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Aging and Lifespan of Mankind
How we could live healthier and longer
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Factors influencing our Expectancy of Life

1. Outside Factors

  • In which culture, in which country do I live - is it a rich country or a poor country? Do I have to work for a living in rather an easy way or do I have to grow my food and do a lot of hard work for a living?
  • Do I live in peace or in a war-ridden area?
  • Do I live in a big city, in a small town or in the country?
  • Do I live in a natural green surrounding or in the midst of houses?
  • Do I live in an intact, loving family or in a broken home? Is one parent or both parents addicted to alcohol or drugs?
  • Am I from a working class home or from highly educated parents?
  • What kind of an education do I have? Am I interested in increasing my knowledge, do I read books etc?
  • How high is my income? Can I live comfortly from my money, can I stay home as a wife whose husband is making good money? or do I have to work two jobs to pay my rent? 
  • Am I carefree or pondering day by day in sorrow how to make ends meet?

The outside aspects of living are important for my development in life, because they can either hold me back or enhance my progress. That of course also influences my aging process. Of course I have chosen all the outside aspects for learning, and they may be tools to strengthen me, while I'm struggling to get out. But I can change them, if I really want it.

2. Inside Factors
  • What is my Karma?
  • What are my patterns of thinking?
  • What are my patterns of feeling?
  • What are my patterns of acting?
  • What are my convictions?
  • Do I believe in Aging?
  • Am I afraid of Aging?
Those factors are basically responsible for our premature aging process and they cause all the other factors, including the following:
  • What type of personality do I have? Do I blow up easily, am I in peace with myself? Am I well-balanced?
  • What are my inner and outer problems?
  • What do I eat and how do I eat? Am I overweight? Am I an addict of eating?
  • Am I addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or others? Do I live in contact with GOD? Do I pray?
  • Am I living in JOY?
  • Am I living in LOVE?
  • What kind of physical or psychical ailments do I have?
  • Do I care for my physical fitness?
  • How is my digestion?
  • Do I drink enough liquids?
The inside factors are closely related to the outside factors -
and accordingly I am aging sooner or later.
My body is aging, when I'm aging inside = being without LOVE, unable to feel emotions, loosing my inner and outer elasticity, burdened with all the heavy and dark energies of my past, being sick, tired, with all my energy used up. 
Actually you are dead, when you have grown unable to feel any emotions, maybe having built up heavy walls around your heart so nobody can hurt you anymore...

But you are able to turn the aging process back, at least partially, but more than that...
In each moment of your Life you can decide to turn around, to turn to LOVE, to LIGHT, to LIFE.

You have it in your hand. Turn away from your old convictions about aging - about things in life in general. Get a completely new look on life. Don't think anymore, that only expensive things are helpful - that the more expensive, the more helpful they are, that you are able to reach each goal with money - having an expensive wellness-vacation on Barbados will make you ages younger... 
Turn away from the modern ideal of beauty shown in all the magazines, TV, movies and commercials.
Turn away from the "easy" ways to beauty, through surgery, through cover-ups, through expensive clothes, that is nothing but camouflage, deception.  Deception is the brother of Darkness.

Don't understand me wrong. I have nothing against a little touch-up, lipstick or powder. But it becomes questionable when you change yourself completely, are a completely different type, a different person before and after. 
I know this from my own experience. I know it comes from a very low self esteem. I know it comes from reading beauty magazines and watching TV, making me painfully aware of all my supposed disadvantages, awakening my dream to look like all the "beauties" there, so men would look at me. 
I needed make-up for more than 40 years to make me feel good. I was perfectly aware that this was not me. I was wearing a different face. 
People took me for someone else than I really was. There was always a discrepancy between my inner self and the picture in the mirror. I didn't even go to the garbage can without make-up. 

Until I advanced spiritually and eventually overcame my low self-esteem. I had been noticing for years before, that all the women in the magazines, the commercials, the movies and on TV somehow were looking alike, the personal characteristics fading away, they turned 'faceless' and interchangeable. Even their bodies looked alike, like dolls from a model or a factory. Very few have a personality of their own strong enough to show through the make-up. This outside beauty comes from the EGO.

But real beauty and youth can come only from the inside, from the HEART. That means that you have to find your inner worth and your real beauty of Heart, your own qualities and happiness - in short, that you LOVE yourself. 
Of course there are many beautiful women in this world, as well as men. But who tells us what is beautiful and what not? You are a beautiful person all by yourself, even without any make-up. You are part of GOD. You are perfect this way - you are much more than your outside looks, a Heavenly Being.

So I decided to let go of all the make-up and learn to live my own personality. From one day to the other. Having the courage to show yourself the way you really look has a lot to do with TRUTH, with HONESTY, with TRUTHFULNESS. 
By the way, it feels great. I never regretted it. I am free. 

You don't need money to change yourself and turn younger again. You don't need expensive wellness vacations, or a wellness cruise to the Caribbean - all you need is your wish, your willpower and persistence. 
It is not enough to do it just on a week end or during vacation - but it is every day work, should become part of your everyday life, your new way of life. It may take years of working at yourself. This work is highly spiritual and is being guided by the Cosmic Friends. It is fascinating, as it lets you know a lot about yourself in the course. It is a trip into your own soul, your own mind. There is nothing more beautiful and fullfilling.

It is important to show LIGHT your aim distinctly, in a prayer. Tell GOD-GODDESS that you are willing to overcome your own binding attitudes and advance, so you may overcome age. Ask for help. Your own dedication is your most important asset. Believe me, your soul, who is guiding you on your path, knows exactly, whether you are truely HONEST with yourself or not.

If you really want to find inner YOUTH and BEAUTY, lightness of body and mind, you may want to go on to the following instructions, giving you the most beautiful techniques for changing yourself completely.
(See 'The Way to a longer and healthier Life')

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