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Activating your Heart-Chakra (instructions)

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I was given this KNOWLEDGE in September 2003, when my vibration were already very high and my chakras had regained their actual spheric shape. At that time only very heavy, solid and dark energies were dissolving, which only the most intense LOVE could achieve, and I had to work hard to do this.

There I was told that I should go into my HEART-chakra, but not only with my consciousness, meaning not only to think of my HEART-chakra, but to actually go there spatially - be there! And being there, I should feel the most intense LOVE I was able to, and keep it that way.

As I did this for the very first time, I felt the most solid energies immediately starting to move. The blockages and dammed energies were dissolving with ease, yes, whole layers of energy left me all at once and went into LIGHT, including numerous beings and souls within them (I assume that when the last blockage dissolves, there will be a being sitting there as well).

I found out, however, that I should not care at all about WHAT was leaving me, but direct my attention only to my presence there, while being in LOVE.

The effect was holistic and could be felt within my whole body, because the HEART-chakra masters all other chakras and with it the whole body.

I was very astonished and in deepest HUMILITY.

However, I needed some time to get used to it, but then it was easy and beautiful. Some days later, I had a peculiar experience that I felt to be directly connected with this practice; for I had noticed at once that this practice was something special and accelerated my development in some way.

This can be practiced by anybody who feels attracted to it. 

If you are used to it, you may simultaneously practice the Chakra-Pulsation.

It is absolutely important that you are in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, with highest intensity - how intense, depends on your ability to LOVE. You may want to come into High LOVE. It is absolutely worth trying, because this will allow you quantum jumps. 
It exceeds all your previous ideas of energy, even of LOVE. It is DEEPER, deeper-going, incredibly intensive and incredibly soft and incredibly BEAUTIFUL and stirs you to tears, if you can really feel it. That is the kind of LOVE you could not imagine before. It will  already bring you a step closer to HEAVENLY LOVE.

You can go with your HEART-chakra in resonance to HIGH LOVE, as you have learned under How to feel and produce LOVE. And following these instructions, you can feel HIGH LOVE and practice it. Discover it yourself. And you cannot discover it without feeling it as well. This  is part of the WAY, an essential part, because without HIGH LOVE, further development will not be possible! After discovering it, practice to be in HIGH LOVE all the time. After that, you will not want to feel anything else.

Then, dear brother, dear sister, advance further and learn to know the following steps of LOVE, by transcending your limitations over and over again, and learn that LOVE, SWEETNESS itself, is unlimited. 

You cannot practice that just so, but must concentrate on it. It requires your full attention - even I myself was not able to be in High LOVE and at the same time concentrate on something else. But it  must be possible, because all Heavenly Beings are in High LOVE and able to SERVE just the same. So the precondition for mastering this ability will be development, until High LOVE has become the natural state to live in.

You can activate your HEART-Chakra before meditating, for example before joining the Chakra-Meditation. Look how you are feeling now...

^^QUAN ^^ TUM ^^ JUM ^^ PING^^
And after a few weeks of this beautiful "work", which is purest JOY, I found out to my delight that my HEART-chakra now, on a higher step of LOVE, has grown even lighter, even wider, and now I realized:

It is possibly to simply keep my HEART-chakra wide open - and by doing this, an intense cleaning takes place whereever my consciousness lingers, because my HEART-chakra picks up dark energies from whereever I think of and sends them to LIGHT... and the dark energies cannot make my HEART contract anymore, so it remains open and able to function.

And I need no more effort, no more preparation and no more cleaning - so simple can energy work become now!

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