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Summary and Suggestion:
More Ways to work with LOVE
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With your loving HEART you are able to...
  • Learn to feel the vibrations of different feelings
  • Let LOVE flow (with or without a certain destination, that I can chose with my conscious mind)
  • Clear your Chakras
  • Clear yourself = Healing (the best thing is to go with LOVE to the heart-chakra and stay there. This way, all the other chakras = body, mind, soul will be cleared, too!)
  • Help other people, animals and plants, for example by letting your LOVE flow, or by laying your hands on yourself or someone else = canalizing LOVE
  • LOVE yourself = LOVE GOD and everyone/everything (Humanity's WAY of Redemption!) 
  • LOVE your enemies - because by doing so, you will automativally dissolve their hateful thoughts and fury against yourself, and then they will not be your enemies any longer
  • Dissolve your Karma
  • Clear and harmonize your relations with other people, in private life and in business life
  • Solve all your problems  (and I really mean all of them, with no exception!)
  • Change yourself by Clearing yourself (you will be surprised, how you slowly but noticeably change: You will react differently, you will think differently, you will feel differently, you will be another person - the person you actually are, but who is new and unknown to you! And this new person will be in harmony with yourself, much more loving, more relaxed, more understanding and more caring than the one you used to be!)
  • Develop your personality, advance morally and ethically, rise above your old small and narrow personality
  • Dissolve the formative Power Fields in your aura, which have to do with habits, addiction and aging, thus clearing yourself from these problems
  • Change the world around you - which happens simultaneously with your own change, according to the Cosmic LAW: As within - so without!
  • Realize, for instance, what your vibrational frequency, the vibrational frequency of a country or of Earth would be today,  if a certain event had not taken place ... and THAT is VERY interesting, because it revolutionizes you view on things!
  • Harmonize, whatever disharmonic you happen to meet (maybe by letting the LOVE from your heart shine on disharmonic happenings, like fights, quarrels etc., BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER LET IT SHINE ON THE PEOPLE CONCERNED, ONLY UPON THE SITUATION, otherwise you would manipulate!) 
  • Protect yourself, because when you are in LOVE you are PERFECTLY PROTECTED in every way, including accidents, misfortune, theft or violence of any kind, even unfriendliness, as long as you are in Unconditional LOVE!
  • Dissolve all promises, oaths, vows, but also all curses, imprecations, anathemas that are still binding you from former incarnations and free yourself
  • Dissolve all bonds and dependences, that tie you to other people and free yourself
  • Free yourself from lovesickness 
  • Give comfort to people in need
  • Contact the loving, helpful beings of nature, like elves, fairies and dwarves
  • Overcome separation and prejudice: East-West, different looks, different nationalities, different thinking and feeling, different ways of living, different religions, different opinions: Now you will stop hating, fearing and despising people who are different from you, and instead respect their way of living, their religion, their way of thinking and feeling... and not regard them as a threat to you and those like you. You know that all opinions are necessary and important, if only as the polarity to another opinion! Because extreme opinions and feelings will always cause the opposite extreme opinion to come into being (see the Hermetic LAW of Polarity).
  • Recognize TRUTH, the absolute TRUTH, as well as your personal truth
  • Free your chakras from all blockages, so that they are able to turn back into their original spheric shape
  • Activate your heart-chakra, thus initiating an enormous advancement
  • Develop your Mer-Ka-Ba
  • Develop your Body of LIGHT
  • ...and much more!
LIGHT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are the most effective means for developping the Body of LIGHT and the Mer-Ka-Ba. Without UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, this development will be impossible!

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