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GOD asks for Your LOVE
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HE asks  for a "meditation of LOVE" at 9 PM (Central European Time), any evening, every evening - That means sitting for some time, alone or together, if you wish to, opening your heart-chakra, letting LOVE flow willingly to where there is a deficiency; leaving it up to Heaven where it should go. You may also willingly direct LOVE to the victims as well as the terrorists and the source behind them, if you like, to the victims of wars, to the starving, to the children who are unhappy, to those on the dark side.

Do it from the LOVE of your heart and of your own free will, not as a commitment, not as an obligation. In the latter case it would be better you would not do it at all. HE wants helpers of LOVE, not of obligation. Do it, whenever you feel like it, there may always be someone doing it, so just join in. You can use your own love, or you may learn UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to meditate with...

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