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TRUTH - Your HEART can tell it
What is TRUTH?
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(I write TRUTH in capital letters to indicate that I mean the absolute TRUTH, the TRUTH of GOD, in order to distinguish it from the human truth. I also write UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in capital letters. The actual difference is that the absolute TRUTH, just like UNCONDITIONAL LOVE itself, of which TRUTH is a part, is a NON-POLAR DIVINE aspect, whereas the human truth and human love are polar qualities, and as such earthly = low vibrating.

... Yes, what actually is TRUTH? Is there a paramount, absolute TRUTH - or is TRUTH always relative, therefore individually different - different from one individual to the other, as each one tries to ascertain TRUTH for himself? It is clear, that what I recognize in my HEART as TRUTH, does not have to be your truth, because you do not feel it in your HEART - and what you read with your eyes will be checked by your brain so that you may accept it or not - unless you have learned to read with your HEART. So you would have to believe that what I write is TRUE. However, belief is not KNOWLEDGE - as KNOWLEDGE comes from the HEART. Therefore, I cannot convince you. You have to find TRUTH for yourself. Maybe you feel in your HEART that my TRUTH is correponding with yours, but not necessarily so. 
How many disputes, like many wars, how many battles have been fought in the history of mankind about 'TRUTH?' Up to the present day and age, we can learn by alarming examples, what people are capable of who believe themselves to be 'in possession of' absolute TRUTH. Men have always tried to force their truth on others, regarding dissenters as their worst enemies... Finding the TRUTH is a hard way of the learning!

So, I leave it to the WISDOM of Jesus,
to teach us what 'TRUTH' really is...
(from the booklet "Heliand" - gospel of the completed life, translated from an Aramaic original,
by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux-Székely, Drei Eichen Verlag
The capitalization of the DIVINE, NOT-POLAR aspects as well as the name GOD is my own
90/1) and again the twelve were gathered in the shadow of palm trees, and one of them, Thomas, spoke to the others: "What is TRUTH? Because the same things appear different to the different natures and even to the same nature at different times. What therefore is TRUTH?"
2) and as they spoke so, Jesus appeared among them and spoke: "The one and eternal TRUTH is in GOD alone, because nobody knows what GOD alone knows, who is ALL of ALL. The TRUTH can be revealed to MEN according their ability to understand and to grasp. 
3) The ONE TRUTH has many aspects, and one sees only one side, the other one another, and some see more than one because it is given to them. 
4) See this crystal: Just like the one light apparently is in twelve surfaces, even in four times twelve, and every surface throws back a ray of the light, and one looks at another surface and yet another, it still is the one crystal and the one light, that is shining through all of them. 
5) and look, if someone climbs a mountain and reaches the summit, he says: This is the top of the mountain, let us climb it - and look, when they reach this height, they see another mountain peak ahead of them, until they reach a peak, from which no other peaks can be seen anymore, if they can climb it.
6) That's how it is with the TRUTH. I am the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE, and I gave you the TRUTH, that I have received from above. And what is seen and is received by the one, is not seen and received by the other. What seems TRUE to some people, does not seem so to others. Those in the valley below do not see what those see who are standing on top of the mountain.
7) And yet is the truth as the individual mind can see it, until a higher TRUTH becomes apparent, and to the soul, that can receive more LIGHT, will be given more LIGHT. Therefore you should not damn the others so that you yourselves would not be damned. 
8) According to how you obey THE SACRED LAW OF LOVE I gave you, so the TRUTH will be revealed to you more and more, and the spirit of TRUTH from above will guide you, and be it on many wanderings, into the whole TRUTH, just like the fiery cloud that led the children of Israel through the desert.
9) Be loyal the light within you, until a higher LIGHT is given to you. Seek more LIGHT, and you will live in the abundance of LIGHT. Do not stop seeking until you have found it. 
10) GOD gives you ALL THE TRUTH, like a ladder with many steps, for the liberation and completion of the soul, and you will leave today's truth for the higher TRUTH of tomorrow. Strive for PERFECTION.
Those that hold the SACRED LAW I gave them, will save their souls, no matter how different they may see the TRUTH I gave them. 
12) Many will speak to me: Lord Lord, we were eagerly living in your TRUTH. However, I will speak to them: No, only so that others would see it just like you do, and no other TRUTH besides. 
Belief without MERCY is dead.
LOVE is the fulfillment of the LAW.
13) How could the belief, that they received, bring benefits to those that practice it in injustice? 
Those, who have LOVE, have all things,
and without LOVE, there is nothing of value.
Let them all hold, what they recognize as TRUTH in LOVE,
knowing that where there is no LOVE,
truth is a dead letter without value.
14) KINDNESS, TRUTH and BEAUTY remain, of which the highest, however, is KINDNESS. If several brothers hated and hardened their hearts against the creatures of GOD, how can these, whose eyes are blind and whose hearts are hardened, see the TRUTH for GOD'S CREATION to find SALVATION?
15) As I received TRUTH, so I gave it to you. Let it be received by everyone according to his LIGHT and his ability to understand it, and do not pursue those that receive it in another interpretation. 
16) Because the TRUTH is the POWER OF GOD, and in the end IT will rule above all errors. However, the SACRED LAW that I gave, is equal for all and just and good. Let them all pursue it for the SALVATION of their souls!"

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