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The Revolution of Hearts
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GOD said:
LIGHT is revolution to darkness - LOVE to the coldness of heart.
When  the  SUN  is  arising  it's  revolution  to night,
the  wake of SPRING is  the  winter' depart,
JOY  is  revolution to  suffering  fright,
'I AM'  is revolution to 'not to be',
'strength to 'without help',
'facing  it'  is  to 'run',
'WE' is to 'myself',
TWO is to one,
4 to the 3,
YOU and

 On December 24th, 2001, Holy Night, GOD spoke:

The REVOLUTION is taking place in the heart of MAN. 
Let the REVOLUTION into your heart, so that your consciousness will we revolutionized! 
Let in what is NEW, the SUN: LIGHT-LOVE! 
Let it revolutionize your LIFE - not by force, but in silence, unnoticed at first, 
until you have finally overcome darkness in yourself.
All you need is to decide: Yes or No, LIGHT or darkness, LOVE or not LOVE!
Where there are LOVE and LIGHT, darkness must go - let it go into LIGHT with LOVE! 
Now you will know FREEDOM - and that means always: inner FREEDOM!
By clearing your Heart you will be clearing the world,
the world, as you are experiencing it:
as within - so without!
By this REVOLUTION you will be revolutionizing the WHOLE, 
as we ALL are part of the WHOLE on a higher plane. 
So more and more people will be encouraged to join this REVOLUTION.
The more people are revolutionizing their hearts, 
the further LIGHT and LOVE and inner FREEDOM will be spreading.
When the majority of MEN are free from darkness, 
victory over darkness is won.

This Revolution is being supported by the increase of the vibrations of EARTH. Because of this increase, spiritual subjects are coming up, supported and enhanced by the LIGHT Beings and the Angels. Now you have the chance for an unequalled advancement, an advancement never before thought possible! Whoever refuses to advance now, will not be able to follow the rising vibrations of Earth. But this chance is given to everyone! All of MANKIND can come over to the new vibrational plane, the new Dimension, to NEW AGE of EARTH. GOD-GODDESS want all HIS-HER Children to live in the NEW MAGNIFICENCE!

GOD spoke:
'Allow the combined and coordinated advancement and guidance, to align all the helpers with the mutual aim, the bundling of the combined Powers of LIGHT. NOW  IS THE TIME! You will receive all the necessary knowledge. Everyone can join us, also those who did not specifically incarnate to be helpers, but who have advanced enough to help. Unfold to LIGHT like a flower to the sun, so that the SUN of LOVE can awaken you to LIFE, filling you with ever-growing POWER, just like the sun of daytime makes flowers and herbs live.' 

For that reason HE gave us the Chakra-Meditation, the meditation to awaken and bundle the Powers of LIGHT.

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