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Christmas - 
Celebration of LIGHT and LOVE
Interview with Jesus (Channelling)
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(Channelling from November 2001)
Dear Jesus, What can you tell the people this Christmas?

Christmas is a beautiful occasion for you to celebrate. I am glad that you are celebrating LOVE at least once a year! But I would be much happier if you were thinking, feeling and acting as if Christmas were every day. The message of Christmas is eternal - it is announcing great JOY. Most of all it is praising and celebrating GOD, the LIGHT and the LOVE, having sent the CHILD to Earth, not celebrating the child, the messenger, alone! 
The message of Christmas is for every day! Every day, every hour, every minute should be celebration for you, with every breath you take you should be celebrating HIM, celebrating your LIFE, which is eternal! 
More than that, the ANNUNCIATION is meant for YOU YOURSELF! YOU should bring the CHILD into this world - the CHILD which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, coming from your very own HEART!
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Many people love you and worship you!

I am your messenger, brother, helper and loving friend. Love me, honor me, but do not worship me, for the worship and adoration is for HIM alone, WHO is both FATHER and MOTHER to you. I myself worship HIM, and only HIM, just like all Divine Beings do.

Are you really with us all the time?

My promise 'I am with you for all the days to come' is eternal, so of course I have been with you, I am with you now and will be forever after. Like HIM, like HER, I am living in your hearts - THERE I am with you eternally. There you can find me, if you want to find me at all. I do not intrude on anybody. I am waiting.

Dear Jesus, how do you like our way to celebrate Christmas?

You equal joy with presents, because you can only imagine wishes being fulfilled by giving and receiving presents. So for you joy comes from the outside. By thinking this way, you have made Christmas small, because you define it mostly in a material way. But by doing so, you have taken the fascination out of Christmas, the fascination you still have felt when you were children, the fascination you are longing to feel again, and yet you are just being sentimental about it, without really knowing, why... This way you will not find it, ever. 
Many of you are celebrating only on the outside, because they do not feel anything in their hearts anymore. Are you feeling the pain of the trees being cut down or losing their branches for Christmas? I am feeling the pain of each tree, because it is my brother, too. The trees should at least be prepared before the cutting, and asked if they agree... they are not just wood... Don't forget to thank them at least.

Dear Jesus, How would YOU celebrate Christmas?

I would want to be in natural surroundings, but I also would like to be among people. I would open my Heart wide for all the people in the world and let the LOVE flow, dancing and laughing, I would enjoy good food and do whatever I want to, whatever would be fun to me. Enjoying myself, I would let my heart be close to my FATHER and MOTHER, so GOD could enjoy my happiness, too -  just like I am doing every day!

Dear Jesus, thank you very much!

I am blessing all of you, my Beloved, here and now and eternally. 

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