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MESSAGES of Heaven
GOD's Message about Terrorism on 9-11-2001
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On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, mankind was deeply shocked by the terrible happenings in the USA. The United States Government promised a thorough investigation of the crimes and the punishment of those guilty of them. That apparently has happened, but many people thought that there must be more to it than was revealed. The situation which appeared to be clear at first, became more complex and less transparent with time, and burning questions were left unanswered and new questions kept coming up. Differences in official statements and the odd behaviour of Government officials gave room to speculation and left a doubt in the official version of the crimes. Many people even accused the United States Government and some Secret Services of being involved. And up to this day it is not clear WHO really had been backing the crimes and what the real motives behind them were. And people are asking questions that make them uneasy, and the answers leave them even more uneasy.
Because of the terroristic acts, the USA started new wars, and their motives and the way they were led gave room to more questions and more uneasiness worldwide. And there is the danger of more wars... 

But the 'evil' of this world cannot always be found where is is pointed out - do not forget that we are living on a planet that is ruled by darkness. Besides fear, force and drugs, the tools of darkness are deception and secrecy. And darkness uses human weakness to set foot on.

GOD'S WORDS in the evening of September 11th, 2001, received under the impressions of the ongoing TV-reports showing the most frightening, heartbreaking horror, TEACH us to REDEEM force and fear, even darkness itself, by LOVING them. Only by Unconditional LOVE, HE SPOKE, MANKIND could FREE itself. LOVE is the only HELP - not weapons and not hatred.
Are you, dear brothers and sisters, ready for it now?

The following words were telepathic transmissions of WORDS, of knowledge, of contents (I added some explanations for better understanding):

GOD asks us to LOVE terrorists and terrorism.
He says:
 Unconditional LOVE is the only weapon to disarm evil!
This is the time predicted in the apocalypse of Saint John. It does not necessarily  mean desaster, rather a chance, new possibilities  of decision. We should now free ourselves from the old patterns of behaviour which have brought these calamities to mankind. Now is the time to free ourselves from the patterns of revenge and retribution, which has always led to destruction, devastation, harm and grief, and begin to LOVE. The only chance for mankind is a complete change of mind.

We can change everything with LOVE - small conflicts and big conflicts, personal problems and global problems, ONCE AND FOR ALL!
LOVE can reach the hearts of others, no matter how hardened they may be, LOVE moves and softens them and awakens LOVE.
With LOVE we can change personal, local, national and international powers and solve all difficulties, obstacles and hindrances, dissolve hate, soften opponent views, dissolve conflicts - because they all are caused by a Deficiency of LOVE!

LOVE is the only and final solution for conflict and force, 
the end of war, the hope of the future!
HE says: You are here on earth at this time to learn LOVE. To teach you to LOVE was one of the tasks that the victims of those terrible happenings on September 11th had taken upon themselves; to teach you to LOVE and to teach you that mankind on earth is ONE, that all of you are brothers and sisters, no matter where you live - and that all of you are stricken and concerned, when evil happens to others, even to just one single human being!
See, there is no separation!
Unconditional LOVE loves everyone and everything, because all of CREATION is GOD, is LIGHT - just like every part of a hologram contains the whole.
GOD is in everything and everything is GOD - also in terrorists and suicidal assassins. Don't forget this.
Hatred gives rise to hatred -
Fear gives rise to fear -
Force gives rise to force -
Terror gives rise to terror -
Retribution gives rise to new hatred.

LOVE alone can break this vicious circle.

Seize now the most powerful weapon of Heaven - and as each of you is from Heaven, you carry it deep in your hearts. Using this weapon, you have all the help and support of the Heavenly Forces. Pray for help. Pray to the LIGHT, to LOVE - who both are the SOURCE of LIFE. You will be guided and taught, you will receive more and more ideas and inspirations, how to LOVE more powerfully, more effectively.
It is so easy, that you may think you must be wrong. but that's how LOVE is.
All Truth is simple. LOVE is TRUTH.
Being in the state of LOVE, you are fully protected from any kind of harm.
COSMIC  LAW says, what you send out, you shall receive.
If you send out LOVE, that is what you shall receive.
Don't think that there is a variety of beliefs, of religions. It does not count at all, which confession you belong to or if you belong to any at all. Each religion should teach you to LOVE, in a practical, everyday way - that alone would count. Because then you would be in harmony with LIGHT.
Which religion teaches you that? Does any religion teach it? Look at the results. 
I don't see much LOVE among you! LOVE does not distinguish between friend or foe. It is as rare as a diamond between the grains of sand on a beach.
You still feel, think and act as separate beings.

But any separation is an illusion. Recognize the ONE CREATIVE POWER above all Religions - those man-made systems to canalize the Universal LAW of LIGHT, of LOVE, within narrow interpretations; to institutionalize separation between man and man as well as between man and GOD by teaching fear of GOD and by teaching that their own followers were chosen above others, by teaching that their belief were the only true belief, by teaching that women were inferior to men...

But GOD's Unity and One-ness is All That Is! LOVE does not chose, LOVE does not make a difference, it only LOVES.
Recognize the ONE LOVE above all religions and attune to HIM / HER, the only SOURCE of LIFE.

Being fanatic, destructive and contemptful is not part of GOD, 
not part of the true Allah either.
FATHER-MOTHER = GOD = the original and true Allah
is LOVE.
Whoever causes or seduces others to hatred and terror, deviates and goes astray. This is the sign of Darkness, not of LIGHT. You recognize a tree by it's fruit.
It would be an error though to hate and despise Darkness. This way you would strengthen it and harm yourself:
LOVE Darkness, don't hate it - 
thus breaking it's power. 
No power is able to resist LOVE.
Everything is different than you have been taught so far. Look at things differently!
And HE said: 
Teach this to America!
teach this to Europe!
teach this to Africa! 
teach this to Australia!
teach this to Asia!
teach this to the World!
Here you can learn how to LOVE.
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