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Anchoring LOVE in the Heart
(instructions for the Initiation into LOVE) and:
Giving the LOVE of GOD (instructions)

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Anchoring the Ability to LOVE in your Heart-Chakra
(instructions for the Initiation into LOVE)
On February 14th, 2004, Valentine's Day, GOD-GODDESS gave Mankind this following chance, coming from HIS-HER deepest LOVE and GRACE, a present we cannot estimate high enough for this time and the time to come:

In this website you can learn to feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and to work with it.

But now it is possible for everyone to anchor the abiliy to feel and produce your own Unconditional LOVE in your heart-chakra for the duration of this incarnation, and you can do this for yourself as well as for those, who have asked you to do so. This is a sign of the LOVE of FATHER-MOTHER and is HIS-HER gift to us. 
The Anchoring is done with HIS-HER LOVE, acting as an 'agent'.

This is a great help for those who have problems holding Unconditional LOVE for a longer time. Anchoring LOVE in your heart-chakra means that your LOVE will be rooted in your heart more solidly and much stronger than before, and it will enhance your ability to be in LOVE all the time. For only when you are in LOVE all the time, you can really LIVE LOVE and do not regard it as a 'practice'!

This Anchoring actually is an initiation, but a very simple initiation, which does not require any spiritual qualifications at all. It actually is so easy that everyone can do it. 

Of course there should be a certain maturity, which can be assumed when someone is interested in working with LOVE, and you should at least know what feeling Unconditional LOVE and working with it mean, and what anchoring LOVE in your heart means.
Matter of fact, children would hardly ever need this initiation, because they will come into LOVE and live in LOVE much easier than grown-ups; but from puberty on, it would be a very helpful idea. 

In case of immaturity, if someone wants to make a joke or wants to misuse this initiation in any way, no energy will flow at all. Keep in mind that there is Divine Consciousness with it. So it is impossible to misuse this gift and its energy.

Of course, anchoring LOVE in your heart does not replace your own work, your aim and your venture - this could not be taken from us, as it would be too easy for us, because only by our own achievement we can grow and advance, or else we would not benefit from it. LOVE and the wish to LOVE has to come from within ourselves, has to be our own LOVE. 
You can learn it from the pages 'How to feel and produce LOVE' and 'How to work with LOVE'.

So immensely deep is the LOVE of FATHER-MOTHER for you ,
that HE-SHE has made this possible,
to help you now, at this time,
to LIVE LOVE and
You can have the Anchoring done for yourself and also for other people. All you have to do is to ask GOD in a prayer to let LOVE be anchored in your heart/the heart of... Please keep in mind, that you are adressing GOD, who is LIGHT and LOVE, that is adressing GOD-GODDESS. Then the necessary energy - the LOVE of GOD - will be streaming from your heart-chakra within a second, and at the same time from both hand-chakras (the hand-chakras transport the energy from within the heart-chakra). This stream of LOVE will last a short time (maybe about 12 seconds), so that you will have the time to direct the stream to yourself or oth other person(s). The stream of LOVE will ALWAYS flow when you are doing this in good will - whether you feel it or not. Afterwards you should thank GOD-GODDESS (the beings of the heavenly planes are extremely polite with us and with each other, because of LOVE and RESPECT for each fellow being, and they will always respect the others' free will - so do it likewise).
When practicing this initiation, keep in mind that you are performing a HOLY ACTION. 
The initiation is done as follows:
1. For yourself: 

1.1.) You pray to GOD with your own words, asking to have Unconditional LOVE anchored in your heart, 
           by putting the insides of your hands together (like the catholics pray).
1.2.) Then immediately put both your hands on the top of your heady, for as long as the stream of LOVE
          is flowing and while doing so, keep thinking: 'This is the Anchoring of LOVE in my Heart'.
1.3.) Then thank GOD-GODDESS, again with your hands laid together.

2. For another Person, who has asked you to do so:
(You should initiate another person into LOVE only after having been asked to do so.
This person has to be present)

2.1.) The other person is sitting on a chair which is standing freely in the room
          (so you can walk around it).
2.2.) You are standing in front of this person, praying with your own words to GOD for the Anchoring
          of LOVE in the heart of this person.
2.3.) Now you slowly and consciously walk to your right (counterclockwise) around this person, until 
          you are standing behind the person. If you should stumble, lose your balance and have to take 
          a backward step, start the initiation again. Your steps should have a clear aim.
2.4.) Standing behind the person, you lay both hands on the top of his/her head for as long as the
          stream of LOVE is flowing. While doing so, keep thinking: 'This is the Anchoring of LOVE in 
          this person's heart'.
2.5.) Now take your hands away and walk further to your right around that person, just as consciously, 
          until you are standing again in front of the person, having completed a circle (If you had been
          looking from above, this circle was drawn into a left direction =counterclockwise).
2.6.) Then you lay your hands together again and thank GOD-GODDESS.

This initiation is done only once and should not be repeated. It is valid for the duration of this incarnation.

If you should decide some day that you do not want to be in LOVE anymore, you can ask GOD-GODDESS to take this initiation back, and it will happen at once.

This initiation can only be given to HUMANS. 
But the LOVE of GOD can be given to Everything alive = ALL: humans, animals, plants or beings ('lost' souls!).

Giving the LOVE of GOD
to yourself and others
At the same time it was made possible to give and receive the Energy of Divine LOVE, that is GOD'S LOVE - the LOVE of GOD-GODDESS! And there are no limitations, it can be done as often as wanted, for yourself and others! And there is no need for you to ask the others - when their souls do not want this LOVE, they can refuse it, and the LOVE returns as a gift for yourself!

This is so easy, that everyone can do it, even older children, if they want to help others.
Like in the above practive, there is no age limit set, distinctly so, neither for the receiving, nor for the giving person. 

When practicing this, keep in mind that you are performing a HOLY ACTION. 
It is done this way:

1.) You put your hands together and pray to GOD: 'Please give me YOUR LOVE for...'
2.) At once your heart-chakra and your hand-chakras will open und the stream of LOVE begins
       to flow.
3.) For yourself and people who are present you can lay your hands on the top of your/their 
       head for a certain time, or you hold your open hands up (like BLESSING). For people who
       are not present, you either hold your open hands up or let them rest in your lap or on your
       knees. You should be thinking of the people that are supposed to receive LOVE. 
4.) Then you lay your hands together and thank GOD-GODDESS.

When you let others receive GOD'S LOVE, you will receive as much LOVE yourself, because what you send out, you will receive, that is LAW. You do not have to ask for LOVE for yourself, it happens all by itself. So it makes sense, to let others have LOVE, as often and as much as possible! You can also ask for GOD'S LOVE for ALL people, all animals, plants, beings, Earth...

It is also possible to ask for both GOD'S LOVE and HIS BLESSINGS, and you will be able to give both and receive both... You may either hold your hands on the top of the head or leave your hands open.
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