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The Chakras of Man
Appeal to Lightworkers and other Awakened:
Chakra-Meditation to awaken and bundle
the Powers of LIGHT (instructions)
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This Chakra-Meditation was given to me by AMAIO, a Spiritual Teacher from the Realms of  LIGHT, Who is working with me as is HIS WISH.
It is a technique for working with our chakras, training our powers of mind and the powers of our chakras, and at the same time it is a very potent clearing of our chakras. By doing it regularly, it will enable you to let your chakras approach their original state of being, so that they may finally take on their original spheric shape. 
At the same time, this meditation will help us come into a direct contact with all the Powers of LIGHT on EARTH and in HEAVEN, a contact you will be able to feel distinctively. 
This allows us to strengthen the United Powers of LIGHT by adding our own power to them, at the same time allowing them to grow to an immense extent by letting the synergy effect of our combined group work unfold. But there will also be an enormous effect upon each single participant, as his own power will be increased. This will be guided, so that we will be able to stand this power, feeling very well. 
If we participate in this meditation often and regularly, we may let this contact grow to be a continuous one, thus being sustained by the United Powers all the time. This will enhance our healing process and our advancement, as well as the advancement of the Whole. 

HE spoke:
'Allow the combined and coordinated advancement and guidance, to align all the helpers with the mutual aim, for the bundling of the Powers of LIGHT. NOW  IS THE TIME! You will receive all the necessary knowledge. Everyone can join us, also those who did not specifically incarnate to be helpers, but who have advanced enough to help. Unfold to LIGHT like a flower to the sun, so that the SUN of LOVE can awaken you to LIFE, filling you with ever-growing POWER, just like the sun of daytime makes flowers and herbs live.' 

Meditation to
awaken and bundle the Powers of LIGHT,
and for optimal development of our Chakras
First of all relax, pray to LIGHT and LOVE, asking GOD-FATHERMOTHER for help and for GRACE for EARTH, then... 

1. Visualize your 7 chakras turn into large white and shining globes 
    of LIGHT

2. Now visualize those 7 globes of LIGHT slowly expanding  - and 
    then slowly contracting again - and again expanding - and again 
    contracting, over and over again...

The expansion is the Power of LOVE in action - the contraction is the bundling of power and the run-up for the new expansion. Let your chakras find their own rhythm. Do not try to speed this process up. All by itself, the expansion can grow into infinity. 

3. While your spheric chakras are constantly expanding and 
    contracting, intheir own rhythm, concentrate now on your 
    alignment to LIGHT, and whiledoing so, ask GOD for contact 
    and guidance.

By doing so, your chakras are aligning to LIGHT all by themselves, acting like antennas. Let it happen, without trying to control or speed up this process in any way. At first, the chakras need some time to learn this new function. But after a short time they will have mastered it. 

4. Now concentrate on your chakras again, waiting, until they 
    reach a phase of expansion - and then, simultaneously to the 
    expansion, you consciously go into contact with all the Powers 
    of LIGHT on EARTH, incarnated or not incarnated, 

Now keep this conscious contact as long as you want to. There is nothing else you need to do. Stay as relaxed as possible and keep your concentration on the contact, without interruption. Only that is important. Afterwards give you thanks to all the Powers concerned.

This exercise is a training and advancement exercise for all LIGHTWORKERS and all the other Awakened, and a bundling of Powers. At the same time it is a powerful clearing of the chakras, but most of all it raises the combined LIGHT Powers to new unheard-of hights. 

You will profit the most, when you activate your HEART chakra before this meditation!

I suggest that you practice this meditation as often as possible, as your chakras are coming to a new alignment by doing so, opening the way for wonderful things to happen.

It is not necessary to do this at a certain time, because by doing this meditation, we are standing above time and space. So you can do it, whenever you are ready for it. And at any time and at any place (speaking in an earthly way) people and beings can 'link' to this Great Union of Power, and each is in contact with ALL. Carry it on to other people and do it in groups, as a guided meditation.

By the way, I was also told that many, many beings  on other stars and planets are doing this meditation, wishing to help MEN and EARTH with deepest LOVE. 

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