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TAO - the Unity of YIN (the feminine power) und YANG (the masculine power) is  symbol and mirror of the manifestation of DIVINE CREATIONAL POWER - of HIM-HER, of GOD-GODDESS. CREATION is only possible by UNION of MALE and FEMALE - otherwise CREATION could not BE. 
What we see in ourselves and around us, is sexual creativity. Only a male and a female being can bring forth something NEW, a third being! And all beings can only bring forth beings that are like them! So we experience GOD-GODDESS in us and in nature around us in an incredible variety, incredible beauty and LOVE - and everywhere the Cosmic LAW of Correspondence or Analogy is valid: As above - so below...

The old religions had realized that. Only the 'Christian' Church claimed that a male God could alone bring forth CREATION. But that contradicts Cosmic LAW. 
SO before 'ALL-THAT-IS-ANDROGYNE' (= unextended, symbolized by a point) reflected IT'S FEMININITY 'outside' of ITSELF, IT could only BE, not CREATE.
But when SHE was there - and simultaneously HE was there, too, there was at the same time EROTICISM = SEXUALITY = CREATIVITY! 
The symbol shows that YIN contains YANG and YANG contains YIN. 
EROTICISM, the reciprocal stimulation, is the source of CREATIVITY! Its symbol is the WAVE, as you can see in the graphic above. The Wave, the eroticism, the mutual interplay, the power flow is there, where male and female meet. From the serial rhythm of both principles springs Movement and Energy. And the WAVE, which has the characteristics of moving, of spreading, of expanding, is the basic formative Quality of CREATION: ENERGY = EROTICISM.

ENERGY is spreading in WAVES.
The Analogies of  YIN and YANG in the traditional 
Chinese Teachings:
YANG (masculine power):
Heaven/sky, sun, daytime, spring, summer, activity, leading, being awake, speaking, doing, going somewhere (with an aim), singing, positive, warm, expanding, fast, dry, high, wide, right, light; in the body: head, upper extremities, the hollow organs (Fu-organs): colon, gall bladder, bladder, stomach, small intestine...

YIN (feminine power):
Earth, moon, night, fall, winter, passivity, following, sleeping, resting, eating, drinking, listening, meditating, receiving, accepting, going (with no aim), negativ, cold, contracting, slow, moist, low, near, left, dark; in the body: feet, lower extremities, compact-organs (Zang-organs): kidneys, pancreas, lungs, heart, liver...

The highest law of Chinese spirituality, which is basic for Chinese medicine, is the Principle of  YIN and YANG. All of LIFE, the whole universe has sprung from a UNITY called TAO (see the graphic below). This indivisable UNITY is found in EVERYTHING. Two contrary powers are deriving from TAO:  YIN and YANG. These arcetypal contraries are characteristic to LIFE. They are POLARITY,
yet ONE.
Besides of the contraries of  YIN and YANG the following characteristics of YIN and Yang are recognized:

  • mutual dependence
  • mutual consumption
  • mutual change
When we act against this natural course, there will be desease of body, mind and soul, because that is where the ever present power of YIN and YANG rule. 
(Some of these informations come from the "Atlas of holistic Healing", by Anna Elisabeth Röcker, Ludwig-Vlg.)

In the morning of December 23rd, 2001, I was shown spontaneously, that the TAO was equal to the symbolic picture of CREATION, as had been given to me.
All the beings of CREATION are corresponding to the TAO, from which they derive, carrying in them a predominantly male part as well as a predominantly female part. Both parts, when apart, are longing for each other and for their source, LIGHT-LOVE. Those two parts are what we call 'SOULMATES'. 
The TAO is three- (actually more-)dimensional, it has the shape of a sphere. 
Each part, each half, the male as well as the female half, are a part and a whole at the same time. Each part expresses in itself a predominant gender and is androgyne at the same time: it is either predominantly male or female and at the same time has both male and female aspects.
Actually the TAO should look like the one I drew myself, as shown at the top of the page, NOT like the black and white symbol that is usually shown, as seen above. 

So every man and every woman, but also every animal, plant or mineral, and each of the innumerous beings existing in the vast spaces of the universe, had once been created either as a predominantly male or a predominantly female being - and it has within himself/herself both female and male aspects and characteristics. 
Besides, we may incarnate on Earth at one time as a male person, and at another time as a female person, so that we should learn both sides and finally will accept, honor and LOVE each gender.

For example: I am a predominantly female person. The majority of my incarnations was female, as far as I know, especially when it was part of my assignment to have a child or children. But at other times I was born as a male person, so I could live my male aspects. At those times I often was a rebel, rebelling against a suppressing authority, against injustice and arbitrary actions...
But when I was a woman, I was living the male aspects as well - and when I was a man, I was living my female aspects as well:

The male aspects: while being awake, being active, speaking, thinking, singing, giving, doing, working, fertilizing, 

The female aspects: while resting, eating, drinking, contemplating, meditating, taking in, looking, sleeping, receiving, conceiving...

It may be easier for us to understand this when realizing that we have two BRAIN HEMISPHERES, of which the left one is the MALE hemisphere (intellect, brains, logical thinking), the right one being the FEMALE hemisphere (intellect, holistic thinking, intuition). 

So the male part of a Soul-Whole-ness has both a male and a female brain hemisphere - and the female part of the same Soul-Whole-ness also has both a male and a female brain hemisphere, with no part being superior or inferior to the other.

See more about this subject in the page SOULMATES.

The symbol of the TAO actually is a spiral. See more about the symbol of the spiral in the page The Symbolism of the Spiral.
You can thus sense the dynamic (inner) movement of that being, continuously striving forth, learning, developping, and eventually ascending:

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