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TRUTH - Your HEART can tell it
Your HEART is the Way to REDEMPTION
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Working with your HEART-chakra is very important and wonderful. Especially important and beautiful is working with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Only with the HEART - only if your HEART-chakra is swinging with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE -, you can recognize TRUTH for yourself!

Train your HEART-chakra and see how you change in the course of time, imperceptibly at first, perceptible only in retrospect. Through the high vibrations of LOVE, you can accelerate your development enormously. You can find TRUTH by working with LOVE and dissolve all your problems, your karma, your desease, too...

Where there is LOVE, there is LIGHT - and where there is LIGHT, there is LOVE. 
Both are inseparable.
The WAY of REDEMPTION truly is the WAY of the HEART! Be not impatient - look at it this way: For such a development, you would normally have had to live through many, many incarnations.
Be GLAD about the possibilities you have today. Be in grateful JOY of your higher knowledge without looking down on people who have not found this WAY yet. You should KNOW: All of LIFE is on the WAY OF RETURN INTO LIGHT = DELIVERANCE. Everyone of us, every fellow being has chosen a unique, individual WAY, that is to be respected. Live your LIFE in LOVE - at all times - and LOVE EVERYTHING THAT LIVES = EVERYTHING THERE IS!

If you want to have a beautiful experience of the special kind, go into resonance with the vibrations of the angels, with CHRIST, with other high beings and finally to GOD / GODDESS HIMSELF/HERSELF. 
The vibrations are exceedingly high - but we experience them only as high as we can endure them. There is not anything MORE BEAUTIFUL than to be in this DEEPEST CLOSENESS with GOD. This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL of all practices. And you will always feel that your COMPASSION IS RETURNED.

Remain in resonance for a while - HEAVEN calls this the "PRAYER WITHOUT WORDS"
...And here you learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

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