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More Signs of HIS GRACE (instructions)
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More Signs of HIS GRACE (instructions)

There are more possibilities of Clearing and Healing and getting rid of pains and problems, that are purely based on HIS GRACE. They are very easy. As they are almost alike, I put them all together:

When you have problems, problems of body, mind and soul, problems with other people, with work, with money or whatever way you could think of, put them into the hands of GOD, the hands of Jesus CHRIST or the hands of the Cosmic MARIA, depending on whom you feel yourself mostly drawn to:

  • Ask for help in a prayer, tell your problems very shortly and ask the Cosmic Power to take them into the hands - 
  • Then sit down in a comfortable chair or easy-chair, preferably a chair with arms - 
  • Ask the angels for a Cone of LIGHT around you and mark the line from top down shortly with both hands - 
  • Now hold both arms straight upwards and say: "I lay my problems into your hands" - 
  • The energies connected with this problem or these problems will start to leave you through your hands -
  • When your arms get tired, you can put your ellbows on the arms of the chair (or a table in front of you) and all you have to do is put your hands in the air. If you can't do that for too long, put your hands comfortably into your lap and imagine that they are still up in the air -
Do that every day for about an hour, until you have the feeling that you are better or that your problems dissolve.

If youn are disabled and cannot hold your arms or even your hands up, you can practise this only by imagination, going through the same procedure mentally. If your mind is concentrated all the time, you will have the same results.

Another possibility to find help is to raise your Face in a conscious, symbolic act towards HIM. While you are doing that you will be cleared from dark and heavy energies. When you begin to feel uncomfortable in this position, put your face in a normal position again while keeping on raising your face in mind only. When You are able to feel the energies leaving you, this will give you much assurance in the power of your mind.

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