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Addiction - Cause and Conquest
About Addiction - Addiction and Society
This page is based on a channelled transmission on March 23rd, 2000:
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With no exception, everyone is concerned with addiction today - whether you are a relative, a family member or a stranger, or whether you know this problem just from the outside. This problem is a problem of our society - of all modern societies!
Addiction has many faces, so it may be a craving for...
  • Drugs, 
  • Medication, 
  • Alcohol, 
  • Nicotine,
  • Coffee, tea,
  • Food / or the refusal of food (anorexia, bulimy etc.), 
  • Sweets, chocolate, 
  • Work, Stress, 
  • Beauty, 
  • Fitness, 
  • Recognition, Acceptance,
  • Admiration, 
  • Helper's-Syndrom, the 'Need to be needed',
  • Control
  • Order / Cleanlyness, 
  • Internet, TV, electronic games,
  • Shopping, 
  • Gambling,
  • Sex, 
  • Money,
  • And many more...
  • Each type of addiction has the characteristic mark of lack of moderation, of not knowing when to stop, of destructive unbalance: Too much or too little - that is the destructive aspect of addiction. Where there is no balance, even helpful nourishment can turn into poison. 

    When the cause of addiction is not found and dissolved, addiction will remain our problem for as long as we live. Even if you succeed in getting rid of your addiction, you will soon find yourself a supplement, and addiction will go on in a different way. 

    Addiction is always practiced in secrecy, at first addicts keep it from themselves, until it becomes so obvious that they must admit it  to themselves, rather they suspect it. Then they desperately try to keep others from knowing about it - most of all their families and friends, until it cannot be hidden anymore. Their lives are lives of deception, also deception of themselves - and deception is always the sign of darkness! They try to make it seem harmless, they lie about it, deceive and hide, find harmless explanations, play an act, use camouflage, play a part, are ingenious in findung excuses for themselves...
    Addiction is destructive and works this way in the minds and hearts and bodies of people. It destroys the addict and his family members, his moral standards, his ethical values, TRUTH and LOVE, all that was beautiful in his life, his home, his work, his life and the lives of all the people that love him and depend on him. It brings grief and pain and bitterness, desease, criminality, darkness and death. 

    Addiction and Society
    Society propagates youth, success, money and beauty, and there are many people with a low self esteem who think they cannot live up to those ideals and feel unworthy.

    The Churches cannot offer an alternative, they separate, quite often they are intolerant, have no LOVE for others and cannot give LOVE on to others, don't accept different opinions, and thrive for power and money (tolerance = accept others with your mind, your brain/ acceptance = accept others with your heart). The God of the Churches cannot reach the hearts of the people anymore, he cannot free them for good, they feel deep inside, that there is more..., the Churches cannot quench the thirst

    The people are looking for alternate ways to lead their lives, so far as they have not turned to material thinking altogether... Those who really are searching for Spirituality, are confronted with thousands of offers and become confused, unable to tell the true from the false. Many are just "consuming" those offers - it is big business. Spirituality has turned into something you can buy, for whichever price you can afford. There are many dangers waiting for those that are hungry, like sects, gurus or other 'teachers' or 'leaders', who do not respect the personal integrity and the free will of others...

    Society does not offer a satisfying standard of Spiritual living, ethics and morals acceptable for all. Addiction increases in a society, when people begin to lose their Spiritual grounding, the inner stability of faith.

    The Angels said:


    (from the book 'The Angels' Answer', written down by Gitta Mallasz, Daimon Vlg)

    Addiction always increases when a civilization is nearing it's end and is in it's downfall, especially towards the end, as Spiritual Stability and the Stability of Society are deeply connected with each other, they depend on each other. When faith dissolves, so does society! When faith is strong, without being rigid and unflexible, the inner state of society is strong, too.
    Strength and continuity of existence of a society derive from strong faith and flexibility of society itself and each one of it's members.

    Today's society has recognized this problem and the Cosmic laws that are at work there, and tries to reform various aspects of life, administration and business - but if faith is not strong, those reforms will keep stability up for a while whithout preventing the downfall itself.
    Because all aspects of LIFE are based on Spirituality and Spirituality is based on GOD - if there is a lack in faith, in belief, the downfall cannot be avoided.
    The reforms of the western civilizations derive from the striving for power and greed, and little or no higher interests. So the descent is certain. 

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