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Terrorism on 9-11-200
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At the time of the terrorist acts of 11-9-2001 my dear friend Friedrich and I were vacationing on the Isle of Usedom, at the East See, for a few days. The day before, on 10-9-2001, we were by the shore. Far away over the sea there had been a thunderstorm. It was late afternoon. Above the sea we saw a rainbow of such an intensity of colours as I had never seen before. We could only see the lower part of the rainbow, and as the sun was very low and  dusk setting in, the rainbow seemed to go straight into the sea - that view was breathtaking, it frightened me in a way and touched me deeply.
At times, Friedrich has contact to the higher vibrational realms of nature. So from time to time he was being led to an ideal country, which is governed by a wise Regent who lives in an ancient castle overlooking his land. His aim ist to keep the balance between all the living beings in his land, between men, animals, plants, elements and Nature itself. This he achieves. The forest is fresh and healthy, there is an amazing variety of Life there- animal life as well as plant life - , as everyone finds his needs fulfilled in an optimal way. So the vibrations of the ground, of the forests and fields are enriched by the happiness of all their inhabitants, which has an enriching effect on the food they harvest. The food has a delicious smell and taste and contains all the necessary ingredients, the minerals and vitamins and the non-material things they need, in abundance. They never harvest more than they need, they do not aim for riches, for profit, for gain, they have always enough. They don't exploit Nature. So there is always enough for All, and all are happy.
Every inhabitant of this country ist being honored and accepted, everyone's opinion is being respected. 

On one of the following visits the wise ruler told Friedrich his opinion on the terrorist attacks of 11-9-2001 very clearly. He said:

'The USA have caused themselves what had happened, by supporting the Taliban during their fight against the Russians and then leaving them alone to do whatever they wanted to do. The USA did not care whether the Taliban did wrong by dominating Afghanistan. But domination always means suppressing people - and that is never to the good. It will backlash one way or the other to the source of the domination...'  and the source are the USA.

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