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The LIGHT CIRCLE - Working with High Potential Power
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We close each meeting with a LIGHT CIRCLE. To us, this is very important because we can give LICHT and LOVE to others, to the world, to society, to countries with great problems, to people in need, to the victims of catastrophies, to whereever there is need for HELP. We LOVE whatever is dark and painful. We LOVE violence, war, hunger and ignorance, people in need, abuse of children and many more. Sometimes there is a certain request to HELP someone special, a sick child, someonce dying in the hospital, a couple and their children who are about to separate.
Together we have much more strength than any one individual person, so when meeting with others, we use this chance for our mutual WORK. And  as we bundle our STRENGTH, our combined POWER is immense and will always change things for the better! And while doing this, we honour the FREE WILL of all recipiants concerned, so each and every soul may accept or refuse the LIGHT and LOVE we offer. And while HELPING the world, we ourselves will receive at least as much as we send out, according to the COSMIC LAW, that you receive what you give...

Here's how the LIGHT CIRCLE goes:

Usually there always is a CONE OF LIGHT around us during the Group session. If not, we now ask the angels for it, because lots of dark energies will come free in the following meditation, to find their WAY TO LIGHT!.

First we make the CIRCLE by holding hands, while making sure that the energy will flow in an optimal way: While holding our hands we watch out that the thumbs of all participants are directed to the left side. This way the hands of each of us are symbolically acting as SYMBOLS: The left hand (opening palm facing up) is the SYMBOL OF RECEIVING - the right hand (opening palm facing down) is the SYMBOL OF GIVING. In each case, the thumb has to be on the left side. Now there is always a giving and a receiving hand holding each other in perfect interplay.

Then each one goes into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, in case he is not living this LOVE all the time, anyway).

We now decide where we would like to send our HELP (see below). Then we ask GODFATHERMOTHER for HELP and SUPPORT. Here one of us speaks for all. 
We usually follow our intuition. If we don't get any specific inspirations and there are no other suggestions, we may ask GOD to give HIS and our ENERGY to where it is needed most and/or to use it according to HIS WILL. 
Usually some of us want to include people in need they know or heard of, and those included will always get the HELP they need. 

The person who speaks on behalf of all during the LIGHT CIRCLE decides according to his intuition when the LIGHT CIRCLE is finished. For this purpose he just needs to press the hands of the two neighbours softly and let go, and those people pass it on until everyone has finished. 

At last we THANK GOD.

Sometimes we hear about someone who needs HELP fast. Then, we make a LIGHT CIRCLE especially for this person. 

VISUALIZING THE RESULTS is a most effective way to bring those results into reality faster, especially when all participants visualise the results at the same time. The POWER of our thoughts is incredibly effective! Never underestimate it, because thoughts are the POWER OF CREATION. The visualisation can also be done 'symbolically': While working for the WHOLE, you can imagine that a certain single action should be a 'symbolic act' that represents the result (e.g. if I image that all wars are ended, I imagine that a soldier throws away his gun and hugs the former opponent, who does the same - and I KNOW  simultaneously that these two are standing for ALL!). And still all the recipiants keep their FREE WILL!

We can work most effectively when working on the same subject several times or over and over again, especially when it is a very complex subject, like a conflict somewhere in the world where many people are involved. Acute illness should be treated several times. Sometimes we hear about the effective HELP we have have been a part of, by way of the news. Often a certain progress in ending a conflict was reported, or the speaker said that quite unexpectedly the parties in conflict have succeeded in finding a mutual understanding - little steps ahead, giving a way to help understand each other a little bit more. 

Everyone can HELP others this way, even while being alone at home. All you have to do is LOVE whatever you want to change. LOVE and LIGHT can achieve any CHANGE. We can change society only by LOVING everything we want to change. So with LIGHT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, sent to those in need (and who would not be in need of LOVE?), we may HELP others to overcome hate, fear, hopelessness and helplessness, to transcend their own limitations and find PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!
This actually is the most effective HEALING POWER. 

Do not think that you are helpless - this is not TRUE! YOU ALONE MAY CHANGE THE WORLD!
Each single of us can send LOVE and LIGHT whereever we feel the need and the impulse to do so, even just by ourselves - this will change LIFE ON EARTH to the better! And you are always protected when working this way!

Here are some suggestions for working with LIGHT and LOVE in this effective way! You can send LIGHT and LOVE and HEALING...
  • ...to EARTH
  • into all dark manipulations
  • to a certain person or an animal, with acute illness
  • to all children on EARTH who are sad
  • to all children on EARTH who are suffering
  • to all children who have a hard time keeping up with others in school
  • to all those who have no friends
  • to all those who are unhappy
  • into all disputes
  • to a war / all conflicts
  • to all MEN
  • to all animals
  • to all animals who are suffering through men
  • to all men who make animals suffer
  • to those who suffer separation
  • into all unredeemed suffering, like that of the Jews
  • for EARTH
  • into the dissolution of unredeemed problems between people/nations (e.g. the 'Jewish trauma', sorrow of the haunted, the displaced...)
  • into the dissolution of all secrets and all secrecy
  • into the dissolution of all karma
  • for the  deliverance of all emotional pain
  • to the DIVINE inspiration of all politicians
  • to end to all selfishness and greed
  • so that MEN can learn to LOVE: themselves, their next and GOD
  • to make all MEN happy
  • all lack and need on EARTH
  • to the cause of deserts on Earth
  • to what causes deserts to come about
  • to the cause of water becoming rare anywhere
  • to the cause of people's fear of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
  • to what keeps men to change that 
  • to whatever else comes into your mind...
I am very grateful to my dear SISTER Nicole,
who offered her knowledge and linguistic talents
 for the translation of this page from German to English.
Thank you with all my HEART!
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