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Jesus CHRIST and Mary are Revolutionaries
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You are holding my LOVE in your Heart
MY WORD on your Lips
My Thoughts in your Mind -
Your Feet are holding you
And I am holding you in my Hands.
So you are holding and I am holding you -
Holders we are and Givers,
Bringers and Distributors,
Observers and Deliverers,
Helpers and Lovers,
Advisers and Alterators,
Rebels and Saviours,
Separators and Connectors -
But always with LOVE in our Hearts.

(HE gave this poem to me on December 8th, 1999)

Maybe you are surprised about this poem. That is why I want to explain the rebellic nature of my being, especially since Mary (MARIA/ MARYAM) has never been associated with rebellion, but been considered nothing but distinctively sugary sweet: When I was incarnated as a man, I very often was a rebel, a fighter for freedom. At most times, those incarnation ended by force. I often was considered in conflicting ways by contemporaries as well as the following generations, was controversial or difficult to judge.
But even as a woman I was rebellious or revolutionary, maybe not as obvious as when I was a man. Look at my incarnations that way. You will see the revolutionary aspect in every incarnation, male or female. 
My ASSIGNMENT itself is Revolution: 'Bringing HIS WORD to the world'! The WORD = LIGHT and LOVE was always revolutionary, as its MESSAGE has always been HEAVEN's HELP to MANKIND to free itself from darkness - from darkness within themselves!

Rebellion or revolution is the SIGN of LIGHT, of LOVE - matter of fact, it is the innermost substance of LIGHT and LOVE. Both LIGHT and LOVE are always new, revolutionary - changing, braking up, upheaving, uproaring, uprising, upsetting, uplifting and healing everything in their path... it is their nature. LIGHT and LOVE are revolution to darkness. They are carrying HIS Divine Teachings, the WORD. The WORD itself is revolution: changing minds and expanding consciouscess.

All LIGHTWORKERS are revolutionaries. 
All people being in Unconditional LOVE are revolutionaries.

Jesus CHRIST and Mary have always been revolutionaries
- Revolutionaries of LIGHT and LOVE. 

This revolution is fought without any hate, any force or any type of physical interference - it is utterly peaceful, utterly harm-less. Our weapons are LIGHT and Unconditional LOVE. Our weapons are JOY, Silence and meditative Consciousness:
LIGHT for ourselves and the World,
LOVE for ourselves and others,
JOY about ourselves and Creation,
united in the conscious clarity of meditation.
The aim of the Revolution of LIGHT and LOVE is expanding the consciousness of mankind, for the final liberation of MAN from the power of darkness. Only MAN himself can bring about that liberation - nobody else can do it for him. The Powers of LIGHT can point the direction, can offer advise, give information, uptain CLARITY and TRUTH, can show what to do and how to go about it, so that MAN knows what he is capable of - but each and everyone has to think for himself and feel for himself and free mind, body and aura from darkness himself. 

While we are changing ourselves, we are changing the world, giving an example, a pattern for others to follow - whereever we are, whomever we meet. And on a higher plane, all of us are united, so we are able to influence others by example, by what we ourselves are doing. 

It is not possible to institutionalize revolution, to make revolution from the platform of rigid organizations, like churches or spiritual communities, like all human religions are, more or less. Organizations remove the free unbound spirit from ideas and actions. They are material stuff, dark, heavy and limiting concrete, whereas the revolutionary breath sings in the ocean waves, swirls on the wings of the storm, glistens in the heat of the fiery rays of the sun.
Where always the same rituals are obeyed, there is no LIFE left. Rituals weaken the energy, taking away the symbolic meaning, the 'flesh and blood' of living actions, leaving but dead, meaning-less movements. Finally the organizations have to be kept alive with outside means, artificially. That leads to a rigid power structure, nurturing the greed of power, as well as internal pressure and pressure to the outside. That is the reason, why churches, communism and other religions, as well as spiritual communities were respectively are bound to fail, sooner or later. 

HEAVEN does not want organizations and does not support them. HEAVEN's order is LIVING LAW, continuously renewing itself and everything, organically growing and advancing in eternal JOY, deriving from the deepest Heart, being respected with LOVE and by Free Will alone.

This renewing power can only spring from our hearts. For that reason, TRUE SPIRITUALITY cannot be forced into the corset of a formal civil-service-like organization, of political parties, societies, associations or clubs, not pressed into the structures of unions, alliances or coalitions, not strangled by laws and regulations.
TRUE Spirituality can only exist and sprout in perfect LIBERTY, IN FREEDOM, perfectly unbound, so it can unfold spontaneously!

So Society of the New Age will be neither religiously nor politically organized in any way. There will be no written Law. So there will be neither lawyers and civil servants nor policemen and soldiers (and of course no  hunters, fishermen, butchers, vermin exterminators, furriers and other people of similar professions...)
CHRIST will rule Humanity in LOVE, with no force whatever, being accepted by free will alone...

It is of vital importance that we allow ourselves to obtain and keep this LIBERTY, this FREEDOM, this independent, unbound spirit in our hearts - because only this way WE are able to advance to our highest spiritual potential!

The Revolutionary FORCE is the ever renewing POWER of LIGHT and LOVE - just like Spring! 
Never before, has Earth been in as tight a grip of darkness, as today. Never before, humanity has secretly been enslaved to the same extent as today, never before has humanity been as educated as today, in wide parts of the world, while at the same time being spiritually as ignorant! 

Behind all that is darkness, of course, ruling the world: finance, politics, armed forces, media, stock markets, industry, trade..., aiming to extinguish LIGHT on Earth, even the least spark in the heart of MAN, and - unknown even to the makers of TV or (hopefully) those makers being in political power - they are baiting and influencing them all!

Politics are utterly dark, and showbusiness, too, just like public life in general. The exceptions are few and the temptations are many! Most people are looking for their own advantage, not to mention personal power - and in politics that is being excused by saying, that the delegates/representatives, allowing themselves (!) more money (as it is possible at least in Germany), would keep them from being susceptible to bribe - WHAT kind of peoples' REPRESENTATIVES are those who are looking for as much money and other advantages as possible, instead of having higher ideals? 

And modern technology is just as ambivalent - the media are spreading information, making the peoples of the world come closer to each other, understanding each other better, knowing about each other's problems and joys -  and at the same time they are (consciously!) distracting people (from their own being, their hearts and therefore their spiritual advancement), making their feelings, their hearts grow numb and dull by flooding them with too many stimuli, too much information, with problems, sadness, terror and force, teaching them to laugh about others, rousing voyeurism, propagating sex and force, making people be regarded as sexual objects or objects of force, spreading disorientation, untruthful information and lies, influencing people directly to behave according to their will, to hate whom they should hate, to love whom they should love, willfully soiling their aura and minds, so they would not think their own thoughts, but follow the stream of thoughts as given. Many people are living the life problems of ficticious people, wanting to forget their own. Many people are consuming TV all day long, even when cleaning up or reading - but their minds are picking up every tiny bit of information, whether they are listening attentively or not. All these influences and willfull distractions are confusing us, thus diffusing our strength, weakening us, because we cannot concentrate, leaving us easy to steer from the outside... 

It is regarded as a sign of intellectual maturity to watch dramatic plays or movies with 'problems' - but most of the time they are 'pulling us down', meaning that their low vibrations are lowering ours, too. When we are suffering with the actors, our vibrations are reduced in a dramatic way, being much more dramatic than what is going on onstage or on the movie screen...
Only great writers and poets are able to write plays that are lifting us up (=rising the frequency of our vibrations) - like Goethe's 'Faust' or 'Antigone' by Sophokles - but others, especially most of the offerings on TV, are not... 
But when our vibrations are low, we are energetically weak and open to attack, meaning our aura (= our immume system) is down and can be intruded by dark beings, who want to live on our energy!

Even 'fun' can be a weapon of darkness, but then I would rather call it 'irony', 'mockery', 'ridicule', or 'making fun of others'. Those weapons are: Jokes about sex, ridiculing the Holiness of sexuality, jokes about certain groups of people, like uneducated people, blonde women, children, or like Polish, Irish or Jewish people... Those jokes are increasing the distance between people, making others small by apparently raising our worthyness. All those jokes derive from utter darkness, even if those who spread them do not know about it. The invisible darkness is manipulating our thoughts! So it is propagating the perversion of Holy things: Sexuality is perverting to sex; VENUS, GODDESS of (Unconditional) LOVE and Heavenly BEAUTY, turns into a synonym for 'sin', lust, want and eroticism in a dirty sense; beliefs and religions are ridiculed, even GOD HIMSELF and CHRIST, with the aim of reducing everything GREAT to smallness...

Look closely at TV, with open ears and open eyes: Talkshows, or even worse, the so-called reality shows, are profiting the most when someone is being ridiculed or his/her weaknesses exposed publicly - they are thriving on it, with all eyes watching with glee! There is verbal aggressiveness, interrupting the speech of others, not letting them talk freely, only to let the own opinion be heard... What an arrogant show of egotism, as well as gloating over the pain of the 'smaller' persons, of how they are trying to remain composed, with their faces being shown in close-ups... there are political debates where this rude way of communication is ritualized, the opponents being ridiculed and left speechless, personally destroyed... there are actually battles going on - the stage, the screen being battlefields!  And the tacticts of speech and corresponding gestures are taught by professionals, with all the weight lying on the outside appearance, on the impression upon others, on the illusion of greatness, created with psychological finesse... This is nothing but institutionalized dishonesty, deception and misleading. There is no respect for others (only as far as seems good to the prospective voters), no LOVE, no feeling for their fellow beings at all, and those whose hearts are still open, are being pushed out or destroyed. Aggressiveness is taken for 'holding a solid stand' and 'standing upright', for being able to stand up to the high standards that are being expressed verbally...

Never before the people have been flooded with that many outside stimuli as nowadays, thus being influenced everywhere and in every way, even in their most private and intimate lives. Of course there are always 'pearls' between the dirt, but we have no time to reflect all that - to reflect at all.

Why, do you think, are we flooded with all those endless diversions, those millions of stimuli? 

'ENTERTAINMENT'  means distraction from yourself, meaning straying from the WAY. Darkness wants to make you stray. The time of your life is immensely precious, it actually is one of the mose precious gifts to you. Appreciate and honor it (and also regard other people's time that way and honor it, too, by always being on time)!

Instead of letting your strength be weakened, you should bundle it, so you are strong enough to withstand darkness! Bundling your strength can only be done in SILENCE - THAT is the WAY TO LIGHT! And exactly THAT is what darkness wants to keep you from - because otherwise it would lose its power grip over you...

Be watchful and attentive. Keep (or start) thinking for yourself and let no one else put words into your mouth or emotions into your heart! And check your ideas, too, because they may not be your own!

Looking for and enjoying this FERTILE SILENCE is a sign of spiritual maturity. And at a certain point of your way, SILENCE is vital for you, because you cannot proceed spiritually without silence any further. Silence is important to find your WAY - and you can only find it inside, not on the outside! Nobody else can tell you which WAY you should take. Only your heart KNOWS.

I myself am receiving my inspirations in silence - then HE speaks to me - answering to my prayers, my pleas for CLARITY, TRUTH and HELP. It happens when I am lying awake in bed, sitting silently by myself, being centrered within my heart, pondering things I have heard or thought of, maybe about certain peoblems, subjects or people... then I get inspirations, then I realize what is behind it - because I am in my own inner STRENGTH - without any self-pity, weakness and feeling of helplessness at all! Then I am listening to the VOICE in my heart. You may also call this 'meditation'. 

To escape the ever-present influence of darkness, become a REVOLUTIONARY OF LIGHT AND LOVE yourself - bringing REVOLUTION to EARTH and to your fellow beings, they all being your brothers and sisters, your parents or children - but most of all, bring REVOLUTION = LIGHT and LOVE, to your own heart! THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF 'FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST'!
Jesus and Mary were revolutionaries, because they brought the MESSAGE of GOD, WHO IS LIGHT-LOVE, the TRUE GOD. Because the God of the Old Testament was not the TRUE GOD anymore - for THAT reason GOD had sent the prophets to Earth, NOT alone, because a small minority was adoring Baal, as is told in the old Texts! At all times, people have known propaganda and volutary misleading of others. And the spiritual Essene Community, from which Mary and Jesus sprang, had known that, too, and they consciously were preparing the way for the new Messiah, being guided by LIGHT-Brothers and -Sisters from other stars, in order to bring the TRUE HELP of GOD to MAN on EARTH!
The Dead Sea scrolls, having been discovered in 1947, contained also Essene reports about the Teachings of the Great Teacher of Truth, meaning Jesus, which more than likely are more authentic that the reports of the evangelists that were included in the New Testament, having been written down many decades after His Mission, and which had been altered to fit the purpose of the mighty on Nicaea council, 325 B.C. ... When you read the following escerpt from a wonderful book, you may find the text and its contents to be different from the Old as well as the New Testament (I think it is obvious even after several translations).

In the Following, I am citing from the book 'The Evangelism of Peace of the Essenes', translated by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székely, published by Bruno Martin Verlag:

...and when they had been cleared, they said, 'Tell us, which are the sins we should avoid, so we will never be sick anymore?' And Jesus answered, 'It was said to them in the old times, you should honor your Earthly Mother and your Heavenly Father and watch their commandments, so that you may live on earth for a long time. And then they were given the commandment,'You shall not kill', because all of life has been given by GOD alone, and what HE has given should not be taken by man. For verily I am telling you, whatever is living on Earth, is from One Mother. So whoever is killing, is killing his brother. And Mother Earth will turn away from him, refusing him Her life-giving breasts. And the angels will avoid him and Satan will move into his body. And the meat of the slain animals inside of his body will be his own grave. For verily I am telling you, whoever kills, is killing himself, and whoever is eating the meat of slain animals, is eating from the body of death. Because in his blood each drop of their blood will turn into poison, in his breath their breath will turn to stench, their meat to boils, in his bones their bones into calcium, in his intestines their intestines into decay, in his ears their ears into a waxen coating, and their death will be his death. For only in the Service of your Heavenly Father your debts of seven years will be forgiven within seven days. But Satan does not forgive anything, and you have to pay him everything in full: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot, a burning for a burning, a wound for a wound, a life for a life, death for death. For death is the payment for sin. So obey HIS WORDS: "See, I have given you all the plants on Earth bringing forth seed, and all the trees carrying fruit to give seed, for your nourishment... also the milk of all living beings on Earth shall be food for you... for I have compassion for all those who love me and keep my commandments." Love GOD with all your heart and with your soul and with all your strength. This is the first and the highest commandment, and the second is alike: Love him who is next to you, just like you love yourself. There are no commandments higher than these...'

Is it just by chance, that these writings have been discovered again at that time - at the early dawn of the NEW AGE?

and  inner
LOVE and 
r e c eiving,
d e r i ving
fro m THE
L  O  V  E
Christmas Time has always been the time to find yourself in Silence,
to find the Creative SILENCE leading you to GOD! Once a year
 we are being reminded by the CHRIST Energy, eternally

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