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Living from the HEART (instructions)

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You can consciously change yourself and all your expressions of LIFE to the positive if you begin to live from the HEART. That is quite easy, so easy, that you will be surprised.
But it requires some practice and concentration, and above all conscious action. If you do it often and remember it again and again, you will find out after some time that you are doing everything from your HEART-chakra, and it happens by itself and and without effort. It has become a "WAY OF LIFE" for you.

Learn to speak from the HEART, not just on important occasions, but ALWAYS:
Before you open your mouth, go consciously into your HEART-chakra (HEART) and remain there as long as possible, at least as long as you are speaking, or go  consciously again and again on your HEART-chakra. You will notice that your words sound soft and do not hurt anymore. You will notice that you always find exactly the right words and that there are no more misunderstandings. The words from your HEART also go directly into the HEART of the other person.

Learn to telephone from the HEART:
Before you pick up the phone or call somebody, go  consciously on your HEART-chakra (HEART) and remain there, as long as you telephone. You will also notice that now it is much easier for you to finish a conversation if you want to, without being abrupt or impolite. When telephoning, say always the truth and do not use any excuses and "white lies!"

Learn to walk from the HEART:
Before you start walking, go consciously on your HEART-chakra and remain there as long as you are walking - and your walk becomes free and easy; others will find it just beautiful and significant. This practice should not be confined to official occasions or celebrations, but you can ALWAYS walk like that

Learn to sing from the HEART:
Concentrate on your HEART before singing and then hear and feel the difference.

Learn to read from the HEART:
Read, while directing your consciousness to your HEART and let it stay there throughout the whole time you are reading. With some practice, nothing will disturb your concentration and you will now read with different eyes, and whatever you read, you will understand differently now, because now you can look into the HEART of the person who wrote you. Maybe you would prefer to read personal letters with your HEART? And remember to do so, when you receive complaints, even at work...

Learn to paint from the HEART, to draw, to do handicrafts and to be creative in whichever way you chose:
The results will be quite different - and you and the others will feel this within the HEART. ALL GREAT ARTISTS WORKED LIKE THAT!

Learn to work from the HEART:
You will now do your work with JOY and will give another QUALITY to your work, which others will notice, too. 

Learn to see with the HEART:
You will change your point of view this way and SEE beneath the surface. 
Your HEART opens another dimension for you: Spontaneous RECOGNITION.

Learn to hear with the HEART:
You will learn to HEAR in a new way, and for the first time you will learn to really LISTEN - that can only be done from the HEART! If you hear with the HEART, you open yourself for  UNDERSTANDING.

Learn to be in the HEART when forming an opinion about others:
Then you don't use your brain, which causes you to see everything in a sharper light, with criticism and lack of understanding. This way you will come to different judgements - or to no judgement at all.

Learn to be in the HEART when being together with people with whom you feel uncomfortable:
You will sense that the contact is of a different quality than usual. But it could also be that you would rather want to leave, because you do not want to be among those people - and this time you stand up to your own opinion and feelings instead of being just 'polite' = bending to 'customs'!

Learn to be in the HEART when standing up for yourself:
Then you don't feel aggression, but you are STRONG, CLEAR and consolidated instead...

Learn to be in the HEART when standing firmly up to your conviction:
You will find exactly the right words and will radiate FIRMNESS and HONESTY. You can convince others in a friendly and upright way.

Learn to be in the HEART when you ask for something:
Your request will meet a different resonance, because it does not come from a feeling of inner weakness but of inner strength. This way your self-evaluation or your prestige will not be offended, whether your request is granted or rejected. You find exactly the right words. If refused, you can leave with your head raised high.

Learn to go into your HEART if other people disturb you:
You will have a deeper understanding of others, because you are able to identify with them. Maybe you will not feel disturbed by others any more - but if this should still be the case, you will be able to express your opinion in a friendly way and without any aggressiveness. Therefore you will be met with friendliness, too - and maybe you will not feel disturbed anymore by others.

Learn to breathe from the HEART:
The breath symbolizes the GIVING and TAKING. You are part of the WHOLE and take from it, but in turn you also give from yourself. All humans and all of nature are  interconnected over the air. Breathe consciously and LOVINGLY take up your part in the GREAT CYCLE of LIFE. That, too, is TASK and DEDICATION.

Learn to decide from the HEART:

Your decisions will have another QUALITY, an inner WISDOM. They will not be able to lead you astray anymore.

Learn to distinguish with the HEART:
You will soon notice that your differentiations radiate an inner WISDOM, an inner KNOWLEDGE, and they will always be ecactly on the point.

Learn to forgive with the HEART:
FORGIVING is often very difficult for people because they connect their injuries with their pride and their self-evaluation. The reason for this is the predominance of the brain in human thinking, wich causes the predominance of the EGO. If you can FORGIVE from the HEART, the EGO and the brain are not involved anymore. So the other person who is FORGIVEN immediately feels and realizes it and reacts upon it. Your relationship to this person will be harmonized from then on, forevermore. This means that your karma with this person is dissolved for good.

Learn to recognize TRUTH with your HEART:
This you can learn from the pages to the subject 'TRUTH'. If you recognize the TRUTH with the HEART, no more doubts exists. This ability is universally applicable. With some practice, you will immediately know whether somebody tells the TRUTH or not, whether a book would be important for you to read or not, whether certain food products would be good for you or not... This way, nobody can influence you any more to buy something you would regret later-on, because you recognize yourself without a doubt whether a product is worth buying or not.

Learn to remember with the HEART:
We have stored all our experiences in our aura - as energy - up to the smallest detail. Our memory is much more detailed than just a photographic memory. Unfortunately most people do not reach their memory bank so well, because there are loads of blockages keeping them from reaching it. This way we have drawn a veil of forgetting over our memory, and this way we can live in peace: because knowing each single word, each single scene in detail would cause us an awful pain, a terrible shame. Most memories would be much too painful to stand, especially those where we ourselves hurt those whom we loved most. If however, you go into your HEART to remember, you will be able to clear this veil with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, thus HEALING the pain of the past, HEALING the relationsships with others, dissolving your karma like a storm can clear the morning mist - and all your pain will be gone....

Learn to compare with your HEART:
and your comparisons will always be objective and precise.

Learn to assess other people with your HEART:
and your assessment will always be right and fair.

Learn to interact with other people while being in your HEART,
and you will have no more problems with anyone, not even with the most difficult people.

Learn to find your own WAY from your HEART:
and you will always go the right WAY.

Find even more possibilities to express yourself from the HEART. You will live your life in a new and more beautiful way. And more than that, you gradually will turn into an affectionate, thoroughly lovable person. Maybe you would then be able to LIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE all the time? - then your LIFE is a continuous  celebration, a feast of LOVE. That sounds good, doesn't it? Does it seem too good to be true? You cannot believe it? This could not happen to you, because you do not feel uo to it? You feel too small for it? I suggest that you try it, though - because it only works if you DO it!


Keep your heart open,
whatever may happen.

Even if somebody hurts me?

Even then.
Because if you are the cause of everything,
you can only be hurt,
when you believe in it
and want to experience it.
LOVE forgives everything and can only LOVE.
LOVE heals your wounds.

(Sources unknown)
In memory of LIRIA

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