. All people practicing this way should come to the same results. If you practice together with others, however,  you may find out that your result does not always correspond to that of others. That is quite normal, because in those cases, there is no absolute TRUTH, but each person can have his or her own truth. Your truth differs from the truth of others, when it comes to personal likes and bodily functions, which differ from person to person! So when you ask whether this apple is good for you, you may have a positive result, whereas your neighbor, who has an allergy against apples, states a negative result. And often people are conditioned differently by their lives and experiences and understand certain aspects of being differently, maybe have a different 'coloring' for the same concepts in their heads, their nature and HEARTS... For those cases I suggest, that at first you check your answer over again, and when convinced that it is TRUE, accept your answer the way you received it and TRUST your HEART.
NJOY your new ability: no one can make you believe something anymore, because now you can recognize TRUTH for yourself, always and anytime.
By this, you have recovered an important part of your own POWER, your self-esteem and TRUST in yourself.

The more you do these practices, the finer you will be able to differentiate the results. You may also go to other topics, like LOVE and Religion, where you will find more suggestions for practice, which might prove very important for you...


You should be careful not to apply your knowledge for the purpose of your mental or material advantage or for the purpose of manipulation and raising yourself above others -  but only for your own spiritual advancement, for learning and for a deeper understanding of individual fellow beings and of CREATION as a whole, for preserving nature and helping others.

You should avoid to think more than necessary of darkness, and never go in resonance with darkness, in no case, under no circumstances. Use your knowledge only for helping others, maybe when giving someone an application with LIGHT or LOVE. Whoever needs your help, is led to you, anyway. Please do not attempt to cope with darkness itself, not even with the best intent: You have not yet sufficient STRENGTH, unless you have worked already with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for several years, because LOVE alone allows you to send darkness into LIGHT. If you do not follow my advice, you may experience a very unpleasant surprise or even take damage. If you come in contact with such extreme powers, and going-into-resonance is closest contact, you are unprotected. You do not have the STRENGTH yet to handle it, even if you saw hundreds of science fiction-films - the reality is different... It is a sign of INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM to watch yourself and not to underestimate the powers of darkness.

Please keep in mind that darkness can also imitate high vibrations! You can therefore be deceived when working with your HEART, until you are more experienced! It is important to tests your results several times, for a longer period of time, over and over again. Ask GOD or CHRIST for their PROTECTION and GUIDANCE.
If you work with Spiritual GUIDANCE, please tests over and over again, whether you are in contact with the TRUE HELPERS:
1.) first go in resonance with his/her vibrations: if the HEART widens, it is a sign, but still no conclusive proof. 
2.) subsequently asks the NAME again and again, up to 10 times and more, if necessary - the TRUTH has to be said eventually. The TRUE SOURCE says the NAME patiently again and again, because this problem is known and GUIDANCE understands you. However, darkness will try to deceive you, pretend to be from the LIGHT, give the NAME of ANGELS or even GOD! But even a dark source must, if asked directly, tell the TRUTH, and then this being may disappear, or you may feel the energy 'crumble'... and you will KNOW!

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